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The Best Fireplace Shovel

Last updated on August 17, 2023

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Fire Beauty Iron Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace Shovel

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Fire Beauty

Iron Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace Shovel

Whether you have an outdoor firepit or an indoor woodstove, this fireplace shovel is an excellent buy. In addition to being weather resistant, the shovel is also coated to prevent rust and corrosion. It's strong and easy to use, making ash clean-up a breeze.

Overall Take

Weather-Resistant ConstructionThis durable, yet lightweight fireplace shovel measures 15 inches by 5 inches by 2.16 inches.

 Runner Up

Aboniris Steel Cleaning Fireplace Shovel Set


Steel Cleaning Fireplace Shovel Set

Keeping your fireplace neat and tidy has never been easier, thanks to this top-notch fireplace shovel set. It includes a strong and durable shovel that doubles as a dustpan, as well as a hearth brush with coco bristles. Each of the handles is ergonomically designed for better comfort and control.

Overall Take

Holes for HangingSet this fireplace shovel and brush up against your hearth or hang them on the wall using the built-in holes in the handles.

 We Also Like

AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME Decorative Fireplace Shovel Set, 5-Piece


Decorative Fireplace Shovel Set, 5-Piece

Measuring 31 inches in height, this fireplace shovel set is a great addition to your hearth. You’ll get a brush broom, antique shovel, tong, poker and grabber, all held in a sturdy stand that has a heavy-duty base. Each tool has a handle with a decorative orb to make it easy to use.

Overall Take

For New HomesIf you’re a new fireplace owner, check out this set, which includes everything you need.

 Also Great

Imperial Group Galvanized Steel 1-Piece Die Formed Fireplace Shovel

Imperial Group

Galvanized Steel 1-Piece Die Formed Fireplace Shovel

This 20-inch alloy steel fireplace shovel is perfect for squeezing into tight spaces while you’re removing ashes. The design is die-formed 26-gauge steel made in one piece to prevent breaking. The length is 17¾ inches with a 5-inch scoop.

Overall Take

Versatile UsesAlthough this fireplace shovel is made from alloy steel to hold up to extreme heat, it can also be used for your other household shoveling needs.

Buying Guide

There’s nothing like the experience of a wood-burning fireplace. The crackle of the logs, the glow of the fire and the fresh scent of burning wood all combine to create a memorable experience on a chilly night.

But natural fireplaces tend to leave behind messy ash. For safety, it’s best to maintain a 1-inch layer of ash on your fireplace between uses. This insulates the firebox floor from the heat of the fire, while also adding more fuel to the fires you create.

Controlling that ash layer can be easier said than done, however. As your fireplace burns, ash collects below your logs, accumulating without regard to how much you’ll need when your fire burns out. It’s also recommended that you wait until your ashes and embers have completely cooled to remove them.

That’s where a good fireplace shovel can help out. With a noncombustible container and a fireplace shovel, you can safely remove your ashes and store them for later disposal. This will give you the peace of mind of knowing that even if your ashes weren’t completely cooled, they’re being stored safely until they are. Make sure to always put a lid on your non-combustible container and store it safely away from your home in case an ember or two slips inside. Storing them in a garage or under a deck isn’t a good idea.

Once you’ve satisfied your safety concerns, you can take a look at the aesthetics of your fireplace shovel. Like many fireplace tools, fireplace shovels often have an antique look to match the nostalgia that comes with wood-based fireplaces. If your shovel features an antique black design, make sure it’s coated in materials that will hold up against the intense heat. This will give you a tool that will last while also looking good.

What to Look For

  • Consider where you’ll store your shovel between uses. Some have a strap, allowing you to hang them on a hook. That, of course, means you’ll need to hang a hook somewhat close to your fireplace. You could also have your shovel on a stand on your hearth, possibly as part of a set of fireplace tools.
  • A shovel is only one of the tools you’ll use to maintain and use your wood-burning fireplace. Your toolkit should also include a poker, tongs, brush and a blow poke, along with a way to store it all.
  • Fireplace shovels often come into contact with the occasional ember, even if you’re careful to ensure your ashes cool before you use it. Heavy-gauge steel construction can ensure your shovel capably handles any cleanup job.
  • A fireplace shovel doesn’t have to limit itself to leveling out your ashes. You can also use it for other fireplace cleanup tasks, as well as small jobs around the house like cleaning up items out of your yard.
  • Look at the length of the shovel and the handle when choosing a fireplace shovel. Keep in mind that you’ll occasionally have to squeeze around the logs, so a smaller shovel can come in handy, but it will require a little more work if you’re shoveling large lumps of ashes out.
  • If you choose a fireplace set with a stand, make sure the base of the stand is sturdy enough to hold all your fireplace tools without being easily bumped over. If you have young children in the house, you might also want to find a way to store your tools out of reach of little hands when you aren’t using them.
  • A longer handle can come in handy for avoiding any burning embers or getting around hot logs while you’re cleaning up after use.

More to Explore

Although they once were used as a sole source of heat in log cabins, traditional wood-burning fireplaces aren’t quite as efficient at heating a home as you might think. For that reason, fireplace installation providers recommend inserts that improve that efficiency. These fireplaces can increase your fireplace’s heat output by as much as 80 percent.

Another expert recommendation for saving on your utility bill is zone heating. These heating systems are set up to reduce heat output around the area where the wood-burning fireplace is installed. This allows you to rely on your fireplace for heat in those areas. Although, since fireplaces are typically installed in rooms that are most often-used, such as living rooms and master bedrooms, you might simply be able to reduce the overall temperature in your house without worrying about the cooler areas.

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