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The Best Nude Lace-Up Heels

Last updated on May 26, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Nude Lace-Up Heels

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Allegra K Chunky Heel Nude Lace-Up Heels

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Allegra K

Chunky Heel Nude Lace-Up Heels

Available in a variety of colors, these lace-up heels have a design that’s both comfortable and attractive. They feature 3-inch chunky heels and padded insoles for extra comfort, plus rubber soles. These look equally great at work, on the street or at events.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionWith chunky heels and comfortable insoles, these strappy shoes are perfect for work and play.

 Runner Up

DREAM PAIRS Faux Leather Insole Nude Lace-Up Heels


Faux Leather Insole Nude Lace-Up Heels

Available in sizes from 5 to 11, this attractive pair of heels has rubber soles and open toes. The stiletto heel height of 4 inches and a half-inch platform will give you plenty of lift. The shoes feature criss-cross straps and back zippers so they go on and off easily.

Overall Take

Leg-Slimming ChoiceThe delicate 4-inch stiletto heels on these high-backed shoes elongate and slim your legs.

 We Also Like

Allegra K Kitten Heel Nude Lace-Up Heels

Allegra K

Kitten Heel Nude Lace-Up Heels

In several colors and sizes from 6 to 10, this pair of chic and cute open-toed kitten heels can be dressed up or down. They're comfortable, made of faux suede with a cushioned footbed plus a rubber sole. Heel height is about 2 3/8 inches.

Overall Take

All-Day WearIf you’re looking for heels you can wear all day, these nude lace-up kitten heels are a great choice.

 Strong Contender

Allegra K Clear Toe Strap Nude Lace-Up Heels

Allegra K

Clear Toe Strap Nude Lace-Up Heels

With these nude lace-ups, a blocky heel of 3 7/8 inches gives you nice height with stability. They have clear top straps and lace-up closures. Faux leather makes them both durable and classy. The padded insole helps keep you comfortable during any activity.

Overall Take

Extra ComfortableLow, blocky heels and padded insoles make these a stable option that shows off your feet.

Buying Guide

There are two types of fashionistas: those who match their shoes to their outfits and those who pick out outfits to go with their shoes. No matter which group describes you, you’ll likely find you need a few pairs of shoes to cover multiple occasions and looks.

A good nude pair of high heels can give you more versatility than you’d find in other pairs. Nude can go with almost every type of clothing, from sundresses to jeans, with few limitations on the colors you choose to match. You can wear nude shoes with patterns and solids in all colors, which is why nude heels are a great addition to any shoe collection.

Heels have an advantage in that they can improve posture and create a longer, leaner look for your legs. However, you can experience foot issues if you put them on a lot, particularly with higher heels. When pressure is applied to the forefront of the shoe instead of distributed across the entire foot, it can lead to overuse of the metatarsal and toes. The more you stand and walk in high heels, the more strain that area will experience.

One way to reduce those risks is to choose a lower, chunkier heel that better distributes the weight across the entire footbed. You’ll find plenty of 3-inch or lower heels that will create the lift you need while also reducing foot injury and wear. Stilettos can be attractive, but they’re best left for situations where you’ll be seated the majority of the time.

It’s also important to look at comfort when you’re choosing a nude lace-up heel. Some have padded footbeds that cushion your foot and keep it comfortable. This can also reduce the stress on your joints and spine and provide more endurance for longer walks.

What to Look For

  • Shoes can be uncomfortable until they’re broken in. If you’re limited on time, one way to quickly loosen them up is to heat the back of each shoe with hot air from a hairdryer. Stop intermittently and test the comfort until you’ve weakened the shoes enough that they don’t rub.
  • Deodorant can be a handy tool for making new shoes more comfortable. It reduces the friction, cutting down on blisters and general discomfort on the bottoms of your feet. Since it’s designed to reduce odor, it also will keep your shoes from smelling.
  • The lacing design of most lace-up heels can vary dramatically. Some have simple strings that tie around the ankle, while others go farther up the leg. Take a look at how they’ll tie before you buy.
  • One issue with lace-up heels is that the tie isn’t strong enough to hold the foot in place while you’re walking. So, it’s especially important to choose the right size when you’re looking at a lace-up shoe. Your heel will need to fit snugly against the back to keep the shoes on your feet while you walk.
  • You can choose from closed- or open-toe shoes when you’re looking at heels. For summertime wear, open-toe shoes are a great way to keep your feet cool. However, some places (like certain offices) prohibit open-toe shoes, so you’ll need a good closed-toe pair for those occasions.
  • Size ranges can vary dramatically from one shoe to the next. If you wear a smaller or larger size than average, you might find your options limited. The same applies if you’re looking for narrow or wide sizing.
  • The material of your shoe is important, particularly if you’re going with a closed-toe option. You’ll want to look for a shoe that has breathable material while also giving you the coverage and durability you need.

More to Explore

High heels were nothing new when Queen of France Catherine de Medici wore them in the mid-1500s. In fact, men had been wearing them for centuries, starting with Roman actors needing height in 200 B.C.E. and ancient Egyptian butchers who wanted to keep their sandals out of the blood and guts of dead animals. Persian soldiers also wore them in the 10th century C.E. so they could shoot bows while riding their horses.

But de Medici’s goal was to compete with a tall, beautiful courtier her husband-to-be had been seeing. Thinking her height of less than 5 feet put her at a disadvantage, de Medici commissioned a Florentine shoemaker to create a pair of shoes that would make her appear taller at her wedding. Her idea was to elevate the back of the shoes and keep the front flat for more stability and grace as she walked.

Others took notice and soon, de Medici’s innovation spread to other royals, including Queen Mary Tudor. Men and women alike wore high heels throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, although by Enlightenment men had come to associate heels with the “irrational” natures of women and stopped wearing them.

The practice of wearing high heels also fell out of favor after the French Revolution because heels were associated with the power of the elite classes. Heeled shoes never actually went away completely, but in the mid-20th century they returned to popularity thanks to the proliferation of pin-up girls and stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

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