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The Best Nail Stickers

Last updated on December 7, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Nail Stickers

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Qdsuh Abstract Self-Adhesive Nail Stickers, 6 Sheets

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Abstract Self-Adhesive Nail Stickers, 6 Sheets

These unique nail stickers have a graffiti feel. They are made from environmentally friendly materials and are non-toxic. The nail stickers are easy to use and are self adhesive.

Overall Take

Unique LookThese nail stickers have a graffiti feel.

 Runner Up

TailaiMei Beach Self-Adhesive Nail Stickers, 12 Sheets


Beach Self-Adhesive Nail Stickers, 12 Sheets

These beach-themed nail stickers have fun nautical designs. Stickers include turtles, dolphins, boats, anchors, sunglasses, mermaids and more. They are self adhesive and stick well to the nail.

Overall Take

Ocean ThemeThese nail stickers are all about summer and the beach.

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coejokno Botanical Water-Transfer Nail Stickers, 24 Sheets


Botanical Water-Transfer Nail Stickers, 24 Sheets

These floral nail stickers are ideal for fans of nature. They are water-transfer stickers that need to be soaked prior to use. The stickers can also be applied to objects such as frames or phone cases.

Overall Take

Floral DesignsThese nail stickers are ideal for anyone who admires the beauty of nature.

 Also Great

Kalolary Halloween Self-Adhesive Nail Art, 12 Sheets


Halloween Self-Adhesive Nail Art, 12 Sheets

These spooky nail stickers have a Halloween theme. They include witches, ghosts, spiders, cats and more. The stickers are non-toxic and made from durable PVC material.

Overall Take

Spooky ChoiceThese nail stickers have a Halloween theme.

Buying Guide

Nothing makes you look more sophisticated and put together than a stunning manicure. It’s a simple detail that exudes elegance and style. If you don’t want to have to go to the salon every time you want to change your nail look, nail stickers and wraps are the perfect solution. They are easy to use and provide you with whatever look you’re going for. Nail stickers simply need to be stuck on to the surface of your nail after you have applied a base coat and the polish of your choice. Some people apply them using tweezers while others just use their fingers.

When it comes to variety, nail stickers run the gamut. You can find nail stickers inspired by everything from art deco to cartoon characters. Whether you want abstract designs or a specific image like a boat anchor, you can with nail stickers. Some stickers are small, so you can still see the nail polish behind the nails. Others cover the nail in its entirety. In terms of application, some nail stickers just need to be stuck on while others require heat (such as from a blow dryer) to stay in place. Many people also apply a top coat over the nail sticker to ensure it does not peel off anytime soon.

While style is important, it’s also vital to consider durability when selecting nail stickers. If you want your nail stickers to last more than a few hours, then opt for ones that are made with strong materials that won’t be damaged with day-to-day activities, can last through multiple hand washes and won’t peel off within a day or two.

What to Look For

  • Nail stickers come in different quantities, so consider how often you will be using them and how many you’ll be using at one time. For example, a set may come with anywhere from six to 24 sheets, and each sheet may have between dozens and hundreds of nail stickers. Often, you can get a set which contains over 1,500 nail stickers for an affordable price, especially as compared to the cost of a nail salon visit.
  • If you’re a fan of versatility, then look for nail stickers that can be applied to multiple types of nails, such as natural, gel or acrylic. Some nail stickers can also be used on the skin, so some fashion-forward people like to apply them above the eyebrows or on the cheeks. You can also apply some types of nail stickers to objects, such as your mobile phone case or a wedding invitation.
  • If you prefer ease of use, then go with nail stickers that are simply peel and stick. There is no other step required, other than applying a top coat to the nail after the sticker is on. Other nail stickers require a bit more work, such as cutting out the sticker, peeling off the film and soaking in water for a few seconds before applying to the nail.
  • When using nail stickers, a good tool to have in your nail kit are small tweezers. Some nail stickers can be exceptionally small and very difficult to handle with the fingers alone. Having a set of tweezers provides more dexterity so you can grab the nail stickers without ruining any of the adhesive before placing them on your nails.

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Where did the manicure originate? Archeologists have discovered evidence of manicures from thousands of years ago in multiple cultures. Egyptian mummies from around 5,000 BC have been found with gold-covered nails, while Indian women from around the same time used henna to stain their nails. In addition, the men of Babylonia used kohl to darken their fingernails. In fact, as far back as 3,200 BC in Babylonia, gold manicures were part of the combat uniform. It is only in recent history that manicures were predominantly had by women. For centuries, both men and women adorned their nails.

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