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The Best Face Ice Roller

Last updated on January 16, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Face Ice Rollers

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ESARORA Detachable Head Face Ice Roller

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Detachable Head Face Ice Roller

All you need for pure skin refreshment is to toss this face ice roller into the freezer in between uses. It offers your skin a wonderful and cooling massage without applying any creams or oils. How soothing!

Overall Take

Just Put in FreezerInstantly rejuvenate your face with this ice roller from Easrora.

 Runner Up

PUR Botanicals Ergonomic Handle Face Ice Roller

PUR Botanicals

Ergonomic Handle Face Ice Roller

Gently massage away the tension in your face and neck with this economic-handled ice roller from PUR Botanicals. It can reduce the look of pores, all without expensive cosmetics.

Overall Take

For Stress-Free SkinEnjoy a spa-like experience at home with a refreshing ice roller for your face.

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Teenitor Gel Beads Head Face Ice Roller


Gel Beads Head Face Ice Roller

From puffy eyes to menopausal hot flashes to skin that just needs some self-care, this ice roller will do the trick. It's easy to use; just store it in the refrigerator or freezer and it will be cold for your next treatment.

Overall Take

All-Purpose ToolAlways ready for you, this ice roller is the perfect skin massager.

 Strong Contender

AFOUNDA Body Massage Tool & Face Ice Roller


Body Massage Tool & Face Ice Roller

This face and body ice roller can be used to reduce facial puffiness, but it's also touted as the perfect relief for sunburn or muscle aches. You can even use this cold therapy tool to aid in pain reduction.

Overall Take

The Sky's the LimitFor athletes or anyone with aches and pains, this ice roller will do the trick with no mess or fuss.

Buying Guide

A face ice roller is a beauty tool used to brighten the complexion, reduce puffiness and inflammation and stimulate circulation. It consists of a roller (or multiple rollers) covered in silicone or plastic on the end of a handle. The rollers are filled with natural mineral water or gel; all you need to do to enjoy a cool massage is pop the tool into your freezer. (You can refrigerate it for something less chilly.) Then, roll it gently over the skin and enjoy a cooling sensation that soothes and tightens the face while increasing blood flow.

A face ice roller can help reduce puffiness and inflammation caused by stress, fatigue or allergies. Some people use these tools to aid in muscle pain relief or improve migraines’ side effects. For some users, ice rollers even help skin feel better after a sunburn or if they have a rash, like from allergies.

Manufacturers also claim the beauty tool can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating collagen production. You’ll have to decide if this works for you. That said, using an ice roller after applying skincare products can help those products penetrate deeper into the skin for better absorption, so it can be helpful for that reason, even if it doesn’t improve your overall appearance, as claimed.

When using a face ice roller, it is crucial not to overdo it and only to use light pressure to avoid damaging the delicate skin on your face. You should also keep in mind that the cold temperatures of an ice roller can be too intense for some skin types, so it is best to consult a dermatologist before using it.

What to Look For

  • Since the concept of a facial ice roller is so simple, many items available in the category may seem the same. Look for subtle differences in size or materials used to better inform your purchase decision.
  • Clean your ice roller according to manufacturer instructions. Be sure to wash it if you use it to help apply cosmetics.
  • For better hygiene, don’t share facial ice rollers with others.
  • Experiment with eliminating certain aspects of your beauty routine, like toner, to see if the ice roller will adequately replace them. If so, this could save you money.

More to Explore

Ice rollers may be the latest in beauty trends, but they’re not an entirely new idea. In fact, they are believed to have been inspired by ancient Chinese facial massage techniques, so the idea has been around for quite a while.

If you love the idea of a facial massage but don’t have the time or money to go to a spa, the ice roller brings the relaxation right to you. Plus, once you buy the tool, you can use it repeatedly for a sustainable addition to your beauty and personal care routine.

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