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The Best Hair Chalk Set

Last updated on October 12, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Hair Chalk Sets

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 Top Pick

GirlZone Washable Temporary Hair Chalk Set, 10-Piece

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Washable Temporary Hair Chalk Set, 10-Piece

Featuring 10 colors, this set includes pens you can use on both your hair and skin. They're suitable for use on wet or dry hair, and you'll have both shiny and bold options to choose from.

Overall Take

No Mess ApplicationThese chalk pens allow you to easily create a fun look without a mess.

 Runner Up

MSDADA Comb Applicator Hair Chalk Set, 6-Piece


Comb Applicator Hair Chalk Set, 6-Piece

Geared toward children, this set features hair chalk inside small combs for a simple and less messy application experience. You get six of them and can pick from 18 color collections.

Overall Take

Variety of CollectionsConsider this set if you want a lot of flexibility in which chalk colors you get.

 We Also Like

ALEX Toys Metallic Beads Hair Chalk Set


Metallic Beads Hair Chalk Set

Including six pens, this set lets you easily add pink, purple, green, orange and blue to your hair. You also get some accessories for braiding your hair and adding beads.

Overall Take

Features AccessoriesThis all-in-one kit allows you to both color your hair and decorate it with beads.

 Strong Contender

Boolavard Non-Toxic Hair Chalk Set, 36-Piece


Non-Toxic Hair Chalk Set, 36-Piece

This collection of hair chalk sticks comes with three dozen colors so you can create plenty of creative styles. They can work whether your hair is wet or not, and the sticks don't contain anything unsafe.

Overall Take

Safe and VersatileYou get a lot of versatility with the huge color selection this set includes.

Buying Guide

Popular with children and adults alike, hair chalk sets allow you to add fun colors to your hair without the commitment or permanence that comes with regular hair dye. The chalk is easy to use and allows you to mix colors and even create blended effects. You can change your look often since the hair chalk usually just lasts until you wash your hair.

When shopping for sets, you’ll encounter that the hair chalk comes in multiple forms with different pros and cons. You’ll want to consider factors such as how the chalk is applied and how much mess or work is involved.

The most basic type looks like a thick chalk stick that you thoroughly rub on hair. This type of hair chalk can be messy since the chalk easily gets on your hands. In addition, it’s common to need to wet your hair for the best results with this kind.

If you want to avoid the mess and have more control over where the color goes, you could look into hair chalk pens instead. They look similar to markers since they have the chalk inside and allow you to easily draw on your hair. Plus, the pens can give you a bolder result and usually don’t need to be used on wet hair.

Especially suitable for children, hair chalk combs are another option. They come with a handle and include the pastel stick inside the combed part for less mess and an easier application process. Using these is as simple as combing through your hair. Some other options to consider include hair chalk sprays and powders you apply with a sponge or brush.

You can expect to get multiple colors of hair chalk in your set, and this can range from just a few to dozens of colors. Some sets include a wide color range while others focus on a narrower theme. You’ll also come across hair chalk that includes glitter or provides a metallic effect. While choosing a color selection, consider your current hair color and the vibrancy you might get.

Some hair chalk sets also contain handy accessories. For example, you might get rubber bands, beads, combs or a guidebook with hairstyle ideas.

What to Look For

  • Always make sure that any hair chalk set you purchase doesn’t contain anything toxic. If you have an allergy, check the ingredients for any irritants as well.
  • When applying your hair chalk, start from the root and go down to the tip. You should try twisting your hair so you can ensure the color gets to all sides. Keep in mind you may need to apply multiple layers if your hair is a darker color or you prefer a bolder result.
  • Some manufacturers recommend using heat to set the hair chalk for a longer result. This usually involves blow drying your hair after the application, combing it out and then using a flat iron. You can finish with hairspray to further set your look.
  • If you have dark hair, you can expect the hair chalk colors to not look as bold as they would with light brown or blonde hair. However, starting with a white chalk base and using multiple color applications can help. On the other hand, very light hair should provide a good foundation for bold colors but also comes with the risk of staining.
  • Always check the hair chalk’s instructions to know whether you should use it on dry hair, wet hair or both. If you can use the product on wet hair, this can help you get a bolder look, especially if you’re a brunette.
  • You can let the hair chalk dry naturally if you opt not to seal it with heat. However, you’ll want to wait to do things like change shirts to prevent transferring the color or ending up with a mess.
  • Hair chalk typically washes out with your next shampoo. However, it can sometimes stick around longer, especially if you have light hair. You can try using a clarifying shampoo if the hair chalk is stubborn to wash out. Plus, since the chalk can dry out your hair, using a good conditioner after removal is important.
  • Beware that hair chalk may stain skin, clothes and household items like pillows. You might want to use gloves during the application process as well as protect your clothing.

More to Explore

Here are some fun facts about hair chalk:

  • While hair chalk did exist before that time, it especially became trendy around 2011 when runway models appeared with it on their hair.
  • Before hair chalk kits went mainstream, some people would use soft pastels from art stores. However, these could get quite expensive for those who wanted multiple colors. Plus, some people mistakenly bought oil pastels that caused hair staining.
  • It’s most common to use hair chalk to add fun highlights throughout your hair, and you can include as few or as many as you’d like. However, you can also create elaborate looks like an ombre effect or rainbow patterns. Braids can also stand out with the use of hair chalk.

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