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The Best File Keeper

Last updated on June 16, 2022

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A file keeper, also known as a binder, is a stationery tool that looks like a large book. Inside, however, there are no pages — only pockets on each cover, and rings on which you can secure your own papers and files. Using a binder or file keeper is an effective way to organize paper documents for school, work and home.

Some file keepers are open along the edge, while others have a zippered closure. This helps to protect the papers inside from crumpling or getting wet. Other file keepers may have a Velcro or hook-and-loop closure, which is handy for keeping the papers from spilling out. Opt for a file keeper with a closure if you will be transporting papers from one place to another, such as from home to school or from the office to home.

If portability is important, especially if you want to transport a lot of paper documents at once, you can opt for a file keeper that has a carrying strap. This makes it more comfortable to carry the binder over your shoulder like a book bag.

Our Picks For The Top File Keepers

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 Top Pick

H4D Zipper Closure Acid-Free File Keeper

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Zipper Closure Acid-Free File Keeper

In addition to the 12 inner monthly pockets, this file keeper has a translucent front pocket. It's perfect for organizing client documents, school assignments and even household appliance warranties. Included with the file keeper are a set of sticky labels to help you quickly identify which papers are in which folder.

Overall Take

Sticky Labels IncludedThis file keeper has a zipper closure to keep your documents safe when traveling back and forth to work or school.

 Runner Up

ABC life Multi-Functional Waterproof File Keeper

ABC life

Multi-Functional Waterproof File Keeper

With this file keeper, you'll be able to organize your bills, client receipts, school papers and medical records. It's larger than most and features 26 individual slots with the ability to label each one. On the front of the file keeper, you'll find two slots for storing business cards and the like.

Overall Take

Most VersatileThe lid on this file keeper is waterproof, so you can feel confident that your documents are protected from spills and unexpected rain showers.

 We Also Like

Amazon Basics Waterproof Expanding File Keeper

Amazon Basics

Waterproof Expanding File Keeper

Important documents are protect when stored in this file keeper. The file keeper is constructed from a waterproof plastic and includes a front cord closure to keep the contents from accidentally spilling out. Inside the expanding file keeper, you'll find a total of 13 pockets.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly OptionIf you're in the market for a basic file keeper with an affordable price tag, this model is your best bet.

 Strong Contender

Sooez PVC-Free Accordion File Keeper


PVC-Free Accordion File Keeper

Transporting documents from home to the office or papers from home to school is a breeze with this file keeper. The keeper includes 13 large pockets, which fit letter and A4-size paper. The case itself is waterproof and comes with a bonus front pocket for storing pencils, rulers and small notepads.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this file keeper is available in seven colors, including blue, green, orange and pink.

What to Look For

  • Some file keepers have three rings while others have two. Keep in mind the pre-punched paper typically has three holes in it, so it fits more easily into a three-ring binder.
  • Opt for rings that are spring-loaded in the file keeper as this makes it easier to open and close them. This also ensures you don’t pinch your fingers in the rings.
  • Most file keepers are designed to store letter-sized pages. However, you can also find some file keepers that are designed specifically for legal paper or A4 paper as well.
  • The height of the file keeper, typically noted in inches, delineates how much space you have to store paper. For example, a 2-inch binder has enough space to store a 2-inch-high stack of documents, which is about the equivalent of 400 pages.
  • If you plan on storing small pieces of paper, opt for a file keeper that comes with interior or exterior pockets. These are ideal for receipts, sticky notes and scrap pieces of paper.

More to Explore

In order to ensure your documents are properly organized in a file keeper or binder, you have to develop an organization system. Opt for separating subjects, topics or dates with divider tabs, which you can get in different colors and textures. Decide if you want to file papers as you go, adding in new documents as they are completed. You can also add blank paper into the file keeper and work on it there, instead of adding papers in only once they are complete. Use stick-on dividers or sticky notes to pinpoint important documents you want to have immediate access to.