Best Halloween Deals: candy, costumes, decor

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There are a lot of Halloween sales leading up to the big night, so we’ve gathered a list of some of the best deals we’ve seen for all of your Halloween essentials.


At Amazon, save up to 35% on Halloween candy. We highlighted some of the specific offers here, which includes some of the most popular and well-known brands.




At Disney, your kids can transform into their favorite characters without breaking the bank. Right now Disney is offering sales and additional discounts on Halloween costumes. We’ve covered a few of our favorite deals here.



At Target, they’re offering a general savings offer – spend $30, save $5 or spend $60, save $10 on everything for Halloween. Target is so well-known (and loved) for their stylish and affordable decor so you should take advantage of their indoor and outdoor Halloween decor and other fun items to deck out your home.

To really impress your neighbors, kids, co-workers or fellow Halloween party goers, Think Geek has offers for over 60% off specific Halloween items. They’re best known for more tech-enabled costumes and gadgets, and they even have those popular Halloween projections that you may have seen all over Facebook.


(story updated on 10.18.16)

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