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Make Breakfast More Fun With The Best Mini Waffle Maker

Last updated on March 15, 2024
Best Mini Waffle Maker

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DASH Single Serve Mini Waffle Maker

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Single Serve Mini Waffle Maker

Thanks to its dual-sided nonstick coating, you won't have any trouble removing waffles from this mini waffle maker. The unit is a cinch to use and heats up in just a few minutes. With each purchase, you'll also receive a complimentary recipe book.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsWith this mini waffle maker, you'll get a choice of the following colors: white, red, black, copper, orange, silver and pink.

 Runner Up

AiHom Portable Lightweight Mini Waffle Maker


Portable Lightweight Mini Waffle Maker

You won't have to guess when this mini waffle maker has fully heated, as it features an indicator light that shuts off when preheating has finished. The unit is nice and lightweight and just 6 inches in length and width. In addition to waffles, you can also use the kitchen tool to create paninis, grilled cheese and biscuit pizzas.

Overall Take

Handy Indicator LightThe built-in handle on this mini waffle maker makes it portable.

 Runner Up

Disney Mickey Non-Skid Mini Waffle Maker


Mickey Non-Skid Mini Waffle Maker

Put a smile on your children's faces with this mini waffle maker. This waffle maker produces waffles in the shape of the famous Mickey Mouse. The unit itself uses nonstick baking plates for easy removal and rubber feet to protect the surface of your kitchen counter.

Overall Take

Mickey Mouse-Shaped WafflesIn addition to the adorable shape, this mini waffle maker is successful in producing waffles that don't stick to the machine.

 We Also Like

CROWNFUL Fast Heat Countertop Mini Waffle Maker


Fast Heat Countertop Mini Waffle Maker

Available in red, green, black or white, this mini waffle maker is quite stunning. It features a 4-inch body that makes it perfect for small apartments or RV kitchens. The unit heats up quickly and features a double-sided non-stick surface that allows your waffle to slide out with ease every time.

Overall Take

Economical PickThe budget-friendly price tag on this mini waffle maker makes it a no-brainer.

Buying Guide

While waffle makers are mainly designed to produce delicious waffles for breakfast, they can actually be used to cook a host of other foods as well. For example, you can use a waffle iron to make grilled cheese, hashbrowns, quesadillas and even pizza. If you have children at home, you may wish to go with a mini waffle maker to create smaller waffles that are easier for little mouths to eat.

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Determine how many mini waffles the machine is able to produce. If you have one or two children in the home, you may be okay with a waffle maker that cooks a single waffle. Larger families, however, will want to go with a model that makes four waffles at once.

Check that the waffle maker’s plates have a nonstick coating. Waffles can be very difficult to get out without this coating.

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Look to see if the mini waffle maker has any safety features. Does it have a cool-touch handle, non-skid rubber feet to protect your counter surface or a latching or locking handle?

An indicator light is also a must. You can’t open the waffle maker to check if the waffles are fully cooked. You’ll be relying on that indicator light to let you know when the popular breakfast item is done and ready for consumption. Some models go a step further and have lights that let you know when the unit is preheated, when it’s cooking and when the food is ready for removal.

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Finally, determine whether you want a basic waffle shape, or one that resembles a character that your children are familiar with. For example, you can buy a mini waffle maker that creates Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles.

What to Look For

  • Some mini waffle makers don’t have an on/off switch. You’ll need to remember to unplug them as soon as you’re finished cooking the waffles.
  • Many mini waffle maker models have short cords, so you’ll need to use them close by an outlet.
  • It’s best to clean your mini waffle maker as soon as it cools down. Start with wiping the unit free of crumbs and excess oils using a damp cloth. If there were any spills on the exterior, you can get them next. Remove the plates and wash them in a pan of soapy dish water. If the plates aren’t removable, you’ll need to take care to wipe the plates down with a soapy dish rag followed by a rag that is only wet with water. Allow the waffle maker to air dry before you put it away.
  • Mini waffle makers vary in price based on design and the number of waffles the unit is able to produce at one time. The DASH Mini Waffle Maker is basic in design and only makes one waffle, which is why it is one of the most affordable models on the market.

More to Explore

While we can’t know for sure when the first waffle maker was invented, we do know it was in existence since at least the 13th century. A waffle recipe was found in a document entitled “Le Ménagier de Paris.” In it, the author talks about using an iron to make the waffles.

Here are a few more facts you may find interesting about waffles:

  • National Waffle Day is celebrated on Aug. 24 each year.
  • According to the Guinness World Records, the largest waffle weighed over 110 lbs. It was constructed in the Netherlands by Stichting Gouda Oogst.
  • Another Guinness World Record was set by Jeff and Jennifer Madden in Illinois for the tallest stack of waffles. It’s over 34 inches tall!
  • Cornelius Swarthout was the first to file a patent for a waffle maker. He did so back in 1869.

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