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The Best Fingerboard Ramps

Last updated on November 5, 2021
Best Fingerboard Ramps

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Our Picks For The Top Fingerboard Ramps

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Hometall Customizable Skate Park & Fingerboard Set

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Customizable Skate Park & Fingerboard Set

Use your imagination to combine these five fingerboard ramps in different ways. The set also comes with two fingerboards, a silicone mat and tools.

Overall Take

Different ConfigurationsThese fingerboard ramps can be combined in several ways.

 Runner Up

Braille Skateboarding Warehouse Rails & Ramps Fingerboard Set

Braille Skateboarding

Warehouse Rails & Ramps Fingerboard Set

You get many different components in this fingerboarding set, including ramps, tools, boards, wheels and stickers. You can perform several different tricks with this set. It is ideal for ages 3 and older.

Overall Take

Everything You NeedThis fingerboarding set includes ramps, boards and more.

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TECH DECK Modular Shipyard Container Fingerboard Ramps Set


Modular Shipyard Container Fingerboard Ramps Set

This fingerboarding set looks like a shipping container but it transforms into a modular skatepark. You can make more than 100 ramp and rail combinations. The set is easily portable.

Overall Take

Rad StyleTransform this shipping container into a skatepark.

 Strong Contender

TIME4DEALS Multi-Configuration Course Fingerboard Ramps Set


Multi-Configuration Course Fingerboard Ramps Set

There is a simple-to-follow user guide that helps you assemble this fingerboard ramp set. The set comes with five finger decks, two fingerboards and five silicone mats. It also includes tools.

Overall Take

Easy to Put TogetherYou can put this fingerboard ramp set together with the user guide.

Buying Guide

If you’re a fan of skateboarding, it’s likely you’ve encountered fingerboarding at some point or another. A fingerboard is very much what it sounds like — a skateboard for your fingers. Using just their middle and index fingers, fingerboarders can recreate the core tricks of skateboarding but on a much smaller level.

Fingerboards are not just a small, 4-inch model of a skateboard; they contain all the intricate parts of one, such as grip tape, bushings and interchangeable trucks and wheels. To make things exciting, fingerboarders use ramps to do their tricks using only their fingers and the boards. Like the fingerboards themselves, the ramps are also designed as miniature versions of real-life skateboarding ramps.

As in real-life skateboarding, safety is key in fingerboarding as well. Opt for fingerboard ramps that are made from eco-friendly ABS plastic without the use of any chemicals or paint. This provides a safe and durable surface for fingerboarders to try out new tricks.

Creating new configurations with the fingerboard ramps adds a new layer of imagination and fun. Look for fingerboard ramps that come with multiple different parts that can be assembled in a number of ways. This enables you to create new fingerboarding environments to try out different tricks and challenge yourself to reach new heights.

Variety is key when it comes to fingerboard ramps. Check to see if there are other features on the ramps such as staircases, banisters and flat surfaces. This way, fingerboarders have a number of different surfaces to try their moves out on.

Some fingerboard ramps also come with the boards and other accessories like construction tools, stickers and extra wheels. Others just include the ramps themselves. Decide if you require additional items with the ramps or if you already have the boards you need.

What to Look For

  • Easy assembly is key for fingerboard ramps, especially if they are for kids. Look for sets that are simple to put together or those that come with detailed visual instructions. This way, kids and adults can independently put together their fingerboard ramp sets without additional help or many tools.
  • One issue that can occur with fingerboard ramp sets is that they slip and slide around on smooth surfaces. Some ramp sets come with a silicone mat, which is a great way to ensure the ramp structure stays in place while fingerboarders practice their moves.
  • Some fingerboard ramps are multi-purpose and can be used for multiple finger toys, such as finger bikes and finger scooters, in addition to fingerboards. This is a fun way to expand the game’s horizons.
  • There can be a lot of parts and accessories with fingerboarding, so it’s important to keep them all organized so they don’t get lost. Opt for a large, clear bin to keep the ramp pieces in, in addition to the silicone mat. You can use a smaller clear container for the fingerboards, wheels and board tools so they are easy to find.
  • Many fingerboarding sets come with sheets of stickers. These stickers are often designed to be placed on specific areas of the ramps or structures. Some can also go on the fingerboards themselves, just like real skateboards.

More to Explore

Fingerboarding is an unusual activity, so where did it all begin? It was first introduced by Bones Brigade skateboarder Lance Mountain. In the 1985 Powell Peralta “Future Primitive” video, Mountain is seen fingerboarding in a metal sink.

Since their inception, fingerboards have come a long way. The first ones were just made from cardboard, coffee stirrers and axles from Hot Wheels cars. Today, they include all the parts and details of a full-size skateboard. Fingerboarding has fueled many kids’ interest in skateboarding and made the sport even more popular than it already was.

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