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The Best Erasable Pens

Last updated on January 3, 2023
Best Erasable Pens

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Pencils are no longer the only writing instrument equipped with erasers for fixing mistakes. Many pen sets are now created using erasable ink, allowing errors when writing, drawing or reconciling checkbooks to be quickly remedied.

When shopping for erasable pens, determine whether you’re looking for a set with a fine tip (.7 millimeters) or a medium tip (1.0 millimeters). Fine tips are best for writing, grading papers and adding detail to art pieces, while medium tips work well for sketching, scrapbooking and doodling.

Consider whether you’re in need of a set of traditional black or blue pens, or one that features a host of colors. Typically, colored sets contain gel ink and come in shades of black, blue, red, navy, green, purple, pink, turquoise, orange and lime.

Check to see whether the erasable pens are retractable or have a removable cap. Retractable models are great because they eliminate the worry that you’ll lose the cap when you take it off. Of course, caps do a great job of keeping the ink from drying out.

Look to see whether the pens have a built-in clip. Clips are an excellent feature because they allow you to store the pens on a clipboard, in a diary page or even from the front pocket of a t-shirt.

Go for an erasable pen set that offers a premium comfort grip if you often work on long papers or projects. The grip will keep the pen from slipping, while also adding softness to keep your fingers and wrist from becoming fatigued.

Our Picks For The Top Erasable Pens

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 Top Pick

Piochoo Rubber Grip Smooth Erasable Pens, 7-Pack

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Rubber Grip Smooth Erasable Pens, 7-Pack

With this erasable pens set, you'll receive seven black, four blue and three red-ink pens. Each features a fine tip for taking notes or creating cute greeting cards. The lower soft rubber grip is also a nice feature, as it allows for better control during use.

Overall Take

Won't Damage PaperThese erasable pens are retractable with a click of the eraser.

 Runner Up

BUNMO Children’s Long-Lasting Erasable Pens, 12-Pack


Children’s Long-Lasting Erasable Pens, 12-Pack

Grab this set of 12 erasable pens for your children or elementary classroom students. Each is outfitted with an adorable ocean animal, making writing tasks much more fun. The added eraser allows new learners to quickly correct any mistakes.

Overall Take

Adorable Ocean AnimalsIncluded with these 12 erasable pens are 12 extra sets of ink, adding to the overall value of the pack.

 We Also Like

PILOT FriXion Smooth Gel Erasable Pens, 10-Pack


FriXion Smooth Gel Erasable Pens, 10-Pack

These erasable pens are designed to write smooth and erase clean. There are a total of 10 gel pens in each pack, each of which is a unique color. The pens are made with a fine tip, which is ideal for writing in a journal or adding detail to a drawing.

Overall Take

Assorted HuesThe retractable clip on these erasable pens allows you to easily attach the pens to a notepad or diary.

 Strong Contender

PILOT Fineliner FriXion Bleed-Free Erasable Pens, 12-Pack


Fineliner FriXion Bleed-Free Erasable Pens, 12-Pack

These erasable pens use a thermo-sensitive ink formula that makes erasing errors possible. The pens are equipped with fine tips that create crisp and clean lines. They feature removable caps that are outfitted with clips for attachment to clipboards, t-shirt pockets and notebooks.

Overall Take

Won't Bleed Through PaperColors included in this erasable pens set are pink, orange, yellow, red, blue, black and green.

What to Look For

  • With many erasable pens, you need to wait for the ink to dry before you can begin erasing your mistake.
  • Gel pens are typically sold with a red wax covering the tips. You’ll need to remove this wax before you can begin writing.
  • When opting for erasable gel pens, make sure the package states that the ink won’t bleed through your paper, especially if you plan on using both sides of the paper.
  • Avoid exposing the ink to sunlight or high temperatures, as it will make the ink disappear.
  • Some erasable pens are refillable. Others have pressurized ink cartridges that allow for writing at any angle.
  • If you have school-aged children, you may wish to go with a brand of erasable pens that participates in the Box Tops for Education program.
  • To determine the cost per erasable pen, you’ll need to divide the total number of pens by the cost of the set. You’ll find sets that contain just one or two colors tend to cost much less than sets with 10 to 15 unique colors.

More to Explore

Papermate was the first company to come up with a pen that used ink that could be erased. They first brought their invention, the Erasermate, to the public in 1979. While this erasable pen worked, it came with a few problems. First, the ink was prone to smudging. Second, the eraser sometimes lifted away the surface of the paper.

Over time, Papermate and many other companies were able to improve both the ink and the eraser to create erasable pens that work just as well as a pencil and eraser.

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