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The Best Hair Glitter Spray

Last updated on February 17, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Hair Glitter Sprays

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EBIN NEW YORK Secret of Pharaoh Hair Glitter Spray

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Secret of Pharaoh Hair Glitter Spray

This glamorous hair glitter spray is ideal for parties and festivals. It has a pleasant scent that lasts all day. The spray can also be used on the body.

Overall Take

Glamorous LookThis hair glitter spray is ideal for parties and festivals.

 Runner Up

Jerome Russell Hair & Body Glitter Spray, 3 Pack

Jerome Russell

Hair & Body Glitter Spray, 3 Pack

This versatile hair glitter spray also works on the body. It lasts long and adds a lot of sparkle. The spray washes off in the bath or shower.

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceThis hair glitter spray also works on the body.

 We Also Like

B Wild Hair & Body Glitter Spray

B Wild

Hair & Body Glitter Spray

This two-toned glitter spray has both gold and silver sparkles. It goes on dry and doesn’t feel wet or sticky. The spray requires a couple of applications to get a bold color.

Overall Take

Two Toned This hair glitter spray has both gold and silver.

 Strong Contender

LATIBELL Hair & Body Glitter Spray With Refill


Hair & Body Glitter Spray With Refill

This hair glitter spray comes with an extra refill. It can be used on the body as well as on the nails and clothes. The spray is odorless and lightweight.

Overall Take

Extra IncludedThis hair glitter spray comes with one refill.

Buying Guide

Adding a little sparkle to your look is a great way to take your outfit to the next level. Whether you’re going out dancing with your girlfriends at a club or heading to an elegant affair in a ballroom, hair glitter spray can help you turn heads. Like regular hair spray, hair glitter spray helps you had more hold to your hair style – with the key difference being that it also add a little bit of glitter to your hair at the same time.

Some hair glitter sprays are multi-purpose, meaning that they can be used on the body as well as the hair. This way, you can add sparkle and shine to your arms and face, for example, in addition to your hair.

The most common colors for hair glitter spray that you’ll come across are gold and silver, and these are classics that go with multiple different outfits. Some hair glitter spray brands also have other colors such as blue, pink and bronze. There are also two-toned colors such as gold and silver combined. When choosing the glitter color, also consider the color of your hair. If you have light blond hair, then a pale gold or pale silver glitter may not show up in your hair. Always look for a high-contrast color to your hair so that it really shows through.

Like with all beauty products, it’s imperative to look closely at the ingredients list so that you aren’t putting any harsh chemicals on your body or hair. Avoid any hair glitter spray that contains substances such as parabens, denatured alcohol or polyvinyl.

What to Look For

  • If you’re planning on travelling with hair glitter spray in an airplane, be sure to check the bottle. Some compressed air bottles explode over a certain temperature, so they will not be safe for travel.
  • Some hair glitter sprays come with a fragrance. If you have a sensitive sense of smell, you may want to look for an unscented one. However, some people prefer a scented hair glitter spray because then they don’t need to use a separate fragrance product.
  • Using a lot of hair glitter spay or using it frequently can begin to dry out your hair. If your hair tends to feel brittle and dry after using the spray, consider applying a hair mask to revitalize your hair. This will help to repair any damage and provide moisture back into your hair.
  • How do you get rid of hair glitter spray? The same way you get rid of regular hair spray. Just shampoo and condition your hair and it should come right off. If it doesn’t, you may have to shampoo a couple of times.
  • Look for hair glitter sprays that dry quickly and don’t have a sticky feel. This way, your hair will look naturally flowy and won’t be stuck in one place.
  • Keep in mind that some of the glitter from the spray may shed from your hair or skin. This means you’ll likely find extra glitter on your clothes or in your surroundings. It is easy to rub off, but keep that in mind when choosing your outfit when you’re wearing hair glitter spray.

More to Explore

Did you know that the invention of hair spray is connected to insecticide? In the 1940s, a manufacturer or aerosol cans that produced insecticide was the first to create what is now hair spray. Then, it was marketed as a strong fixing product for hair. The term hair spray wasn’t used until the 1950s. The original spray, which was quite sticky, was high in demand and was used to cut down on hair styling time. When used, this hair spray could hold for up to one week, so women didn’t have to do their hair each day.

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