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The Best Kids’ Tent

Last updated on April 13, 2023
Best Kids' Tent

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Alprang Breathable Astronomy Kids’ Tent

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Breathable Astronomy Kids’ Tent

If your little ones love all things outer space, this kids' tent is sure to capture their attention. The tent features planets, stars and rocketships all around, making it easier for children to pretend they are exploring the galaxy. Setting up the tent takes just 5 minutes and there's a convenient carry bag for storing the toy when not in use.

Overall Take

Out of This WorldThis kids' tent can be used both indoors and outdoors.

 Runner Up

USA Toyz Easy Assemble Mesh Window Kids’ Tent

USA Toyz

Easy Assemble Mesh Window Kids’ Tent

Encourage your child to engage in imaginative play with this kids' tent. It's designed to resemble a teepee and comes in a choice of blue or pink. The tent stands 5-feet tall and can be set up in a matter of minutes. Top features include a skylight, mesh window and door tiebacks.

Overall Take

Affordable PickThanks to the budget-friendly price tag on this kids' tent, you'll find it makes for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.

 We Also Like

Monobeach Battery Powered Star Lights Princess Castle Kids’ Tent


Battery Powered Star Lights Princess Castle Kids' Tent

While it's not completely enclosed, this kids' tent does have one big, literal highlight. Little campers can control lights that provide a magical glow to the roomy interior. The poles take a bit longer to set up, but the assembly is a snap.

Overall Take

Magical LightsInterior lights make this pink palace look truly magical.

 Strong Contender

W&O Jungle Animals Themed Kids’ Tent


Jungle Animals Themed Kids' Tent

This durable kids' tent will hit all the marks for animal lovers. Not only are there colorful jungle creatures displayed on all the walls, a "roar" button will make it sound like they're right outside. Setup is easy for adults and even most kids, and the interior has plenty of room.

Overall Take

Immersive and RoomyThis spacious tent includes a button for animal sound effects.

Buying Guide

Watching your children play all day can be exhausting, and can even make you a little envious. But even with the carefree life they lead, every kid feels the need to get away for some alone time once in awhile. When that time comes, there’s nothing like a good play tent.

In fact, it’s natural and even therapeutic for kids of a certain age to create personal spaces for themselves. If they don’t have a tent readymade at home, they’ll often create one, as any parent with couch cushions knows. These private, cozy areas give them an extra sense of security when things are uncertain. Kids feel in control when they step into a play tent, and it can be fun to see what they do with their own personal kingdom.

If you want to foster that kind of creativity and independence, save your couch cushions and get yourself a tent that your kids can put up whenever they need some “me” time. Of course, the first question you need to ask yourself is whether you’re looking for a play tent or a “real” tent. When kids get older, they may actually want a portable camping tent that can stand up to a full night under the stars and elements. That requires a whole other set of considerations, but for this guide we’ll focus on playtime structures that kids can set up for a short romp in their bedroom or backyard.

Size-wise, let the tent fit the kid. Something too big might be unwieldy for a single child to set up by themselves, and they may lose interest if that process takes too long. If you’re buying for multiple kids of a similar age, go for that extra space — they’ll need it. Otherwise, there’s a lot to be said for keeping things cozy.

These days, you can find tents in three basic structures: teepees, domes and canopies. The teepee is a classic design, inspired by the actual tipi dwellings that were used by early Native Americans of the Great Plains. It’s a one-piece tent that consists of a piece of canvas stretched across three or four poles. Setting it up couldn’t be easier: Just separate the poles and you’ve got a tent.

This simple operation makes the teepee ideal for kids without a lot of patience, and it’s relatively easy to stow under a bed or in a closet corner. The poles tend to be thicker and more durable too, especially on the more authentic teepees with wood construction. These type of tents are safe for most ages, though you may want to watch that very small tots don’t get their fingers pinched between the poles. When fully assembled, teepees also tend to be small and cozy, which fits only children to a T.

If you want a little more structure and space, go for a dome tent. The basic construction is fabric stitched or glued onto a framework of fiberglass or plastic. This framework is usually a lot less durable than wooden teepee poles, and in cheaper tents you might have to assemble it yourself. Decent ones, though, will pop into place easily and some can even fold up. That means that your kid can take it on playdates or into whatever room they want.

The shape might not be a dome per se: You can find dome tents that resemble spaceships, jungle huts or superhero headquarters. This gives them a lot of appeal for imaginative kids. They can also be a lot roomier than teepees, so this is the tent of choice if your kid is expecting multiple visitors.

Canopy tents usually have the same basic structure as a dome tent, but the setup is much more open. Think of a four-poster bed with the curtains coming down on each corner. This might not be great for kids who want more privacy, but they’re great if your toddler wants to hold a fancy tea party.

What to Look For

Typically, kids don’t need any decorating tips when it comes to their tent. Set it up, and you can count on your child to stock up the fort with dolls, pillows and whatever toy supplies they need to get them through playtime. But if you do want to make the space a little more special, try a string of lights. This is only recommended for sturdy tents, but when properly done it can make the interior truly magical.

More to Explore

Kids’ teepees are known for their easy setup, and that’s exactly why the Native Americans used them, too. The original tipis of the Lakota might be larger structures that could accommodate entire families, but they could also be assembled within 30 minutes. That was a must for the nomadic lifestyles of early tribes.

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