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The Best Light Switch Cover

Last updated on March 16, 2023

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 Top Pick

Bates Choice Fade-Resistant 1-Gang Light Switch Covers, 10-Piece

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Bates Choice

Fade-Resistant 1-Gang Light Switch Covers, 10-Piece

These highly durable light switch covers are heat and fade resistant. They won’t shatter and are made from premium quality materials. The covers fit any standard wall plate.

Overall Take

Highly DurableThese light switch covers are heat and fade resistant.

 Runner Up

Power Gear Unbreakable Plastic Light Switch Cover

Power Gear

Unbreakable Plastic Light Switch Cover

This light switch cover offers easy installation and is ideal for DIY projects. It fits most standard switches and blends in nicely to any décor. The cover is made according to high industry standards.

Overall Take

Easy InstallationThis light switch cover is perfect for DIY projects.

 We Also Like

Franklin Brass Classic Architecture Design Light Switch Cover

Franklin Brass

Classic Architecture Design Light Switch Cover

This traditional light switch cover is inspired by classic American architecture. It offers a bright, simple and clean look. The cover comes with machine screws in a matching finish.

Overall Take

Traditional AppealThis light switch cover is inspired by classic American architecture.

 Strong Contender

ENERLITES Heat-Resistant Polycarbonate Light Switch Covers, 10-Piece


Heat-Resistant Polycarbonate Light Switch Covers, 10-Piece

These light switch covers come in many colors such as white, black, grey and almond. They are heat and fade resistant and will not discolor. The covers have a smooth finish with soft edges.

Overall Take

Many ColorsThese light switch covers are available in black, grey and more.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re working on a home remodeling project, adding on an addition to your space or just changing up a few small details, getting new light switch covers is an important part of the process. While they have a highly functional role, they are at eye-level on the wall and contribute to the style of your space just as much as their function.

Often called switchplates, light switch covers can be tricky to buy. You have to consider a number of factors to ensure you have the right one. Begin by making a detailed list of all the different light switch covers you need for each room. It’s common to miscount the number of plates you need, so it’s best to take the time in the beginning to do an inventory of switchplates as well as the shapes you require. Some people go around the space with brightly colored sticky notes and stick them on each electrical box so they can easily see that they are all accounted for.

There are many different types of light switch covers you can get. Single plates, as the name suggests, are for just one light switch. Double plates accommodate two light switches. There are also multi-gang switch covers for three and four light switches. A toggle plate is what you call a traditional up-down light switch found in many homes. A rocker plate is a more modern style, with a wider and flatter switch. If you want to have a dimmer switch, then opt for one which has a rotary dial. You even have the option of getting a blank light switch cover, which is for empty electrical boxes or ones you just want to cover and not use.

What to Look For

  • An important tip to remember when ordering light switch covers is to not buy them too early. The right timing is key; otherwise you may end up with light switch covers you don’t need. Wait until the electrical component of your project is almost complete so you can see which electrical boxes are installed, their size and their orientation. This is essential information you need for choosing your light switch covers.
  • If you’re dealing with issues such as contractor errors that result in holes or gaps, a jumbo light switch cover may be able to solve the problem for you. They are larger than normal so they can cover imperfections around the electrical box. This way, you don’t need to deal with additional drywalling and painting because you can simply cover up the unnecessary holes.
  • Covering up imperfections isn’t the only reason to get jumbo light switch covers. If you have a particularly large room, then jumbo light switch covers work better than their regular-sized counterparts as compared to the scale of the room. This size also makes them easier to spot in a massive space.
  • Do all your light switch covers have to match? It all depends on your budget and aesthetic tastes. Often, it’s best to have the light switch covers matching in a space, such as a room or a floor. If they don’t, it can look a bit haphazard. However, if you’re on a budget but still like the look of higher-end light switch covers, consider getting those for the highly visible electrical boxes – and choosing budget-friendly ones for the electrical boxes that are in closets or behind closed doors.

More to Explore

The majority of light switch covers on the market are white. While these look great in both modern and traditional spaces and work with almost any kind of aesthetic, they aren’t your only option. Some brands also carry other colors of light switch covers, such as almond, grey, black and beige. These colors can completely change the look of your space. Choose carefully and consider the other switch plates in the room as well, because having different colors can seem off-putting to some people.

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