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The Best Kids’ Perfume

Last updated on May 12, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Kids' Perfume

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DIY Glitter Roller Kids' Perfume Kit

This activity is ideal for kids who love to use their creativity. With it, kids can create four unique roller perfumes. They can also customize the bottles with stickers.

Overall Take

Creative ActivityThis is a fun experience for parties or gatherings, as kids can create their own scents.

 Runner Up

SCENTED THINGS Fashion Chest Assorted Scents Kids’ Perfume, 5-Piece


Fashion Chest Assorted Scents Kids' Perfume, 5-Piece

This kit comes with a variety of five different scents. They are appropriate for kids of all ages. The bottles come in a hard chipboard chest box which is perfect for gifting.

Overall Take

Good VarietyThis perfume set comes with five different scents so there's something for everyone.

 Strong Contender

Disney Princess Cinderella Crown Bottle Top Kids’ Perfume


Princess Cinderella Crown Bottle Top Kids' Perfume

If your child likes Disney fairy tales, they will enjoy this perfume. It has a romantic scent. The bottle features an image of Cinderella.

Overall Take

Romantic ScentGreat for gifts or just because moments, this kids’ perfume is perfect for fans of fairy tales.

 Also Great

Disney Minnie Mouse Ears Bottle Top Kids’ Perfume


Minnie Mouse Ears Bottle Top Kids' Perfume

This high-quality perfume is part of the Disney brand. The bottle features an image of Minnie Mouse and the lid looks like Minnie’s ears. The perfume has a romantic scent.

Overall Take

Top Notch and FunPerfect for Minnie fans, this perfume for kids comes from Disney.

Buying Guide

Perfume isn’t just for adults — kids can enjoy it too. Whether it’s little children mimicking their parents during dress-up time or pre-teens and teenagers getting ready for an evening out with their friends, perfume can help kids feel like they are more dressed up than usual. Like any accessory, it’s fun to match a kids’ perfume with your child’s style and personality.

Keep in mind that the way a perfume smells on an adult may not be the same as how it smells on a child. The pH of the skin can actually affect the scent of the perfume, so it may take a few tries for your child to find the perfume that they like best on them.

When selecting perfumes, there are three different olfactory categories to choose from: citrus, floral and gourmet. Most perfumes fall into one of these three categories. Our sense of smell is anchored in our memories from a very early age, so the scents your child likes will be a part of their memories when they are adults. Kids may choose scents they identify with currently or that harken back to memories from their earlier childhood. They may also choose scents that remind them of people in their lives, such as their parents, grandparents and friends.

Give children the option to try out a number of different fragrances from the three olfactory categories so they can see which ones appeal to them the most. Their choice of fragrance may also be affected by their current mood or group of friends at school.

What to Look For

  • Some children’s perfumes, especially those for younger children, are scents that are familiar to them. These are typically sweet scents such as caramel, chewing gum and cotton candy. Often, these types of scents remind children of special occasions, such as amusement parks or birthday parties, making them fun to wear.
  • If your child is interested in more natural smells, they may like scents that have notes of lavender, orange blossom, honeysuckle and almond. These scents are also frequently used in baby creams and lotions, so it’s possible kids are remembering them from earlier in their childhood.
  • Citrus-scented perfumes are the perfect way to get energized and excited about the day. These perfumes may include grapefruit, orange and tangerine, along with lemon or lime. Typically, these perfumes are for slightly older kids, in their pre-teen or teen years.
  • Many children love fruity smelling scents, such as raspberry, peach and banana, which is reminiscent of their snacks and treats.
  • If kids are wearing perfume as part of their dress-up play, you can encourage them to try different scents for different costumes and see how the perfume affects the character. This mindset can also apply to getting dressed up for an occasion and wearing perfume. The scent can help your child to get into a particular mood, such as a citrus scent helping them feel cheery and energized.
  • Regardless of which type of scent they choose, ensure you check the ingredients list. It’s best to opt for a perfume with as many natural ingredients as possible.

More to Explore

Kids may get a little carried away with spraying themselves with perfume, so it’s best to teach them how to do it. One option is to help them spray a few drops onto the collar area of their clothes, in addition to a little on the sleeves. This protects their skin if it is particularly sensitive.

For older kids, teach them how to spray a little cloud of perfume in the air and walk through it a few times so that the scent is distributed all over them equally. Another option is to spray a little bit of perfume in their hair and brush it through. This way, when their hair blows in the wind, it will release a little bit of fragrance into the air.

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