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The Best Nail Clipper For Seniors

Last updated on October 9, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Nail Clippers For Seniors

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New Huing ABS Resin Handle Nail Clipper For Seniors

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New Huing

ABS Resin Handle Nail Clipper For Seniors

Made for toenails, these clippers have a handle that is both long and easy to firmly and comfortably grip with a special plastic cover. The blades are very strong and made to last.

Overall Take

Easy to GripThese easy-to-handle clippers make it easier to reach and precisely cut your toenails.

 Runner Up

STEINDER Rotating Head Design Nail Clippers For Seniors, 2-Piece


Rotating Head Design Nail Clippers For Seniors, 2-Piece

This set gives you two pairs of clippers in different sizes, and both feature a head that rotates to give you better control over angles. You'll also find a handy nail file that slides out of the clippers.

Overall Take

Works at Different AnglesConsider these clippers if you like the versatility and convenience that a rotating head offers.

 We Also Like

Venoteck File & Long Handle Nail Clippers For Seniors, 3-Piece


File & Long Handle Nail Clippers For Seniors, 3-Piece

Including separate clippers for both your toenails and fingernails, this set comes in silver and black. They're made of stainless steel and easy to hold. You get a carrying bag and nail file as well.

Overall Take

Made to LastYou'll find these nail clippers easy to use and able to hold up for a long time.

 Strong Contender

Healthy Seniors Assorted Steel Nail Clippers For Seniors, 4-Piece

Healthy Seniors

Assorted Steel Nail Clippers For Seniors, 4-Piece

This set includes three styles of nail clippers with long handles and durable blades for easy trimming. One pair has a rotating head. You also get a handy bag and nail file.

Overall Take

Versatile CollectionIf you'd like several senior-friendly nail care accessories, consider this handy collection.

Buying Guide

While trimming fingernails and toenails is essential at any age, seniors can face challenges that make using a basic pair nail clippers not the best option. For example, you might have less dexterity or strength in your hands and find it hard to grip small clippers. Regular clippers also might not be sharp enough to cut thickened nails appropriately. That’s why you should consider nail clippers that are designed for seniors and have features that make this personal care task less demanding. 

These clippers will usually feature a longer handle that allows for a larger reach and is easier to grasp when you’re cutting your nails. In addition, the handle may have a rubber grip to help prevent slippage. The length of the handle can depend on whether the clippers are made for fingernails or toenails. In some cases, you can find sets that include pairs with both long and short handles for convenience.

Some nail clippers for seniors have a rotating head as well. This feature helps you cut your nails more precisely and allows for more flexibility with the angle you’re cutting from. You’ll especially find the rotating head helpful when you’re cutting toenails that are harder to trim in general.

Nail clippers for seniors should include very sharp blades that can handle the increased nail thickness that often comes with age. The blade often has a curve to handle variations in nail shape. In addition, the clippers should also open widely with ease so you don’t experience issues getting your nail between the blades for cutting.

While most options resemble modified versions of traditional clippers, you’ll also find unique models for special needs. For example, some come in a special shape where you can press down on a part with your palm to cut your nail. These modified clippers are a good option when you don’t have a lot of finger strength or dexterity.

What to Look For

  • To make sure your nail clippers will last you a long time, make sure they’re made of a durable material such as stainless steel.  
  • Since water helps nails soften up, you’ll likely find it easiest to trim your nails just after you get out of the shower or bath. However, you can always do a 10-minute soak even if you don’t trim right after you bathe.
  • How often you’ll trim your nails will depend on their growth speed and your preferences. You might set aside a time each week to keep your nails a precise length. On the other hand, you might cut your nails every few weeks if you have slow-growing nails or don’t mind a longer length. Fingernails usually require more frequent trims than toenails too.
  • Whether you’re cutting your fingernails or toenails, you should ideally make straight-across cuts. If you find that the nails feel too sharp afterward, you can use a filing board to make them smoother.
  • If you experience issues reaching your toenails comfortably even with longer clippers, you can find special handles you can insert the clippers into. These come in different lengths and can reduce the need to bend down.
  • You should sanitize your nail clippers periodically, and you have multiple options for doing so. One method involves putting the clippers in rubbing alcohol for half an hour, while another utilizes household bleach. 
  • Consider moisturizing your nails to keep them from becoming too dry and breaking easily.
  • If you’d like more than just a pair of senior-friendly nail clippers, you can find sets that come with extras like nail files and cuticle cutters. You can also find sets that include a mix of nail clippers including pairs with and without rotating heads.
  • Speak to a professional if you notice any unusual changes in your nails. You might also benefit from a professional nail care professional if you can’t comfortably or safely trim your own nails.

More to Explore

You’ll notice various natural changes in your nails over your lifetime. Not only will they affect the appearance and strength of your nails, but you’ll also likely find the need to adapt your nail-cutting habits.

When you’re young, you’ll find that your nails grow more quickly and may require more frequent trimming than when you’re elderly. For example, they might grow three millimeters monthly during your 20s and slow down to two millimeters monthly in your 80s.

Your nail texture could also change to being either thicker or more brittle when you’re elderly. Plus, you might experience changes in the color of your nails such as a yellowish tint or a difference in how curved your nails are.

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