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The Best Gold Sheer Curtains, 84-Inch

Last updated on June 9, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Gold Sheer Curtains, 84-Inch

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Pitalk Linen Weave Pattern Gold Sheer Curtains, 84-Inch

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Linen Weave Pattern Gold Sheer Curtains, 84-Inch

These translucent gold curtains have a subtle woven crosshatch design. They create a light and airy feel and let in a decent amount of light. The curtains are versatile and work with many décor styles.

Overall Take

Subtle DesignThese sheer gold curtains have a simple crosshatch pattern.

 Runner Up

HLC.ME Rod Pocket Top Gold Sheer Curtains, 84-Inch


Rod Pocket Top Gold Sheer Curtains, 84-Inch

You can use these sheer golden curtains in both traditional and contemporary spaces. They add a nice pop of color to the room. The curtains are made of polyester, so they're lightweight and billowy.

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceThese sheer curtains look good in traditional and modern spaces.

 We Also Like

Ruthy’s Textile Machine Washable Gold Sheer Curtains, 84-Inch

Ruthy's Textile

Machine Washable Gold Sheer Curtains, 84-Inch

These curtains are easy to care for and can go in the washing machine and tumble dryer. They are made from 100% polyester. The golden voile curtains can also be ironed on the lowest setting.

Overall Take

Easy Care OptionThese gold curtains can go in the washing machine and tumble dryer.

 Also Great

Jody Clarke Hemmed Polyester Gold Sheer Curtains, 84-Inch

Jody Clarke

Hemmed Polyester Gold Sheer Curtains, 84-Inch

These gold sheer curtains have a rod pocket insert so you don’t need any hooks or grommets. They are made of polyester and can be machine washed and tumble dried. Two panels are included.

Overall Take

Easy to UseThese lovely sheer gold curtains have a rod pocket insert.

Buying Guide

Curtains are a great addition to any space, offering privacy and shade while adding warmth to your space. If you want to create an airy and open vibe with your curtains, opt for sheer ones instead of opaque fabrics. While they won’t block out every ray of sunlight, sheer curtains still mute the brightness of the day while creating a breezy atmosphere. Gold sheer curtains with a length of 84 inches are a great choice if you want to add a hint of opulence and decadence to your decor.

Made from various sheer fabrics, these types of curtains offer similar functionality to thicker curtains. However, sheer curtains diffuse light instead of blocking it out, so you end up with a softly lit space instead of a dark one. This can create a beautiful effect in any room. With gold curtains, you may experience a warm golden glow whenever the sun shines through your window.

If you prefer the option to block more light, you can use them combined with other window treatments, such as blinds. You’ll want to figure this aspect out before you get curtains so you know how the blinds will look with your sheer curtains and how you’ll hang both types.

Sheer fabrics come in a variety of colors and patterns. Florals and geometric patterns are common and may create some interesting shadows in your room. Also, check how other textiles in the room — like carpets, rugs, bedding and cushions — might match or contrast with the curtains, and think about how they might interact with the light the curtain lets through.

What to Look For

  • Getting the right size of curtains for your room can be challenging, as there are a number of aspects to consider. You will need to look at the mounting technique and the type of curtain rod as well as the length and height of the curtain rod. In addition, you’ll also have to determine how far down you want the curtains to go and the width of the window. Keep in mind that if you have multiple windows in your room, it’s best to measure them all even if you think they are the exact same measurements. Sometimes, windows may be slightly smaller or larger than their counterparts — but you can make them look the same based on how you hang the curtains.
  • Be sure to check the care instructions for the curtains to determine how best to clean them. Some fabrics are easy to clean and can go directly into washing machines and tumble dryers. Others may need to be hung to dry.
  • Check to see how the sheer curtains are meant to be hung. Some may require rings to use with a rod while others may have an opening for the rod sewn into them. This will help you determine what kind of curtain rod you will need.
  • In addition to the rod, consider how you want to tie back the gold sheer curtains. For example, will you use a ribbon or tie-back clip, or will you simply pull them to the side?
  • The colors you choose to decorate your home with affect the mood and ambiance of your space. Gold tends to have a more formal appeal, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it in more casual settings such as a living room. Simply consider the other colors you pair it with along with the materials you use to create a more relaxed vibe.

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The color gold represents riches, power and wealth. Gold can also be associated with the feelings of love and compassion, along with wisdom and magic. It represents 50th anniversaries and first place.

Famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright often used gold colors in the homes he built, including painted walls and even reflective mortar, to evoke a feeling of nature, especially in autumn.

Today, one celebrity associated with gold colors is Donald Trump, whose apartment in New York’s Trump Tower overlooking Central Park is decked out in 24-carat gold. Gold furnishings include a gold door, gold accents, gold walls, gold molding, gold lamps, and gold platters.

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