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The Best Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Last updated on May 4, 2022
Best Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

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Our Picks For The Top Makeup Brush Cleaning Mats

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Sigma Beauty Vegan Textured Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

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Sigma Beauty

Vegan Textured Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Constructed from a durable silicone, this makeup brush cleaning mat is easy to use. It's made with five different textures, which work to clean everything from eyeshadow to blush from your brushes. The mat is also double-sided, so you can use it multiple times before having to stop and give it a good cleaning.

Overall Take

Oval ShapeWith this makeup brush cleaning mat, you can also switch from one shade to another without having to stop and clean your brush.

 Runner Up

TailaiMei Detachable Silica Gel Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat


Detachable Silica Gel Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

Cat lovers will take great joy in this kitty-shaped makeup brush cleaning mat. One side is designed to clean the brushes, while the other side holds the brushes upright while they dry. The mat features three different textures to clean brushes of dirt, grease and powder.

Overall Take

Cute Kitty DesignThis makeup brush cleaning mat fits neatly in any makeup bag.

 We Also Like

Norate Textured Absorbing Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat


Textured Absorbing Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

This 3.94-by-3.94-by-0.75-inch round silicone makeup brush cleaning mat is small enough to throw in your purse, and it also has a suction cup to stick to your sink. Its top boasts four screw thread designs so you can easily clean a variety of brushes.

Overall Take

Small But MightyWhether cleansing your makeup tools at home or on-the-go, this miniature mat is a great choice.

 Strong Contender

Diolan Non-Toxic Tower Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat


Non-Toxic Tower Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

With this makeup brush cleaning mat set, you'll receive both a makeup brush drying rack and a cleaning brush mat. The rack is able to hold as many as 28 brushes, including small, medium and large brushes. The circular mat features four different textures, all of which are gentle on your brushes.

Overall Take

Most VersatileWhen drying brushes with this makeup brush cleaning mat, face the bristles downward. Flip the bristles upward to use the unit to store your brushes.

Buying Guide

Makeup brushes accumulate germs, oil and dead skin cells over time, and this can then get onto and into your skin when you use the brushes again. Over time, the use of unclean brushes can clog pores and cause acne or other skin issues. Experts recommend washing makeup tools often, about once a week. Clean makeup brushes also apply your makeup better, resulting in a smoother, more finished look.

Brushes stay softer and last longer when they are regularly cleaned. Makeup brushes can be expensive, so the cleaner you keep them, the more you can save in the long run. These brush cleaning mats remove more makeup than you can by just washing the brushes by hand.

Cleaning makeup brushes can be a messy job, and it can even stain your sink. These mats make the job faster and much more efficient. Most of the products in this category are made out of silicone; look for ones that are thick and non-toxic. They feature textured surfaces, or “screw thread designs,” to get the residue deep out of the brushes. They also come with suction cups on the back, which prevents them from sliding.

What to Look For

  • You can pour makeup remover right onto the mat, gently move the brush on its textured surface and rinse both off.
  • Portable cleaning mats are good if you’re on the go, and larger versions can protect more of your sink.
  • You can make makeup brush cleaner from a couple of drops of unscented castile soap and water. A little olive oil can help for especially dirty brushes.
  • Always let your makeup brushes dry flat on a towel. If they are left standing up, the cleaning solution and water can gather at the base and damage the tool. Brushes usually take about three to four hours to dry.
  • When you are finished using your mat, clean it off as well. You want it to be nice and clean for the next time you are ready to use it.

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Archaeologists have found makeup brushes dating back to 164,000 B.C., discovered in a cave in South Africa.

Once mirrors started being mass-produced in the 1800s, a need for makeup brushes increased; the first widely-produced makeup brushes were reportedly manufactured in Germany.

These days, there are specialized makeup tools designed for every type of cosmetic, from blush to bronzer to eyeshadow.

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