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Best inflatable pirate ship 2021

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Pool season may be the best time of year. Few things are better than getting outside, soaking up the sun, and taking a dip in cool, refreshing water.

As the days get longer, it’s time to start preparing. What’s a day at the pool without a float to lounge in? Kids sure love them, especially if they’re in fun shapes. If you’re looking to add to your kids’ water play options, then you’ll be excited to know we tracked down some of the best inflatable pirate ships for kids of almost all ages to enjoy. You’ll be ready to make those boring regular floats walk the plank after seeing this collection.

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Can you imagine a flotilla of inflatable pirate ships in your backyard pool? It would be hard to picture the kids saying they’re bored while aboard one of these fun floats. While each of these inflatable pirate ships has a different style and carries different cargo, they all share one thing in common. These pirate ships will transform any backyard into an adventure on the high seas.

Best Inflatable Pirate Ships

1. Poolmaster Pirate Boat Swimming Float

Sale Price: $25.40

The Poolmaster Pirate Boat Swimming Float is recommended for kids ages 6 and up. It is decked out with a sail and mast that flies a skull and crossbones and has two locks that allow inflatable oars to be added (oars sold separately). It measures 50 inches long by 35 inches wide and has a center seat for comfort.


2. TTTD Giant Inflatable Pirate Ship

Price: $43.99

Ahoy mateys! The TTTD Giant Inflatable Pirate Ship not only has the classic sail but also comes equipped with a water gun. What pirate ship is complete without some sort of weaponry, right? The boat’s design also makes it more difficult for the inflatable pirate ship to roll over.


3. Swimline Galleon Raider Water Toy Pool Float

Price: $51.88

Go next level with the Swimline Galleon Raider Water Toy Pool Float. The boat measures 64 inches long by 43 inches wide, which makes it big enough to hold multiple kids. This inflatable pirate ship comes equipped with a plank-style slide which we’re sure will have the kids fighting over who walks the plank first.


4. Unomore Giant Inflatable Pool Floats for Kids with Built-In Squirt Gun

Price: $35.99

It’s a battle for the high seas when the kids get in the Unomore Giant Inflatable Pirate Ship. With a water gun that has a feeder tube that goes right into the pool, the kids can launch attacks all day without having to reload. The inner seat is slip-proof and also has a cushion backup design so even younger children (toddlers and preschoolers) can enjoy a ride in the pirate ship.


5. Inflatable Pirate Ship Cooler

Price: $28.08

Who said little kids should have all the pirate fun? OK, so maybe we adults can’t climb into the Inflatable Pirate Ship Cooler. But if you’re hosting a themed party, this could hold all the liquid treasure you’ll need. The Inflatable Pirate Ship Cooler holds up to 72 12-ounce cans, according to the product description. One customer said it held 24 cans of soda, 3 boxes of juice pouches, and 2 large bags of ice. It’s not made to float in pools, so you might want to keep this inflatable pirate ship dry-docked.


With this fleet of the best inflatable pirate ships to choose from, we’re ready to start planning the first pool party of the season. Which one will you and the family choose to sail off into the sunset on?

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