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The Best Moving Supplies

Last updated on January 23, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Moving Supplies

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DAT Foam Cushioning Sheets Moving Supplies, 100-Piece

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Foam Cushioning Sheets Moving Supplies, 100-Piece

Especially useful for plates and other kitchen items, these sheets come in a pack of 100. Each square measures one foot by one foot. They're easy to wrap around your items and seal with tape.

Overall Take

Good for DishesThese convenient foam sheets are great for protecting dishes and other items that can easily break.

 Runner Up

VENO Polypropylene Tote Bags Moving Supplies, 6-Piece


Polypropylene Tote Bags Moving Supplies, 6-Piece

This set gives you six moving bags that are made of a resilient material, have a zipper and feature handy straps for carrying. They are easy to fold and can double as storage bags for your new place.

Overall Take

Versatile and ReliableIf you want something that can support heavy items and serve you long after your move, consider these bags.

 We Also Like

U-Haul Assorted Apartment Moving Supplies Kit


Assorted Apartment Moving Supplies Kit

Designed for someone moving from an apartment, this set includes essentials such as boxes in multiple sizes, tape and cushioning. You also get special covers and boxes for things like dishes and a TV.

Overall Take

All-in-One SolutionYou'll find this set a very convenient alternative to buying common moving supplies individually.

 Strong Contender

CRESNEL Extra Thick Mattress Bag Moving Supply


Extra Thick Mattress Bag Moving Supply

Available in twin to king sizes, this plastic bag holds your mattress and offers protection during the moving process. It's extra durable and helps prevent moisture and dirt from harming your mattress.

Overall Take

Handy Specialty CoverThis protector keeps your mattress clean and moisture-free during your move.

Buying Guide

Moving to a new place is exciting, but you’ll first need to handle the task of packing and transporting all your things. The right moving supplies are essential for making it easier to transport all your items and keep them safe during the process. Plus, they help with organization so that you know where specific items are and can more efficiently unpack everything at your new place. 

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You’ll want to get plenty of moving boxes in various sizes to hold your loose items. When considering different sizes, keep in mind that large boxes better suit lightweight items such as blankets and clothing since they can break or be very hard to carry if loaded with heavier items like books. You can find heavy-duty boxes if you have something particularly heavier to transport or opt for plastic containers instead. Along with getting moving boxes, you can consider moving bags made of plastic or cloth that are often more durable and easy to carry.

You’ll also need to get some cushioning materials to protect fragile items you pack. Packing paper is an economical option that can help keep items like cookware from getting scratched up. However, bubble wrap is a better option for protection, and you can choose from large bubbles for more protection or small ones for less fragile items. Packing foam sheets or rolls are another good option for fragile items, while packing peanuts best fill up empty space.

Some other packing materials to consider include tape, labels, pens and scissors. You’ll need a strong tape to seal up your moving boxes and prevent items from coming out, and scissors come in handy for cutting it. The labels are great for sticking and writing on the boxes to identify the room or types of items inside.

Along with getting packing materials, you’ll likely need other materials for moving day. For example, a hand truck makes it easier to move heavy boxes from place to place, while lifting straps help with carrying heavy items. For transporting furniture, consider getting some moving blankets or furniture pads to provide protection. You might also want a roll of stretch plastic wrap to bundle items together or offer further protection before you load them on the moving truck.

What to Look For

  • Transporting TVs and large computers can be tricky and result in damage if not done properly. To prevent problems, seek moving kits with specially designed boxes and included cushioning materials for such items. Be sure to follow the instructions for assembling these kits. 
  • You can look around for moving boxes with special features for convenience. For example, some boxes will have built-in handles that make carrying them much easier and pre-printed labels where you can write the contents using a marker.
  • You can find moving box calculators online that help you estimate how many boxes you need. These often ask about the size and type of place you have as well as the number of rooms and any special large items. 
  • If you run out of moving boxes, you can try reusing plastic totes, old boxes and reusable shopping bags from home. Garbage bags also work if you’re in a pinch, but these are best for light items since they tear easily.
  • Consider buying packing tape in bulk since you can easily go through several rolls. You might also want to get a dispenser for these rolls since it makes it easier to tape up boxes and not need to deal with scissors. 
  • When using packing paper, you’ll likely need to wrap the item several times for sufficient protection. You should have at least two layers if you use bubble wrap instead. When using foam wrap, you may try using multiple layers or mix foam wrap with bubble wrap or packing paper. Be sure to add tape to keep the paper, foam wrap or bubble wrap from unwrapping.
  • Plastic stretch wrap comes in handy for covering furniture, artwork and other large items you can’t put in a box, but you’ll need to use it properly. Make sure the wrap is tight so it won’t come off during transit. If the item is fragile, don’t rely on the stretch wrap alone and instead add some cushioning such as bubble wrap or a foam sheet as well. You might also consider a furniture cover as something more durable but costlier.
  • You can use some cargo rope or a strap to hold down large items in the moving truck. Just make sure you get something durable.

More to Explore

Packing can be stressful, but you can take some steps for a smoother experience. First, it helps to look through your things and donate or get rid of what you don’t need. This gives you less to pack and helps prevent your new place from getting cluttered. Once you’ve done this, come up with a detailed packing plan that provides you with plenty of time for the process and goes room by room.

As you’re packing, be aware of any items – such as important papers or essential household items – that you’ll need up until moving day. You’ll want to wait and pack those last.

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