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The Best Jewelry Box

Last updated on October 11, 2023
Best Jewelry Box

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SONGMICS Glass Top 3-Level Jewelry Box

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Glass Top 3-Level Jewelry Box

Available in white, blue, black and gray, this jewelry box offers a modern wooden look and a window on top to see your rings and other small items. It has two drawers along with the top compartment and uses velvet to help protect your items.

Overall Take

Modern Wooden LookIf you'd like a wooden jewelry box with a modern look, this one offers plenty of compartments and a window on top for convenience.

 Runner Up

Kendal Faux Leather Jewelry Box


Faux Leather Jewelry Box

This tall jewelry box offers a classic wooden look but is actually made of a type of artificial leather. You get five drawers with a varied number of compartments to organize a large jewelry collection. It comes in three colors, and there's also storage on the sides.

Overall Take

Good for Large CollectionsIf you have a large jewelry collection, this jewelry box offers a lot of space and gives you multiple ways to organize your items.

 We Also Like

Vlando Built-In-Mirror Jewelry Box


Built-In-Mirror Jewelry Box

This imitation leather jewelry box looks like a chest with a handle and opens up to a mirror above the top compartment. You get three small drawers along with storage in the top, on the sides and a roll for your rings. You can choose from eight colors.

Overall Take

Features a MirrorWith a wide selection of color options and compartments plus a mirror for convenience, this jewelry box can suit many needs.

 Strong Contender

ProCase Two-Layer Faux Leather Jewelry Box


Two-Layer Faux Leather Jewelry Box

If you'd like to keep things simple, this square jewelry box has a couple of layers inside plus space to store jewelry inside the lid. It's made of imitation leather and comes in six colors. The inside has a lining of velvet.

Overall Take

Basic Square DesignWhile it showcases a basic design, this jewelry box still offers plenty of color options and variety in the types of compartments for your items.

Buying Guide

Whether you have just a few items or a large jewelry collection, purchasing the right jewelry box is crucial. A jewelry box offers a handy place to organize your items so you don’t lose anything or leave your jewelry out for someone to potentially steal. Also, having a jewelry box can reduce the chance that your rings, earrings and other valuable items get damaged. Of course, the right jewelry box can also add some style and look great in your room.

Since jewelry boxes come in all shapes and sizes, you’ll need to consider the size of your collection and the types of jewelry you own so you find the right fit. If you have just a handful of jewelry, you might do fine with a compact jewelry box without a bunch of compartments. On the other hand, if you have several boxes of jewelry, you’ll want something that has plenty of drawers and space to safely put your items.

When looking at styles of jewelry boxes, you’ll find many that look like chests that open with a latch or knobs and contain drawers that may or may not be removable. It’s common to have at least two drawers, but some taller jewelry boxes can have five or more. Along with drawers for storage, some of these types of jewelry boxes will have side compartments where you can hang items like necklaces.

Other jewelry boxes can have more unique designs. For example, some look like cabinets that have one or two doors on the front that open up to storage compartments and may even feature pull-out compartments from the top. Other unique options may be round, look like handbags or more resemble plastic storage containers. You can also find small, simple jewelry boxes designed for children or for travel.

While jewelry box styles do vary, it’s common for them to have compartments with different sizes or shapes for specific jewelry items. For example, you’ll have larger square compartments for bracelets and necklaces and smaller compartments for earrings. The variety of compartments and the number can depend on the jewelry box size and even the specific drawer. The compartments often have a soft lining to prevent your jewelry from getting scratched up too.

You’ll want to consider the jewelry box’s color and material so that you can choose something that fits with your home decor and preferences. You can find jewelry boxes made of wood that offer a classic look as well as those made from imitation leather that can look fancier. Wooden boxes usually come in more classic colors like brown, black or white, while imitation leather boxes can come in bolder colors. If you prefer modern or minimalist styles, then consider a jewelry box made of plastic that may be clear or colored.

What to Look For

  • You can find some jewelry boxes designed with handles. These come in handy if you need to take the box with you when traveling or you plan to move the jewelry box around your home.
  • If you want to find your favorite jewelry items more quickly, look for a jewelry box that has a see-through lid and put your most popular items in the top compartment for accessibility.
  • When thinking about maintaining a jewelry box, keep in mind that plastic boxes can especially be easy to clean with just water and soap. Wooden jewelry boxes can require a special wood cleaner, while those made of imitation leather might be harder to get stains out of.
  • The soft lining used in jewelry boxes can take some more work to get clean. You might find it handy to first use a lint roller to clean up dust and dirt before using soap and water to clean it more thoroughly.
  • Consider expandability when you buy your jewelry box. If you’re someone who receives jewelry often as a gift or you like to buy it yourself, you’ll probably want a jewelry box with an extra drawer or two for the future.
  • If you’re buying a jewelry box for a kid, you can find some fun options with special features such as music and a dancing character inside. These often have unique designs on the outside that fit the theme too.
  • Having an expensive jewelry collection can warrant taking some precautions beyond just using a jewelry box. For example, you might want to put the jewelry box in a locked safe or get one that has a lock built into it.
  • To keep your rings safe, put them in the specially designed cushions that you’ll usually find in one or more of the drawers of your jewelry box. You can similarly find hooks that let you hang your necklaces.
  • Consider getting a jewelry box with a mirror inside so that you can try on your jewelry without needing to move around or use a separate mirror.

More to Explore

Take a look at some interesting facts about jewelry boxes over the years:

  • Did you know it’s believed that jewelry boxes in some form have existed for around 7,000 years? The Egyptians at that time would wear a lot of gold jewelry, and this prompted the need for some type of jewelry chest.
  • Antique jewelry boxes often indicated that someone had a lot of wealth and particularly looked fancy. For example, during the 1500s in England, you could find metal jewelry boxes with expensive jewels covering them, and these were popular among royalty.
  • The use of jewelry boxes by the average person became more popular with the Industrial Revolution since the boxes became cheaper to make and thus more affordable to purchase. Production especially ramped up in the early 1900s.

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