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The Best Organic Mints

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Organic Mints

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 Top Pick

St. Claire’s Organic Herbal Pastilles Mints, 135-Piece

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St. Claire's Organic

Herbal Pastilles Mints, 135-Piece

With seven different flavors to choose from, you can't go wrong with these organic mints. Options include wintermint, cinnamon, coffee and ginger. The mints come in a decorative tin that is thin and easy to store in a pocket, purse or car glove box.

Overall Take

Healthy OptionThese organic mints are made using healthy plant-based ingredients that are free of GMOs.

 Runner Up

Clawhammer Kosher Cane Sugar Organic Mints, 360-Piece


Kosher Cane Sugar Organic Mints, 360-Piece

Whether you choose the hot cinnamon, black licorice or strong peppermint flavor, these organic mints are sure to please. They taste great and freshen your breath using natural ingredients that you can feel good about. The mints even come in a decorative tin that can be repurposed once the mints are gone.

Overall Take

Stock UpWith this organic mints purchase, you'll receive a total of 12 tins, each with 30 flavorful mints. That's a total of 360 mints!

 We Also Like

SENCHA NATURALS Whole Leaf Green Tea Moroccan Mints, 1.2-Ounce


Whole Leaf Green Tea Moroccan Mints, 1.2-Ounce

We like how these organic mints are made from whole leaf green tea which is naturally low in sugar and caffeine. The fact that this b-corp is focused on environmentalism and minimizing their footprint adds a great bonus to this product.

Overall Take

Matcha Green Tea MintsThis pack of organic mints is made from Matcha Green Tea that is both healthy and refreshing.

 Strong Contender

VerMints Vegan Organic Wintergreen Mints, 120-Piece


Vegan Organic Wintergreen Mints, 120-Piece

These organic mints offer a straightforward breath mint that is true to its origins. These mints were first made on a stove-top in Vermont with local ingredients and they haven't changed much since.

Overall Take

True Mints in a Fun TinThese organic mints are a true organic product that keeps your breath fresh without needing any weird chemicals.

Buying Guide

While brushing your teeth first thing in the morning is an important habit for keeping your breath free of germs so it smells nice and fresh, your minty toothpaste isn’t designed to last all day. It’s helpful to keep a container of mints in your car or purse for a quick breath refresher as needed. Of course, you’ll want to stick with organic mints that are free of artificial ingredients.

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Start by choosing what flavor you like best. Peppermint is the most common mint flavor, hence the name, but other flavors are available as well. For example, you may opt for a flavor like cinnamon. Cinnamon is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys a spicy mint.

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Carefully review the product label to ensure the ingredients are natural. Some mints contain as few as three ingredients that are often Non-GMO Project Verified, kosher, vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Others are Certified USDA Organic, allergen-free and lactose-free.

Check for any extra benefits the organic mints might have to offer. For example, some mints contain caffeine and B vitamins to provide consumers with an energy boost. This is especially helpful in the afternoon when you begin to feel a bit tired, but still have plenty of work left to finish.

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Finally, take a look at the container the mints are kept in. Some are designed to be tossed after the mints are gone, while others can be re-purposed. For example, some packs come in a decorative tin that is perfect for gifting and can be cleaned and reused for a craft project later on.

What to Look For

  • Some mints may break during shipping.
  • Reviewers report some manufacturers produce mints with a weird aftertaste that may also leave a coating on the tongue. If you experience this, simply brush your teeth to get rid of the coating and gargle with mouthwash to get rid of the aftertaste.
  • Not all organic mints are sugar-free. Some still contain cane sugar, so make sure you read the ingredient list carefully if you need to watch your sugar intake.
  • Keep an eye on the number of calories per mint. Most organic mints keep this number around 2 or 3, but there are brands with as many as 10 calories per mint.
  • Since organic mints are mostly sold in larger units, you’ll need to determine how many pieces you’re getting for the price. Once you know how much each mint costs, you’ll be able to determine which brand gives you the most for our money.

More to Explore

Two of the most common ingredients found in organic mints are peppermint and cinnamon oil. Here are a few interesting facts about the health benefits of these oils.

Peppermint oil is excellent for treating nausea, relaxing sore muscles, improving circulation, reducing headache pain and calming an anxious mind. of. It’s also a great bug repellent!

Cinnamon oil is a good oil for purifying the blood, controlling blood sugar, relieving cold symptoms, boosting brain activity, destroying germs and bacteria and eliminating gas. Just like peppermint oil, cinnamon oil is also effective at repelling mosquitoes.

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