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The Best Closet Hangers

Last updated on March 19, 2024

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 Top Pick

AmazonBasics Compact Swivel Hangers, 100-Pack

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Compact Swivel Hangers, 100-Pack

The ultra-slim velvet hangers make it possible to store more clothing in the same space. Each hanger holds up to 10 pounds. These lightly-textured hangers are available in three colors to accent your closet space.

Overall Take

Sleek and Space-SavingGain more storage space with these slim velvet hangers.

 Runner Up

Utopia Home Non-Slip Premium Wooden Hangers, 20-Pack

Utopia Home

Non-Slip Wooden Hangers, 20-Pack

If you have heavy coats or suits that need hanging, go with this set of solid wood hangers. They are extremely versatile and can be used on just about any type, size or style of clothing. The hooks also rotate, so you can quickly adjust them to match your preferred method of hanging.

Overall Take

Natural FinishNot only are these hangers constructed from a durable wood, but they also have a beautiful natural finish.

 Also Consider

Sharpty Slim Shoulder Grooved Hangers, 20-Pack


Slim Shoulder Grooved Hangers, 20-Pack

These white hangers are made from a thin plastic and help you maximize closet space. They are highly durable and can support everyday clothes and heavy coats. The finish is smooth so you don't have to worry about damaging your clothes.

Overall Take

Super Slim DesignYou can maximize your closet space with these thin plastic hangers.

 Best for Ties

SONGMICS Heavy-Duty Non-Slip Plastic Coat Hangers, 50-Pack


Heavy-Duty Non-Slip Plastic Coat Hangers, 50-Pack

Amazing is the best word to describe these hangers. They are one of the more affordable sets on the market, yet they are still made using the same high-quality standards. The heavy-duty plastic construction ensures you can hang heavy items, while the non-slip surface keeps the clothing in place. There's even a special center bar for your ties.

Overall Take

Center Bar for TiesThese hangers are unique in that they come with a small center bar that's specifically designed to hold your ties.

Buying Guide

When it comes to organizing your clothes, hangers are a must. Not only does this handy invention help you make the most out of your space, but it also keeps your shirts and pants from becoming wrinkled. As you shop for a set of hangers, you’ll want to keep in mind both your specific needs and the space where you plan to use them.

What to Look For

Determine which construction material is best. If you opt for high-quality wood, you want to make sure the hangers are coated in a clear lacquer. This brings out the natural grain, while also protecting you from splinters. Plastic hangers are durable and among the cheapest to purchase, but they are often a bit thick, which means they’ll take up more room in your closet. You can get a set of stainless steel hangers on the thin side. The benefit of stainless steel is that it’s rustproof and won’t bend or break easily.

Review the hanger’s design. If you opt for a traditional triangular-shaped hanger, make sure the pant bar has a vinyl cover or a non-slip coating so that your trousers don’t slip off. There are also S-shaped hangers that are designed to save you space by storing your pants in tiers. While this style isn’t made for hanging tops, it can be used in a bathroom to keep towels off the floor.

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Check the hook on the hanger next. You’ll find some models are stationary, which means you’ll have to pay attention to how you place them in a closet. Others have a 360-degree swivel, which allows you to adjust the hanger while it’s already hanging.

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Look for added features that make the hangers more functional. For example, hangers with built-in grooves are great for hanging garments with straps, as well as organizing accessories, like belts and scarves. Hangers that have a wide shoulder are best for retaining the shape of coats and suit jackets.

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