Best high school graduation gifts they’ll actually use

high school graduation gifts

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Finding the best high school graduation gift can feel like you’re sitting in a pressure cooker. Your kid or loved one is completing one chapter to enter a new one that likely involves less adult supervision and more independent thinking. Gifts that prepare them for their imminent shift in responsibilities will help integrate them into adulthood.

Times are changing, and college is no longer the sole option for high school graduates. The roads traveled are endless. Some take the traditional route and head straight to college, while others explore the world before they do another deep dive into additional years of education. Some graduates go right into their careers or pick up a career.

No matter their path, high school graduation gifts should be both thoughtful and useful. Get a jumpstart on your shopping with these gift ideas.

1. Apple AirTag 4-Pack

Apple AirTag

$75 (for a 4-pack) on Amazon

Forgetfulness is part of a teenager’s internal makeup. If they lose their phone or keys at home, they’ll likely lose them as they navigate the world. An AirTag value pack will help them keep track of their most prized possessions: keys, wallets and backpacks.

2. Soundcore Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Soundcore Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones

$56 on Amazon

The outside world is loud, but college dorms are louder. From late-night parties to movie nights, the constant hoopla can be a distraction. Gift your grads with noise-cancelling headphones to help tune out the commotion. With 40 hours of playtime and comfortable, soft leather ear cups, they’ll never take them off!

3. Shower Caddy

Versatile shower caddy

$8 (was $11) on Amazon

Nothing is more annoying than running laps between the dorm room and the bathroom because your grad forgot their shower essentials. The 8-pocket shower caddy will fit all the necessities like shampoo, conditioner, soap, slippers and more — making it impossible to forget anything. The quick-drying and ventilated mesh bag makes the community bathroom experience seamless.

4. Ramen Cooker and Ramen Bowl Set

Ramen cooker and ramen bowl set

$13 (was $16) on Amazon

Whether they’re backpacking across Europe or having late-night snacks in the dorm room, the ramen cooker and bowl set is a housing essential. The multipurpose set serves more than ramen. The microwave-safe duo is perfect for cooking noodles and heating other meals like spaghetti, cereal, oatmeal, soup and more.

5. Purse And Wallet Set

Gray handbag and smaller purse and wallet

$36 on Amazon

Graduating from a backpack to a more sophisticated and professional purse is a big deal. The transition from high school to the work world can feel exciting. Equip your loved one with a handbag that can carry the essentials, such as their wallet, smartphone and laptop.

6. Oak Leathers Messenger Bag

Oak Leathers messenger bag

$70 on Amazon

A sleek messenger bag is a staple item for building a professional wardrobe. Gift your grad a stylish, durable and versatile bag for work, school or traveling. The messenger has multiple pockets to accommodate a laptop, notebooks, planners and more.

7. 12-month Amazon Audible Subscription


$150.00 on Amazon

Gift your loved one with an endless supply of literature. Audible is a great way for them to experience their favorite books or podcasts in their free time or as they travel to work, school and beyond. A 12-month subscription gives your grad access to an extensive catalog of audio entertainment. And they can listen to them with their noise-cancelling headphones.

8. LaScoota Kick Scooter

LaScoota Kick Scooter

$80 on Amazon

Buying a car might be out of your budget, but a scooter will help your grad get from point A to point B without a hitch. If punctuality isn’t their strongest quality, a set of wheels might help them cut their travel time. Add a helmet to ensure safety.

9. Retrospec Remi Adult Bike Helmet

woman wearing a helmet while bike riding

$33 on Amazon

Safety is every parent’s first priority, so if you’re going to gift your teen a scooter, make it a package deal by adding a helmet. This durable, lightweight, adjustable helmet has a built-in visor for dual protection. And with ten color options to pick from, they’ll be riding in style.

10. HP 15.6-Inch Touchscreen Laptop

HP Touchscreen laptop

$490 at Target

Laptops, cell phones and Wi-Fi make up the holy trinity of technology. A teen without a laptop is unprepared for the world. Equipped with the Windows Home operating system, your grad will have the tools they need to get their work done — with a secure Wi-Fi connection, of course.

11. AstroAI Mini Fridge

AstroAI mini fridge

$58 on Amazon

If you want to protect your grad from missing snacks and leftovers from the community refrigerator, gift them with AstroAI’s mini fridge. The sleek, compact design has enough storage for a few soda cans, water bottles and a small container of leftovers. Best of all, the fridge is small enough to fit under an office desk or in the corner of a dorm room.

12. Clever Fox Planner Pro Schedule

Clever Fox Planner Pro

$35 on Amazon

Shifting into a new daily routine can feel stressful for many high school graduates. Attending new classes in various buildings while maintaining a work schedule can likely result in showing up at the wrong place at the wrong time if the schedule is not accurately recorded. Gift your grad an hourly planner to help them keep track of their new schedule.

13. Light Therapy Lamp

light therapy lamp

$26 on Amazon

Life after high school can bring on a string of emotions. Whether a teen is away at college and fighting a battle of homesickness or navigating the harsh reality of the working world, a portable light therapy lamp could come in handy. The adjustable UV lamp emits 10,000 lux (light level) intensity natural sunlight, providing a safe alternative to low-energy moments.

14. Shipt Student Membership

Shipt Student Membership

$4.99 a month on Shipt

Last summer, Shipt launched its student membership program to assist college students with last-minute deliveries. Whether they need a few groceries, school supplies or concealer from Sephora, the delivery service will ship orders to their door within hours. If they sign up with a valid student email address, your grad will receive the $4.99 discounted monthly membership fee for students.

15. Echo Show 5

Echo 5

$75 on Amazon

The Echo Show 5 is a multipurpose device that can help your grad more than you know. From setting alarms and displaying photos to playing music, news and Audible books or enabling video calling with friends and family, this gadget will help them develop a smart home routine. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

16. Portable Charger

portable chargers on the go

$20 on Amazon

Portable chargers are a godsend for someone whose phone is always on 10 percent. With your grad experiencing life outside of high school, a portable charging device will help them stay powered up throughout the day’s activities. This product can be used to charge an array of devices and boasts a slimmer and lighter appearance, making it easy to carry around.

17. Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards

$10-$150+ on Amazon

If your grad is picky and prefers to shop for themselves, an Amazon gift card is sure to do the trick. You determine the amount that will make their add-to-cart experience seamless.

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