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The Best Teether Pacifiers

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Teether Pacifiers

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 Top Pick

PandaEar Non-Toxic Dishwasher Safe Pacifiers & Teethers, 3-Pack

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Non-Toxic Dishwasher Safe Pacifiers & Teethers, 3-Pack

Constructed 100% from food-grade silicone, these pacifiers & teethers are completely safe for baby. Each is designed to massage the gums, while also allowing baby to try new foods. Simply place the food item in the pouch and attach it to the handle. Only small bits will be released through the holes in the pacifier as baby begins to chew.

Overall Take

Affordable OptionNot only is this pacifier & teether set budget-friendly, but it also includes three products per pack.

 Runner Up

Smily Mia Easy Hold Nipple-Shaped Pacifier & Teether

Smily Mia

Easy Hold Nipple-Shaped Pacifier & Teether

Unlike other pacifiers & teethers that are designed to be used hands-free, this model features an inner stem for baby to hold on to. The product is available in a cute penguin shape or a fun reindeer form. On either side of the animal is a nipple-shaped pacifier for baby to suck or chew on.

Overall Take

Adorable Animal DesignIn addition to being dishwasher safe, these silicone pacifiers & teethers are also freezer safe.

 We Also Like

NatureBond Latex-Free Fruit Feeder Teether & Pacifier, 2-Pack


Latex-Free Fruit Feeder Teether & Pacifier, 2-Pack

These pacifiers & teethers are versatile gadgets that help you safely introduce new foods without creating choking hazards. They can also be used when baby is weaning and teething. Each feeder is easy to dismantle and deep clean.

Overall Take

Stimulate Baby’s AppetiteSafely introduce baby to new foods while helping them teeth.

 Strong Contender

Ryan & Rose Cutie PAT Easy Clean Pacifier & Teether

Ryan & Rose

Cutie PAT Easy Clean Pacifier & Teether

This pacifier grows with your baby. As your little one begins to teethe, he or she can switch from sucking on the pacifier's nipple to chewing on the thick round shield that surrounds the nipple. The nipple is even designed to pop inward while your child uses the pacifier as a teether.

Overall Take

Versatile and EffectiveEquipped with large air holes, this pacifier & teether also works well with clips that attach the binky to a child's shirt.

Buying Guide

If you’ve ever had a fussy baby on your hands, you know how important a pacifier is. Often, this little device can help soothe your little one and make them feel relaxed, calm and safe. Many pacifiers mimic the shape and size of a woman’s nipple, helping babies feel closer to their mom or whichever loved one may be holding them. For babies who are teething, pacifiers can also provide some pain relief and give them something to bite down on to ease their sore gums.

Simplemost Media

When you’re looking for a pacifier or teether, you should first decide what the main goal of it will be. For example, do you want something small and portable so you can take the pacifier with you wherever you go with baby, while also keeping it clean? Do you want something specifically textured to help with gum pain and teething? Do you want an option for feeding that also provides teething relief? Do you want a cold-temperature teether or one that’s made only to work at room temperature?

Simplemost Media

What to Look For

  • When it comes to anything your baby puts in their mouth, safety is the first priority. Ensure that the pacifier or teether is BPA-free and doesn’t contain any allergens or irritants. Keep in mind that many people are allergic to latex, so it may be best to go with a pacifier or teether that does not contain any.
  • Avoid any teethers that are attached to necklaces for your baby to wear. These can be a major strangulation hazard and should never be left alone with the baby.
  • Some pacifiers or teethers are filled with a liquid or gel. These can be unsafe if they are used without proper supervision. Sometimes, babies can bite down so hard on the outer layer that they pierce it and the liquid or gel seeps out. This can be harmful to your baby.
  • Keep in mind that most babies will need many pacifiers and teethers, depending on what stage of infancy they are going through. Many babies will also go through periods where they favor a specific kind of pacifier or teether and then quickly lose interest in it and move on to the next size. It’s wise to have multiple options on hand for your little one.

More to Explore

Cleaning pacifiers and teethers is critical, especially since they spend so much time in your baby’s mouth and are magnets for bacteria. Check the cleaning instructions on the pacifier or teether and be sure to wash it on a regular basis. Some can be cleaned in the dishwasher, while others need to be washed by hand with warm water and a mild soap. Some can even be disinfected in the microwave in special containers that may come as part of the package.

Once they are washed, air dry the pacifier or teether on a dish rack. You can then place it in a dedicated container or baggie — which may also be included — until your baby is ready to use it again.

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