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The Best Front Porch Rug

Last updated on February 28, 2022

We looked at the top 6 Front Porch Rugs and dug through the reviews from 9 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Front Porch Rugs.

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Our Picks For The Top Front Porch Rugs

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Key Takeaway
 Top Pick

SEEKSEE Machine Washable Cotton Front Porch Rug

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Machine Washable Cotton Front Porch Rug

This black and white Buffalo-plaid-style rug measures 24 inches by 36 inches, though it also comes in other sizes. This rug brings a casual farmhouse feel to porches and other indoor and outdoor entryways. It is machine washable for your convenience.

Overall Take

Traditional, Beloved PatternThis great little rug makes your home seem warm and welcoming year-round.

" This option is easy to wash and made to last. You can either hand wash machine wash to keep it clean at all times. Aside from doors, these rugs also work for kitchen and bedroom floors, making it a truly..."
 Runner Up

EARTHALL Anti-Static Front Porch Rug


Anti-Static Front Porch Rug

Earthall's cute Buffalo-plaid rug is nice and soft, and made from a thick, soft cotton material that stands up to the elements. It also comes with a no-questions-asked return policy.

Overall Take

Classic and CozyUpgrade your porch, patio or doorway with this lovely, versatile floor decoration.

 We Also Like

LILI REY Reinforced Edges Cotton Blend Front Porch Rug


Reinforced Edges Cotton Blend Front Porch Rug

Ideal for welcoming guests at the front door, this rug measures 28 inches by 44 inches and features pure black and white colors in a Buffalo-plaid pattern with reinforced edges.

Overall Take

The Perfect SizeYou'll love how this farmhouse-themed mat looks in your house, no matter where you end up putting it!

 Strong Contender

KOZYFLY Fade Resistant Front Porch Rug


Fade Resistant Front Porch Rug

This gray and white plaid rug is 2.3 feet by 3.6 feet, and has a thicker and heavier feel than other rugs. It is made from hand-woven cotton and will not fade after repeated washings.

Overall Take

Rustic Yet ElegantThis appealing rug is made to last and stands up to heavy foot traffic.

" From the front porch to the kitchen to the hallway, this buffalo check rug works just about anywhere. Choose the size and color combination that's right for you and style it in your space without worrying about keeping it clean...."

Buying Guide

Porch rugs can be placed right in front of doorways, inside in entryways or outside on porches and patios. They come in numerous sizes and shapes, so measure your space before you start shopping.

Be sure to check the thickness of a rug if you have a door that will need to open and close over the rug. Some doors are so close to the floor that almost nothing will fit under them. If you love the look of a particular rug, but it won’t fit under a door, use the rug elsewhere! Casual ones often look great on kitchen floors.

Some rugs are made with water- and tear-resistant materials and are for indoor or outdoor use. Synthetic rugs are best for outdoor use, as they are more resistant to fading, though they can also be just as soft as natural fibers like cotton and wool. Synthetic rugs can be spot-cleaned and hosed down when they get dirty, but bring your outdoor fabric rugs inside if you’re expecting a snowstorm.

You can vacuum all of these rugs, and some can also be machine washed. Be sure to check the care instructions before you proceed. 

The Buffalo plaid pattern originated in Scotland before becoming popular in the U.S., and rugs with this pattern go well with a rustic farmhouse look. They have a casual feel, with large blocks formed by intersections of two different colored yarns. The most common colors for these rugs are black and white, but you can also find them in gray, red and many other colors. Another idea that has caught on is layering these rugs. You can get a large, thin rug and place a thicker welcome mat on top of it.

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Our experts reviewed the top 6 Front Porch Rugs and also dug through the reviews from 9 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Front Porch Rugs.

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What to Look For

  • You’ll find a more extensive selection of synthetic rugs, and these generally cost less than those with natural fibers.
  • Feel free to experiment with layering rugs, but start with the largest one on the bottom.
  • Check the pile height on the product description page before you buy. You won’t want the rug to obstruct the swing of your door.
  • Rug shapes should complement any surrounding furniture. For example, rectangular rugs tend to look good underneath rectangular patio dining sets, round rugs look nice under round tables and so forth.

More to Explore

Historians believe that the first rugs were made thousands of years ago by nomadic peoples in Central Asia. These communities lived in cold environments and herded sheep, and the need to stay warm — plus the availability of large quantities of wool — led to the apparent solution. They used horizontal looms to make multi-purpose rug-like pieces such as tent flaps, table coverings, floor coverings and wall tapestries.

The oldest rug on record is the Pazyryk carpet, which dates back to around the fifth and fourth century B.C. The rug  was excavated from a tomb in Siberia and measures 72 inches by 79 inches.

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