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The Best Hair Dressers’ Scissors

Last updated on October 9, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Hair Dressers' Scissors

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Fagaci Convex Edge VG-10 Steel Hairdressers’ Scissors

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Convex Edge VG-10 Steel Hairdressers' Scissors

Made of stainless steel, these well-balanced scissors are great for detailed haircuts. They are made of high-quality steel and can be easily sharpened. You get an ergonomic design, an adjustable screw, smooth movement and a 3D convex edge.

Overall Take

Easy to UseThese comfortable, professional shears cut smoothly and are made to last.

 Runner Up

Saaqaans Stainless Steel Hairdressers’ Scissors Set, 6-Piece


Stainless Steel Hairdressers' Scissors Set, 6-Piece

This set gives you barber scissors, texturing shears and a straight-edge razor that comes with 10 extra blades, plus a comb and a case. All the stainless steel tools are sharp and comfortable to use, and the scissors adjust for tension.

Overall Take

All-in-One OptionIf you prefer having multiple cutting tools, this convenient set can fit your needs.

 We Also Like

Utopia Care Non-Slip Handles Hairdressers’ Scissors

Utopia Care

Non-Slip Handles Hairdressers' Scissors

Available in lengths from 4.5 to 7.5 inches, these shears offer variety to fit your comfort and styling needs. They are sharp, thanks to handcrafted blades, and easy to grip. They have non-slip handles with removable rubber hands for extra accuracy.

Overall Take

Comfortable for CuttingThese comfortable scissors come in various lengths and color options.

 Strong Contender

HIMART Straight & Textured Hairdressers’ Scissors Set, 6-Piece


Straight & Textured Hairdressers' Scissors Set, 6-Piece

This high-quality kit provides you with both regular and thinning stainless scissors that are sharp, well-balanced, sturdy and ergonomic. The most basic kit also includes a cleaning cloth, a grooming comb, hairpins and a case.

Overall Take

Handy AccessoriesYou get two types of shears and some handy accessories with this nice kit.

Buying Guide

If you want to cut your hair or someone else’s, it’s worth getting a good pair of hairdressers’ scissors rather than using all-purpose scissors you already have at home. These specialized scissors are sharp enough to cut your hair without splitting your ends or leaving uneven edges. They’re more ergonomic so that you can cut hair more comfortably, and they come in various types to suit your needs.

You’ll encounter a selection of traditional cutting shears, texturizing shears and thinning shears. The traditional scissors are what you’re most familiar with and have two regular blades that work well for cutting and layering hair strands. On the other hand, thinning and texturizing shears have a straight blade along with one that features teeth. These teeth help to soften edges and blend between sections while retaining the shape of your cut.

Any pair of hairdressers’ scissors should be durable and sharp. Stainless steel scissors are popular since they are durable and lasting. When it comes to sharpness, you’ll want a pair of scissors with blades that can precisely cut various hair textures and allow for sharpening to extend the lifetime of the tool. You should also make sure the scissors are well-constructed; the last thing you want is to have the scissors getting stuck partway through a cut.

Comfort is another important consideration for hairdressers’ scissors. The pair should have an adjustable screw so you can change the tension to fit your preferences, and they should also not be too heavy to handle. The finger and thumb rings should be sized to comfortably fit whether you’re left- or right-handed. You may also wish get a pair of scissors with comfort grips in the finger rings since these add some cushioning and make it easier to handle the shears.

What to Look For

  • Haircutting scissors come in different lengths, generally from about 4.5-8 inches. Six-inch scissors are considered the most generally comfortable. To find the most appropriate length, simply measure your hand from the bottom of the palm to the top of your middle finger.
  • You might want shorter or longer scissors depending on your comfort level and the types of haircutting techniques you’ll use. For example, longer sizes work better for long hair and for scissor-over-comb work. Shorter ones can create more precise shapes, but will take longer to complete the job.
  • The quality of the hairdressers’ scissors will affect how long they last. Your budget matters since premium shears cost more but can last for many years compared to cheaper scissors, which might need to be replaced after a year or two. You’ll also want to consider how often you’ll use the scissors, since even an economical pair can last a long time if used just a few times a year.
  • Make sure that you and others only use the hairdressers’ scissors for hair. Otherwise, the blades can get worn or damaged. Putting the scissors away in a protective case can prevent mistakes.
  • To keep your hairdressers’ scissors in good shape, clean them every time you use them. In addition, use clipper or scissor oil on them occasionally. Try to avoid letting the scissors stay wet for too long since this can cause rust.
  • Consider buying a haircutting kit; it will include scissors along with accessories you want, and may save you money compared to buying these items on their own. Such kits often include both regular and thinning or texturizing shears, a carrying case and possibly a hair razor and comb.
  • You can use your hairdressers’ scissors on both wet and dry hair. Cutting wet hair can make it easier to create straight lines, but it also increases the risk that you’ll cut too much, since hair will shrink once it dries. It can be trickier to cut dry hair unless you have experience, but it allows you to see how the hair will look right away. Dry cutting is especially beneficial for those with curls.
  • Since hairdressers’ scissors are very sharp, watch out for your fingers to avoid injuring yourself.
  • Whether you’re new or experienced with cutting hair, it’s safest to start with small cuts to avoid going shorter than you planned. You can always go back and cut more hair;  but if you’ve cut off too much, you’re stuck waiting until it grows out.

More to Explore

While you benefit from the variety of hairdressers’ scissors available today, people used to have to turn to other instruments to cut hair. The ancient Egyptians would use sharpened shells or flint, for example. Knives also worked for cutting hair.

It’s believed that scissors date back to 1500 B.C. in Egypt, but the tool wouldn’t become popular for cutting hair until later. It was around A.D. 100 when the Romans would start to use bronze and iron to create more functional scissors. A pair closer to the modern version wouldn’t appear until the 1700s in England. Their invention is credited to Robert Hinchcliffe of Sheffield, England, who made versions of steel and started mass-producing them in 1761.

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