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The Best Hanging Jewelry Organizers

Last updated on November 20, 2023
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Our Picks For The Top Hanging Jewelry Organizers

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DonYeco 80-Pocket Travel Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


80-Pocket Travel Hanging Jewelry Organizer

This simple organizer has two sides that each feature 40 pockets. While most are very small, you can find larger ones near the bottom. You can get this in white, black, pink, gray or beige.

Overall Take

Several Color OptionsYou'll find this handy if you want a simple and spacious organizer that offers more color variety.

 Top Pick

JSXD Double-Sided, Dress-Shaped Hanging Jewelry Organizer


Double-Sided, Dress-Shaped Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Shaped like a dress, this organizer provides you with two sides full of small pockets great for bracelets, rings and earrings. You also get some hoops for hanging necklaces. This comes in beige, white, black or gray.

Overall Take

Creative StyleYou get dozens of pockets and a creative dress design with this jewelry organizer.

 Runner Up

Beaverve Double-Sided 40-Pocket & 20-Hook Hanging Jewelry Organizer


Double-Sided 40-Pocket & 20-Hook Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Available in black, this organizer offers one side with 40 pockets and another side that has enough hooks to hang 20 of your necklaces. You can easily flip the organizer to highlight different items.

Overall Take

Convenient DesignConsider this hanging organizer if you prefer separate sides for necklaces versus smaller items.

 Strong Contender

DIOMMELL 47-Pocket Zippered Travel Hanging Jewelry Organizer


47-Pocket Zippered Travel Hanging Jewelry Organizer

With each side having a different number of pockets, this black organizer has mostly small compartments but contains seven larger ones as well. The larger pockets work well for non-jewelry items too.

Overall Take

Versatility With SizingIf you want flexibility, consider this organizer with a variety of small to extra large pocket sizes.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a convenient alternative to a regular jewelry box, a hanging jewelry organizer offers a classy way to display and store your jewelry. It also makes it easy to find and grab what you need more quickly than you would digging through a jewelry box. You can find plenty of options whether you prefer a product that lets you hang your jewelry on a wall, over a door or closet rod, or on an organizer that sits on a desk or table.

The most common hanging jewelry organizers are made to hang over a door or on a rod on a wall or in a closet. Resembling a smaller version of the hanging organizers available for larger items such as shoes, these are usually made of cloth and have pockets that may be mesh or plastic. You can find them with various pocket numbers and sizes such as small zippered pockets for items like rings and larger open pockets with small hangers for necklaces and bracelets. You’ll find these the most portable option since you can usually roll up the organizer and take it with you when traveling.

If you’re looking for a hanging jewelry organizer to mount on a wall, you’ll find various styles. Some look like shelves with hooks, trays and small spaces to organize and display your jewelry. These can range from small organizers with a couple of tiers to large organizers that resemble cabinets and take up much of your wall. Simpler wall units may look like a long rod or piece of wood with many hooks attached for necklaces and bracelets. This option can be a better fit if you have less space on your wall, and you can always hang multiple units in a custom design.

Tabletop organizers are another option to consider. These usually feature suspended rods that work great for hanging necklaces, watches and bracelets. Some designs also include a tray on the bottom where you can put earrings and rings along with other small items such as makeup. Other tabletop organizer options can include small cabinets as well as earring trees that can come in creative designs.

What to Look For

  • Before choosing any hanging jewelry organizer, take an inventory of the jewelry items you plan to hang. You’ll want to make note of the types – such as bracelets, rings and necklaces – as well as the number and sizes of the items. You might also consider whether it’s a good time to downsize your collection or whether you’re going to use a few different organizer options. This preparation will help you to avoid choosing an organizer that’s too small for your needs.
  • Manufacturers will often specify the maximum number of jewelry items a certain organizer can hold. This might be based on the number of pockets, hooks, size of a hanging rod or other detail. While this provides a helpful guideline, be prepared for some variation if your jewelry items are smaller or larger than typical.
  • Consider the ease of installation if you buy a wall unit for hanging your jewelry. Smaller wall organizers might just require a few screws, while larger organizers resembling cabinets can have a more involved installation process. Make sure that the organizer comes with the basic hardware needed and find out which tools you might need to find at home or purchase to complete the job.
  • When hanging necklaces and bracelets, avoid hanging two items from the same hook or putting them too close together on a rod. Doing this could result in tangling or damage if the pieces run together.
  • If your hanging jewelry organizer folds up, take care not to damage any fragile items like thin chain necklaces during the process. Consider relocating such items to a pocket that won’t get bent for safety.
  • Be sure to clean your hanging jewelry occasionally to get rid of dust that collects on it and to clean any tarnish.

More to Explore

Often serving as a decorative piece, a hanging organizer can do more than just provide a place to put and display your jewelry. While a desktop organizer full of your jewelry can immediately make a plain table look nicer, a wall-mounted organizer usually has enough space for other items. For example, you could use the shelf on one to display small houseplants, photos, figurines, nail polish or perfumes, and an attached rod might work for hanging items like scarves too.

Pocket organizers might look less decorative. However, they’re still versatile since the pockets could work for small beauty supplies such as makeup, brushes and hair accessories.

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