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Last updated on November 9, 2023
Best Nose Vent

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Rhinomed Medical-Grade Ultra Soft Nose Vents, 3-Pack

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Medical-Grade Ultra Soft Nose Vents, 3-Pack

This nose vent set includes three nasal dilators that are formulated using super soft medical-grade materials. That means you can count on them being comfortable and staying in place throughout the night. As a result, your snoring will cease and you'll receive better airflow for a more restful night's sleep.

Overall Take

Stay in PlaceThese nose vents are designed to be reused up to 10 times.

 Runner Up

Mobi Lock Secure-Fit Germ-Free Nose Vents, 12-Pack

Mobi Lock

Secure-Fit Germ-Free Nose Vents, 12-Pack

You'll get 12 medium-sized silicon dilators in this pack, each with a design soft enough not to irritate your nasal cavity while in use. They're easy to use. Simply insert them in your nose and drift off to sleep. It comes with a bonus guidebook filled with tips on improving your sleep quality.

Overall Take

Economical PickYou'll have plenty of nose vents to spare with this set, which comes with 12 pairs.

 Strong Contender

Snore Bastion Instant Relief Safe Nose Vents, 4-Pack

Snore Bastion

Instant Relief Safe Nose Vents, 4-Pack

The four nose vents in this set come neatly organized inside a cute tin. Each of the nose vents are constructed from a medical-grade silicone that won't irritate skin. They work to increase the amount of oxygen your body is able to take in, thus putting a stop to snoring and disturbed sleep.

Overall Take

Handy Storage TinThese nose vents are extra-large in size, but you can get them in small, medium or large if you need.

Buying Guide

If you sleep alone, it probably doesn’t matter if you snore. But it can become an issue if you have a sleeping partner. You may not even have realized you snored until someone alerted you to it. Continuing to snore while your sleeping partner tosses and turns probably isn’t an option. Finding a way to reduce your snoring is the best way to make everyone happy.

One of the first steps you’ll probably take is to try to determine the cause of your snoring. It could be something as simple as seasonal allergies or as challenging as sleep apnea or sinus issues. You’ll probably want to speak with your doctor to determine the best course of treatment, but in the meantime, there are a few harmless over-the-counter treatments that can help.

Two popular treatment options are external nasal strips and internal nasal dilators. Nasal strips have the convenience of being disposable, but they can easily become unstuck during the night. Some also find they don’t like the sticky residue that’s left behind, and the material can cause skin irritation.

Nose vents are a great organic alternative to external nasal strips. They slide into your nostrils to keep them open while you sleep. You’ll find that in doing that, you’ll open them up, improving airflow to help you breathe better, reducing the symptoms that contribute to snoring.

What to Look For

  • The material used to make your nasal dilators is essential. Silicone is one of the most often found, primarily because its flexibility makes it both comfortable and effective.
  • Look for a nose vent that’s made of medical-grade material. Some are chemical-free, as well, if that’s important to you.
  • If you’re experiencing congestion due to a cold or allergies, test the nasal vents out for a couple of hours before wearing them overnight to make sure you don’t experience any irritation.
  • Nasal dilators take some time to get used to. You may find it helps to wear it for gradually increasing time periods each night until you’re accustomed to them.
  • Look for a nose vent that comes with a storage case. Bonus points if that storage case is antibacterial in nature.
  • Carefully clean your nose vents between uses to keep bacteria from building up. Make sure you allow it to dry completely before slipping it into a storage case.
  • For best results, buy a pack that has multiple sets of nose vents. This will be especially beneficial if you take a trip where you need a new pair for each night.

More to Explore

Snoring may be closely associated with sleep, but in a healthy sleeper, inhaling and exhaling should be the only sounds you hear. Snoring is a sign that the airway is obstructed, and in more severe cases, it could even be a symptom of a risky condition called sleep apnea. However, temporary snoring can be a sign of a much less serious issue, such as allergies or a cold.

The problem with snoring is that it keeps the brain from being able to settle into the deep, REM stage of sleep that you need to get fully restorative rest. If you snore, you might want to stay on track with your regular physicals. Snorers are at elevated risk for strokes, type 2 diabetes and a feeling of constant drowsiness.

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