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The Best Hanging Bathroom Organizer

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Hanging Bathroom Organizers

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Simple Houseware Non-Slip Grip & Suction Cups Hanging Bathroom Organizer

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Simple Houseware

Non-Slip Grip & Suction Cups Hanging Bathroom Organizer

Coming in four colors, this metal caddy allows for an easy and secure installation with suction cups. There are two spacious tiers without dividers, and you get a few hooks for hanging items.

Overall Take

Simple and ConvenientYou'll find this caddy an easy-to-install option that keeps things simple for flexible storage needs.

 Runner Up

MISSLO Quick Drying Nylon Mesh Hanging Bathroom Organizer


Quick Drying Nylon Mesh Hanging Bathroom Organizer

Made to go over a rod or door, this mesh organizer has three rows of pockets in two different sizes. It comes in white, and the pockets are made of fabric. It is safe to get wet.

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceConsider this handy mesh organizer if you want something to place outside your shower.

 We Also Like

Kadolina Tiered Rustproof Metal Hanging Bathroom Organizer


Tiered Rustproof Metal Hanging Bathroom Organizer

Because of its special coating, this caddy is made to last since it resists rust. Available in three colors, it has three tiers including two baskets and a bottom shelf for a soap bar with four hooks nearby.

Overall Take

Durable and FunctionalThis option is ideal if you want a durable caddy that has multiple hooks and baskets for functionality.

 Strong Contender

KeFanta Alloy Steel Wire Design Hanging Bathroom Organizer


Alloy Steel Wire Design Hanging Bathroom Organizer

Available in silver and bronze, this caddy stands out for its bottom bar alongside the soap holder and two baskets. It offers plenty of room even for larger bottles, and it's easy to hang on your shower head.

Overall Take

Features Handy BarIf you like the convenience of a bar to hang items like washcloths, this caddy can fit your needs.

Buying Guide

From closet shelves to cabinets, you have several options for organizing items in your bathroom. However, sometimes you’ll prefer a hanging bathroom organizer that makes it more convenient to see and grab the essential items you need. These organizers come in a few different forms designed for walls, doors or rods. Plus, they usually hang up using suction cups, an adhesive or hooks for a quick and easy installation process.

The most popular hanging bathroom organizer is a shower caddy that hangs on the shower wall, over the shower head or in the corner of your shower. Made of plastic or a rust-resistant metal, this accessory is useful if your shower lacks built-in shelves, and it’s designed not to slip even if it gets wet. You can find simple shower caddies with just one compartment as well as multi-tiered caddies with different sizes of compartments for specific items. Some caddies even have toothbrush slots, a soap dish, a washcloth rod and hooks for items like shower poufs.

If you need storage outside your shower, one option is a mesh hanging organizer that is lightweight and hangs either on a rod or door. This type of organizer has multiple rows of pockets that may come in various sizes for different objects like bottles, hair styling tools and washcloths. The material used usually dries quickly in case it gets splashed, and you can find options with plastic or mesh pockets depending on your preference.

As a sturdier option, over-the-door organizers made of metal are great for storing heavier items over your bathroom or closet door. These can look similar to large shower caddies with multiple rows of compartments, and it’s common for these organizers to have a towel rod at the bottom. You can expect to use more hardware with this option since it often requires a combination of hanging rods, hooks and adhesive for stability.

What to Look For

  • Since the storage capacity varies among hanging bathroom organizers, make sure you get something sufficient for what you plan to put inside – and perhaps a bit more. You should also pay attention to the size of individual pockets, baskets or shelves to make sure they’re large enough for specific items. Lastly, if you want the most flexibility, choose an option with more open spaces versus specialized compartments.
  • When choosing a shower caddy that hangs over a shower head, take special care to install it securely to avoid potential injury. 
  • It’s not uncommon to run into problems getting the suction cups a shower caddy uses to stick. Making sure both the suction cups and shower wall are clean is a good initial step. You can then verify that the surface where you’re applying the suction cups is smooth and that you’re pressing down firmly enough. 
  • While most bathroom hanging organizers are safe to get wet, make sure any hanging hardware used won’t rust. And if you get a hanging organizer made of fabric, verify that it’s water-resistant and try to dry it off if it does get wet.
  • Your hanging bathroom organizer shouldn’t have too complex assembly steps. However, it’s still a good idea to look at the manual so you know what’s expected. This will also give insight into any tools and attachments needed.
  • Some hanging organizers that use hooks won’t come with any and will instead expect you to use your existing shower curtain hooks. 
  • Before buying an organizer to put over a door, verify the door thickness requirements for a proper fit.
  • Luckily, hanging bathroom organizers tend to come in neutral colors so that getting something to match your decor won’t cause an issue.
  • Bottles can particularly get heavy, so you’ll want to know your hanging bathroom organizer’s weight limit so that you don’t exceed it. Otherwise, you risk having the organizer fall down and causing a mess or even damaging your bathroom items.
  • If you hang a metal organizer over a door in your bathroom, there’s a risk of the organizer scratching against the surface and damaging your paint. Some manufacturers include non-slip stickers to put on the back of the organizer, but if your product doesn’t, consider getting your own.

More to Explore

When organizing your bathroom, you’ll find it a good time to do some decluttering as well. You might be surprised when you find several almost-empty shampoo bottles, expired items and broken accessories in your bathroom closet and cabinets. Other items may not have an issue but simply go unused. You can toss what’s bad and donate what you don’t want.

After decluttering, make sure you gather the right items for your hanging bathroom organizer. If you have a shower caddy, for example, you don’t want to end up finding out you forgot your conditioner, body wash or shaving cream right after you’ve started your shower. Other types of hanging organizers benefit from having frequently used items such as washcloths, electric shavers, combs, lotions, blow dryers, toothpaste and face wash in them.

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