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The Best Makeup Organizers

Last updated on October 12, 2023
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Our Picks For The Top Makeup Organizers

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Masirs Clear Vanity-Top Makeup Organizer

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Clear Vanity-Top Makeup Organizer

Featuring four bottom drawers and open compartments on top, this clear organizer offers flexibility and won't take up too much space on your vanity or table. The top part easily accommodates tall items like brushes and foundation bottles.

Overall Take

Simple and FunctionalThis two-part makeup organizer makes it easy to stash away smaller items and keep larger ones easy to grab.

 Runner Up

AMEITECH Clear Large-Capacity 360-Rotating Adjustable Makeup Organizer


Clear Large-Capacity 360-Rotating Adjustable Makeup Organizer

Measuring around 15 inches high, this rotating organizer features several compartments and a convenient open top. This option accommodates adjustable heights and can hold up to 60 brushes or 30 skin care items and accessories.

Overall Take

Versatile and AccommodatingIf you have a large collection, consider this large-capacity carousel-style makeup organizer for easy access.

 Strong Contender

Syntus Acrylic Adjustable 360-Rotating Makeup Organizer


Acrylic Adjustable 360-Rotating Makeup Organizer

This 14-inch-tall rotating organizer gives you plenty of space with seven layers of adjustable trays for your items. It's made to be easy to clean and hold up to 30 brushes or 20 skin care items. Choose from clear, white and black options.

Overall Take

Offers Space and AccessIf you prefer easy accessibility and several tiers of storage, consider this acrylic rotating organizer.

 Also Consider

HBlife Interlocking Detachable Segments Beauty Organizer


Interlocking Detachable Segments Beauty Organizer

Despite its compact format, this beauty organizer has a high capacity, with multiple drawers and 16 top compartments. The organizer features three pieces that interlock with antislip mats but can be removed to create the solution you need. The interior of the organizer features a removable mesh liner to protect more delicate cosmetics cases and jew...

Overall Take

Customizable OptionWith interlocking boxes and a stackable design, you can customize this organizer to exactly what you need.

Buying Guide

Whether your makeup collection is large or small, putting it in an organizer will offer you convenience so you can find and grab what you need more easily. In addition, a makeup organizer offers your items some protection; they’re less likely to fall on the floor and get damaged or leak out and cause a mess. An organizer may also serve as a decorative piece or make transporting cosmetics during travel easier.

Start by considering your collection size and your personal needs. Know what kind of items you want to keep in the organizer and how much room they’ll take up. Also keep in mind where you plan to use it. Some makeup organizers sit well on a vanity while others offer features that make them ideal for moving around from place to place.

Many makeup organizers are made of a hard, clear plastic, so it’s easy to see what’s inside immediately. These may sit on a table or other surface and contain easy-to-reach compartments for things like brushes, lipsticks, palettes and nail polish bottles.

While you can find basic styles, rotating carousel organizers have become popular since they feature multiple layers and spin so you can access different compartments. If you’re seeking a more custom solution, you can also find plastic organizer trays that either stack or can be placed inside drawers.

If you value portability, look for makeup bags and cases small enough to bring with you. Cases made of metal or plastic with a carrying handle offer great protection and features you’ll like. For example, one might have a mirror under the lid, an organizer tray for small items and open space at the bottom for your favorite makeup items. You could alternatively choose a makeup bag, which are often made of cloth or plastic and feature a strap. Some have adjustable compartments for flexibility.

Other makeup organizers suit sizable collections that you’d like to keep all together. For example, you might opt for a cloth and plastic hanging organizer that goes over your door or closet rod, which features dozens of pockets for small makeup items. Or you might prefer a more traditional wooden makeup cabinet that you attach to your wall, with plenty of storage inside.

What to Look For

  • When picking a makeup organizer, you’ll want something easy to clean, since both dust and makeup residue will build up. Plastic organizers tend to be easiest to wipe down with just soap and water on a soft cloth. If you have a cloth makeup bag, however, you’ll find the cleaning process more involved. Some manufacturers allow you to wash such makeup bags on a gentle cycle in a machine, while others advise you to hand-wash the bag inside and out with a mild detergent.
  • If you want your makeup organizer to last, make sure it’s durable enough for your needs. A reasonably sturdy plastic one should be fine if it will just be sitting on a table or vanity. However, travel makeup organizers require more consideration. For example, you’ll likely want a travel makeup bag made of a sturdy material that’s resistant to water and heat and features a good zipper and strap.
  • You don’t want to leave your makeup stored indefinitely or continue using the same opened product for too long since makeup does eventually go bad. For example, an unopened tube of lipstick might stay good for a few years but have a one-year life span once you’ve opened it. Liquid foundation might go bad within six months of opening and liquid eyeliner within three months. Perfume, on the other hand, could stay good for up to a decade.
  • Going with a few makeup organizer options can offer more flexibility and suit a large collection. For example, you might get a small makeup bag to hold your everyday basics when you go on a trip or want to freshen up after the gym. At the same time, you might hold the bulk of your collection in one or more vanity-top plastic organizers and have a hanging organizer for extra cosmetics and larger toiletries.
  • You can also find custom makeup organizers for certain types of items such as lipstick tubes or brushes.
  • Finding a good makeup organizer is just the first step, since you’ll then need to know how to prep and arrange your collection. First, get rid of anything you don’t plan to use or that seems to have gone bad. then, decide how to sort items into your organizer. Make sure to take advantage of vertical space if you start to run out of room, but don’t overload your organizer so much that you can’t access what you need easily.

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A study conducted by OnePoll for Groupon found that the average woman spends $313 per month on her appearance, which adds up to $3,756 per year or $225,360 over a lifetime. This money goes to facials and haircuts first, followed by makeup, manicures, and pedicures.

More specifically, an American woman spends $115 per month, or $1,380 per year, on makeup and cosmetics. And a survey of 4,000 women from Poshly and Stowaway Cosmetics found that on average, every woman owned 40 makeup products each.

Of course, this makes it super important to have a good place to store these things. Otherwise, you may lose them or forget you have them, and that money is wasted.

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