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The Best Mini Muffin Pans for Desserts and Appetizers

Last updated on July 23, 2024
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Our Picks For The Top Mini Muffin Pans

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Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Bakeware Nonstick Mini Muffin Pan

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Chef's Classic Bakeware Nonstick Mini Muffin Pan

This mini muffin pan is made from alloy steel, which is light in color to promote even baking. Its broad, rolled edges also keep the pan from warping, so the mini muffins come out uniform every time.

Overall Take

Perfect for Even DonenessConsistently achieve a perfect, even bake with this 24-cup mini muffin pan.

 Runner Up

GoodCook Heavy Duty Non-Stick Steel Mini Muffin Pan


Heavy Duty Non-Stick Steel Mini Muffin Pan

This mini muffin pan is darker in color, which means it will absorb heat and bake muffins faster. The pan is also non-stick and can be used without muffin liners.

Overall Take

Best for Crispy EdgesMake baking easy with this mini muffin pan, whether you want to bake soft mini muffins or crispy egg bites.

 We Also Like

Wilton Perfect Results Non-Stick Steel Mini Muffin Pan


Perfect Results Non-Stick Steel Mini Muffin Pan

Want a mini muffin pan that is compact and easy to keep in storage-challenged kitchens? This is the ideal choice! However, don't let the size fool you; it can still hold the average 24 mini muffins, just like any other pan.

Overall Take

The Small but MightyThis mini muffin pan can easily fit in small spaces if your kitchen lacks storage.

 Strong Contender

CAKETIME BPA-Free Silicone Nonstick Mini Muffin Pan


BPA-Free Silicone Nonstick Mini Muffin Pan

While most mini muffin pans are made from steel, this is made from flexible silicone. One of the many benefits of silicone is that muffins can be removed with a simple finger press on the back of the cup.

Overall Take

Durable and FlexibleEnjoy the many benefits of silicone with this muffin pan, such as its durability, impressive heat resistance and ease-of-use.

Buying Guide

Mini muffins typically measure around one inch in diameter and are about half the size of standard muffins. Because of their size difference, mini muffins cannot be baked in a standard muffin pan, or they will be misshaped and uneven.

Mini muffin pans are used to accommodate their size better. While standard pans typically fit 12 2-inch cups, mini muffin pans fit up to 24 cups in roughly the same amount of space.

What to Look For

There are several aspects to consider when shopping for a mini muffin pan, such as material, color and size.

Most muffin pans are made from alloy steel; however, silicone is a common, albeit a less popular, option. Both materials are durable and can easily withstand high temperatures, so the optimal choice is a matter of preference.

Some people prefer silicone because it is durable with an innate non-stick surface and can easily be used for crafting. On the other hand, alloy steel absorbs heat better, enabling a more even bake.

You should also note which pans have a non-stick coating and which do not. Non-stick pans can be used without liners and are easier to clean.

Color can also make an impact on how well the pan bakes. Dark metal pans absorb heat, distributing it throughout the pan faster than light metal, so your baked goods cook faster. This can be especially optimal when aiming for crispy edges; otherwise, cooking times should be adjusted.

It is also important to consider the mini muffin pan size. Larger pans can be more challenging to store, especially if your kitchen doesn’t have much space. While most pans hold up to 24 muffins, smaller 12-cup pans are also available.

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Which of these will you be trying?

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