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The Best Mule Sandal

Last updated on October 3, 2022

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TOMS Monica Mule Sandal

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Monica Mule Sandal

In slacks or a skirt, these sandals make an impression. The heel has a gentle slope that gives plenty of elevation, but they're surprisingly lightweight for the size. The padding on the sole makes them comfortable to wear around the house or on the town.

Overall Take

Soft, Versatile ShoeStep out in comfort with these striking sandals.

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Greatonu Square Toe Quilted Mule Sandal


Square Toe Quilted Mule Sandal

These wide-strapped mules are great for formal events but can be worn just about anywhere. The leather material makes it a good fit for short, jeans or dresses. Thanks to the muted design, they're an especially good choice for work outfits.

Overall Take

Trendy But SubtleWear these medium heels anywhere, anytime.

 Strong Contender

Steve Madden Flavor Mule Sandal

Steve Madden

Flavor Mule Sandal

These shoes will slip on, so they're great when you're in a hurry to complete a hip ensemble. The pointy tips are just the thing to complete a boho look. Those with narrow feet may want to size down a tad but the overall fit is very comfy.

Overall Take

Slide Into ComfortThese slip-on sandals add a touch of class to dress pants.

 Also Great

Easy Street Stretch Mule Sandal

Easy Street

Stretch Mule Sandal

Get these mules in a solid color and you have a great complement for a cute office ensemble. The wide strap is easy to slip into and holds well. The minimal look goes well with pants but can work with almost any outfit.

Overall Take

Great in BlackThe wide, elegant strap makes a subtle statement.

Buying Guide

When it comes to footwear, there’s a time for super-strappy heels or elaborately-styled boots. But undeniably, summer is the season of the mule.

The exact definition of a mule is loose enough that almost any kind of sandal can reasonably fit into the category. But for the most part, mules are recognized as a simple type of sandal with a flat sole or low heel, leaving the heel bare. You might see more fashionable mules that taper to a point or end in a rounded edge that leaves the toes uncovered. Whatever their configuration, the benefits are obvious. This is a laid-back piece of footwear that shows off the ankles and is easy to slip into.

That’s not to say that they can’t be fashionable. In fact, you’ll find some very pricey mules out there from luxury brands like Hermés and Balenciaga. You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands to make your mules work with a fancy outfit, though. The main thing is to buy with an eye to your general fashion sense.

Mules of any height are a no-brainer when paired with tight-fitting jeans, but flats work especially well. Open-toed mules are a great casual option that says you’re ready for the beach at a moment’s notice, while closed-toed and tapered is a classy look that goes great with a matching purse. If you’re going with shorts, wedge heels can be a fun look that puts some emphasis on the legs. Longer dresses are always a good match for any kind of mule sandal, but wedges or low heels generally go best.

Don’t forget about function while you’re looking for the right form, though. Most mules don’t have any support behind the heel, which is a main selling point — you can slide right into them and kick them off just as easily. But if your shoes are too loose, that open heel can be a liability. Make sure that the fit is snug enough in the front that your shoe doesn’t go flying off the moment you pick up the pace. Mules with a vinyl or textured cloth strap will grab the top of the foot, but make sure that they don’t chafe. (Adjustable straps are an extra-nice perk if your feet tend to swell throughout the day.) It can also help to have a bit of rubber in the soles or some other anti-slip surface.

What to Look For

Mule sandals can be very versatile in terms of fashion, but they’re not the first footwear pick many people think of for outdoor hikes or jobs that require a lot of walking. That is, unless we’re talking about Crocs. These heavily-ventilated shoes (and their many imitators) are popular mainly because of their comfort, but also because of their sturdiness. One great feature is the adjustable strap on most Crocs that can be swiveled out of the way or behind the heel if you need an extra-secure fit. Even though it’s a pretty comfortable choice, ditch the socks whether you’re wearing Crocs or any kind of mule. It’s a look that says “tourist” no matter where you are.

More to Explore

Sure, mules are comfy, but it wasn’t that attribute that made them famous. While this general footwear style dates back to at least ancient Rome, they didn’t become a fashion icon until stars like Marilyn Monroe started wearing them. Monroe arguably wore them best in her 1955 breakout film “The Seven Year Itch,” where a pair of feathery marabout mules completed her seductive look.

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