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The Best Geometry Textbook

Last updated on April 4, 2023
Best Geometry Textbook

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Richard W. Fisher Mastering Essential Math Skills Geometry Grades 4-6

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Richard W. Fisher

Mastering Essential Math Skills Geometry Grades 4-6

Introduce your elementary students to the wonderful world of geometry with this textbook. The workbook is designed to be used for just 20 minutes per day to aid students in mastering their math skills. Each page features review exercises, as well as a helpful hint.

Overall Take

For Elementary StudentsThis geometry textbook covers everything from points, lines and planes to surface area and volume.


Chris McMullen Geometry Proofs Essential Practice Problems Workbook

Chris McMullen

Geometry Proofs Essential Practice Problems Workbook

Sometimes it takes additional practice for new concepts to take hold, which is where this geometry textbook comes in. The workbook offers a total of 64 problems with detailed solutions. The author even included a host of examples to further illustrate important topics.

Overall Take

Affordable PickIf you don't have a lot of money to spend on practice workbooks, this geometry textbook is a budget-friendly solution.


Christy Needham Everything You Need to Ace Geometry In One Big Fat Notebook

Christy Needham

Everything You Need to Ace Geometry In One Big Fat Notebook

This geometry textbook is packed with everything that high school geometry students need to know, with tools like educational doodles, mnemonic devices, quizzes, definitions and diagrams to drive the lessons home in an accessible way.

Overall Take

Get Better GradesThis well-made, carefully thought-out book can help your student understand the principles of geometry in record time.


Carolyn Wheater McGraw-Hill Education Geometry Workbook

Carolyn Wheater

McGraw-Hill Education Geometry Workbook

This traditional review guide and workbook meets national standards. It helps high schoolers develop and polish their geometry skills through clear, step-by-step instructions, concise explanations and 500 review questions.

Overall Take

Sharpen Those SkillsStudents who use this geometry textbook can excel in their classes and on standardized tests while increasing their confidence.

Buying Guide

School courses become more difficult as students move up through consecutive grades, and geometry is no exception. This kind of math is often described as being more creative than analytical, so students who are not as adept with descriptive and spatial skills can encounter roadblocks. Geometry is very different from algebra, which is more rational.

When students start to struggle with geometry, it is best to tackle the problem head-on and right away. It will only worsen if help is not provided when it’s needed. Besides falling behind in the classroom, students can have problems taking and passing standardized tests. This is where a good geometry textbook can come in handy.

Of course, you might also be looking for a geometry textbook to supplement work that is occurring in the classroom, or for your homeschooled student. A textbook can be a beautiful tool for advancement or enrichment, even if your child is not struggling with in-school material.

Depending on the student’s level, you can find introductory geometry textbooks, middle-of-the-road and more advanced varieties. Look for books packed with step-by-step instructions, examples and plenty of review questions. An hour or so spent with one of these books every day during the school week can really help to improve student grades.

Keep in mind that everyone learns differently, so the first book you pick may not be the right fit. If it doesn’t seem to be helping after several weeks, have a talk with the child’s teacher. They may be able to provide some helpful insights and additional book suggestions.

What to Look For

  • Students who cannot grasp basic geometry can benefit from textbooks designed to build solid foundations and basic understandings of the concepts.
  • Look for books that have real-world geometrical example and applications.
  • Elementary, middle-school and college students can also learn a lot from geometry textbooks.
  • If your student will be taking standardized geometry tests, choose textbooks that meet national standards.

More to Explore

The word “geometry” means “earth measuring,” and the study of geometry is the oldest branch of mathematics other than arithmetic. This particular discipline helps people judge distances, angles, and heights, which makes it a very practical and important form of math for kids to learn.

Sure, geometry can be challenging, but it plays a vital role in daily living. For one thing, it is an essential component of construction and engineering. People who do well in geometry can go on to be architects, regional planners, drafters and mechanical engineers. If those don’t sound like exciting career paths, video game designers and astronomers also need to know their points, lines and planes.

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