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The Best Gardening Glove

Last updated on December 2, 2021

We looked at the top 14 Gardening Gloves and dug through the reviews from 67 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Gardening Gloves.

Best Gardening Glove

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Our Picks For The Top Gardening Gloves

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Key Takeaway
 Best Overall

COOLJOB Knitted Lady’s Gardening Gloves, 6-Pair

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Knitted Lady's Gardening Gloves, 6-Pair

You'll get three red and three green pairs of gardening gloves with this set. Each is form-fitting, which makes it easier to continue working with your hands. The gloves are rubber coated to provide a better grip and to reduce hand fatigue.

Overall Take

Great for FamiliesSpend the afternoon gardening with your family using this set of six rubber coated gardening gloves.

 Protective Pick

Magid Glove & Safety Spandex Elbow-Length Gardening Glove

Magid Glove & Safety

Spandex Elbow-Length Gardening Glove

With these gardening gloves, you'll be pruning your roses like a pro. The gloves are elbow-length and feature knuckle guards for added protection from those pesky thorns. Gardeners will also appreciate that the gloves are made out of spandex for ease of use and a better fit.

Overall Take

High QualityThese cute brown and purple gardening gloves are available in small, medium and large.

 We Also Like

Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Ultimate Barehand Sensitivity Gardening Gloves

Pine Tree Tools

Bamboo Ultimate Sensitivity Gloves

This set of gardening gloves is made from a breathable bamboo material that keeps your hands nice and cool while you work. The gloves are also able to absorb perspiration, which is an important feature when working outside in the summer. If you enjoy fishing, lobster diving, tackling construction projects or clamming, these gloves will also work to...

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceNot only are these gloves great for gardening, but they also work well for fishing, construction and even clamming.

" Ideal for delicate jobs that require full dexterity. Made of breathable bamboo with a tough nitrile coatingon the palm side. We love that these gloves are touchscreen friendly. Flexible and seamless, so they don't irritate skin."
"Short term durability."
 Kid Pick

Vgo Foam Rubber Coated Gardening Glove For Kids


Foam Rubber Coated Gardening Glove For Kids

Get your kids out in the garden with these adorable gardening gloves. They're sold in bright colors and feature either a bumble bee or a panda on the top. The gloves have many attractive features including breathability, moisture-wicking capabilities and an anti-slip grip.

Overall Take

Made for Little OnesThe elastic cuff on these gardening gloves does a great job of keeping out dirt and debris.

Buying Guide

There are so many benefits to spending time in your garden that they are too long to list. A few include increased vitamin D, lowered risk for cardiovascular diseases, reduced stress levels and even a longer life. If you’d like to start a garden in your backyard, you’ll want to invest in a quality pair of gardening gloves.

Determine what construction material would be best for the specific gardening task you’d like to accomplish. For example, if you’re working with thorny roses, you’ll need a glove made from a high-quality genuine grain cowhide. It’s extremely resistant to punctures and abrasions. Cotton and rubber gardening gloves are fine for planting vegetables and pulling weeds.

Look for a pair of gardening gloves that promote proper airflow, like the Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Ultimate Sensitivity Gloves. This set of gloves is made from bamboo and is not only breathable to keep your hands nice and dry but is also absorbent. Moisture is quickly whisked away from your skin while you work.

Check the grip of the gardening gloves next. Some models are made using a foamed latex coating for a non-slip grip. This type also works to reduce hand fatigue, which is important if you enjoy spending long hours working in your garden.

Decide how much of your arm you need covered to work with your plants. For example, some gloves extend up to the elbow to protect the entire forearm while taking part in certain landscaping tasks, such as moving rocks or pruning bushes. Shorter gloves are fine for container gardening, weeding or mixing a compost pile.

Consider a set of gloves that are designed to be multipurpose. That way when you’re not gardening, you can still use them to go fishing, clamming or finishing a construction project.

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Our experts reviewed the top 14 Gardening Gloves and also dug through the reviews from 67 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Gardening Gloves.

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What to Look For

  • Reviewers report that some gardening gloves arrive with a strong odor. If this happens, there are a few things you can do to get rid of the unpleasant smell. Set them out in the fresh air for a day or two first. Oftentimes, the gloves just need to be aired out. If that doesn’t work, however, sprinkle baking soda inside and outside the gloves. Set them aside overnight and then shake the baking soda into your trash can in the morning. Baking soda is well known for its power to absorb nasty odors.
  • Since you’re using your gardening gloves in dirt, you’ll need to clean them regularly. It’s always best to check the product label for specific cleaning instructions, as different materials call for different cleaning methods. Generally, cotton gloves can be tossed in the washing machine using the cold water option. You’ll need to line dry them afterward. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dirt from leather gloves. The gloves can then be cleaned using saddle soap. Rinse the soap away with a moistened rag and allow them to air dry. If your gardening gloves are made of rubber, you can wash them with a little dish soap and water.
  • Gardening gloves can vary greatly in price. Design and construction materials are the biggest factors that affect the overall cost. You’ll find the Vgo Foam Rubber Coated Gardening Glove For Kids and the Pine Tree Tools Bamboo Ultimate Sensitivity Gloves are among the most affordable. The most costly set of gardening gloves are the ones that reach up to your forearm.

More to Explore

Did you know that astronauts can garden in space? It’s true! NASA created a special growth chamber to help plants thrive in weightlessness. Here are a few more fun facts about gardening:

  • Studies actually show that plants respond to sound at 70 decibels or higher. This is the same level as a human voice, so feel free to talk or play music to the plants in your garden to help them grow.
  • You may be surprised to learn that blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are part of the rose family.
  • In 1987 President Ronald Reagan signed an order to celebrate gardening for an entire week each year. This order was extended in 2002 to include the entire month of April.

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