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The Best Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Last updated on December 5, 2022
Best Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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CalmMax Eco-Friendly Liquid & Gel Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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Eco-Friendly Liquid & Gel Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

If you have a daycare, real estate agency or any other type of business, pick up this hand sanitizer dispenser. It stands tall and can be placed at the entrance or exit of any building. The unit also operates touch-free, so there's no worry about spreading germs.

Overall Take

Office and Commercial SpacesThis hand sanitizer dispenser features a detachable sign board, so you can personalize your request.

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PLUSSEN Anti-Leaking Smart Sensor Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Anti-Leaking Smart Sensor Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

With this hand sanitizer dispenser, you'll be able to choose a color to match your room theme. Gold, white, silver and black are all available. The unit itself is designed not to leak, and it utilizes a smart sensor to dispense the hand sanitizer. No touching required!

Overall Take

Large ContainerSince this hand sanitizer dispenser has a large 20-ounce container, you won't have to refill it as often.

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Ponydash Adjustable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Adjustable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

This hand sanitizer dispenser uses infrared sensor detection technology to dispense cleaning agents. Its high-efficiency motor and gear pump structure gives it a smooth action, and makes it more sensitive to detecting when a hand is placed near it. You can also adjust the amount of liquid that comes out, thanks to four different settings.

Overall Take

Sleek DesignThis versatile sanitizer unit is a fabulous choice, even for soap.

 Strong Contender

interhasa! Germ-Free Hanging Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Germ-Free Hanging Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Constructed from an ABS plastic, this hand sanitizer dispenser is easy to keep clean. The dispenser is outfitted with a smart infrared sensor that dispenses liquid in just .2 seconds. The wall mount is included and is extremely easy to install.

Overall Take

Most EconomicalWhen shopping on a budget, this affordable hand sanitizer dispenser is the way to go.

Buying Guide

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are everywhere these days, from private homes to medical center lobbies. Touchless dispensing features make them safer than ever before, since they are hands-free (except for when their reservoirs need to be refilled). They use motion-detecting technologies that detect when hands are placed in the units, and they then drip or spray out the sanitizer.

Decide what you need the dispenser for, and shop accordingly. If you need one for your home, you won’t want a large, high-capacity standing dispenser; instead, look for tabletop ones that match your décor. Dispensers that are easy to use and hands-free are your best choice.

The majority of these dispensers are made out of metal and/or plastic. Metal will usually last longer but is heavier than plastic. Other good features include drip catchers and eco-friendly designs (such as being BPA-free). You can also find ones with adjustable drip or spray levels, temperature sensors and signage options.

What to Look For

  • Some automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are a bit more challenging to install and operate. Read as much about this as you can on the product description page; you want it to be as hassle-free as possible.
  • If you are buying a wall-mounted dispenser, you may need some tools and parts, like screwdrivers, hammers, screws or nails. Check before buying.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers that have adjustable levels are a good choice when you are concerned about wasting sanitizer. Models that have wide-mouth containers are also easier to refill, and make for less waste and mess.
  • Some soap dispensers may work with hand sanitizers, but not all. If you have a touchless automatic soap dispenser, check with the manufacturer to see if it is compatible; otherwise, you could damage it.

More to Explore

Children under age 5 should be supervised by an adult when using hand sanitizer, since they may try to put their hands in their mouths after applying it. They probably will not want to do this, though, since hand sanitizer does not smell as nice as some might hope.

Some people think sanitizer smells like tequila, but the scent really comes from ethyl alcohol (or something that is a close substitute, in some brands). To be effective, hand sanitizer should have at least 60% alcohol.

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