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The Best Holographic Nail Polish

Last updated on June 1, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Holographic Nail Polishes

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Color Club Vegan Cruelty-Free Holographic Nail Polish

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Color Club

Vegan Cruelty-Free Holographic Nail Polish

This holographic nail polish has a rich shade. It is vegan and cruelty free. The polish is long lasting and has a smooth application.

Overall Take

Rich ShadeThis holographic nail polish is vibrant and eye-catching.

 Runner Up

essie Shimmery Formaldehyde Free Holographic Nail Polish


Shimmery Formaldehyde Free Holographic Nail Polish

Add a little shimmer to your wardrobe with this holographic nail polish. It takes just one minute to dry and doesn't require any additional coats, which makes it perfect for busy individuals. The formula is also vegan-friendly, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Overall Take

Most AffordableThanks to the budget-friendly price tag on this holographic nail polish, you'll be able to pick up a second bottle in another shade.

 Strong Contender

BORN PRETTY Assorted Colors Holographic Nail Polish, 4-Piece


Assorted Colors Holographic Nail Polish, 4-Piece

This holographic nail polish set comes with four colors: three holographic options and a plain black. The polishes are easy to apply and remove. They are cruelty free and haven’t been tested on animals.

Overall Take

Four Different ColorsThis holographic nail polish set comes with four colors.

 We Also Like

RARJSM Low Odor Gel Holographic Nail Polish


Low Odor Gel Holographic Nail Polish

This holographic nail polish offers a professional touch and requires a UV lamp to dry it. It has a high level of pigment and works well with different gel polish colors. The polish is eco-friendly and doesn’t have an odor.

Overall Take

Professional TouchThis holographic nail polish requires a UV lamp to dry it.

Buying Guide

If you’re up to date on the latest nail trends, then you already know what holographic nail polish is. This shiny beauty product has a unique and eye-catching holographic effect, created by the type of pigment used in the polish. It is similar to regular nail polish except that a Spectraflair pigment made from aluminum and magnesium fluoride is added to the polish, which gives it light refractive properties. As a result, your nails look like a sort of hologram.

There different types holographic nail polishes. Scattered polishes are called that because the particles in the pigment are scattered around rather than creating a uniform rainbow effect. Another style is the linear holographic pigments, which create the effect of a uniform rainbow on the nails. You can also get holographic nail polishes with glitter flakes in them of different sizes. There is also the style where you can add dry holographic powder over regular nail polish, which gives you a different type of holographic look.

When it comes to color, you can find a large variety in holographic nail polishes, similar to regular polishes. Which color should you start with? it all depends on where you want to wear it. For example, if you’re going for a more formal or elegant look for a wedding, corporate affair or similar event, then a neutral like gold or silver will look great. If you’re planning on going to a club or bar or just hanging out with friends, go with a more informal look with a color like blue, pink or green.

What to Look For

  • Like regular nail polish, holographic nail polish can chip off your nails while you do daily tasks. This can be frustrating and it ruins your beauty look. Go with a high-quality polish that lasts for a long time and doesn’t chip off easily. With some holographic nail polishes, you can wear a top coat to further prevent chipping.
  • As with any beauty product, it’s vital to check the ingredients to ensure that none of them will harmful to your body. Since you’re applying the holographic nail polish to your nails, harmful ingredients could cause damage to your nails, making them soft and easily breakable. Opt for holographic nail polishes that are free from parabens, xylene, camphor, toluene and other harmful ingredients.
  • Many nail polishes have harsh smells as a result of the ingredients. Always apply them in well ventilated areas, such as outdoors or in a bathroom with the exhaust fan on. If you want to avoid the smells, look for a non-toxic nail polish as that will be less odorous.
  • If you get a gel nail polish, many of those will require you to use a UV lamp to set it. Without the lamp, the nail polish will not dry correctly or last as long. Many people prefer gel polishes because of their longevity.
  • Do you already have a large nail polish collection? If you want to add a holographic effect to your nails but don’t want to get lots of different colored holographic nail polishes, look for a holographic nail polish topper instead. This is a top coat without any color that has holographic properties. You can add it to your existing nail polish to give it a holographic effect.

More to Explore

While it may seem trendy and modern, nail polish actually has a long and interesting history. Did you know that as far back as 3,200 BC, warriors in Babylonia spent hours lacquering and coloring their nails with kohl before going off into battle. Black nails were considered to be of a higher rank than other others. In China in 3,000 BC, nail colors were used to signify rank as well. People used ingredients such as beeswax and egg whites to color their nails. If someone was caught wearing the wrong nail color for their class, they could face harsh punishment such as death.

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