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The Best Empty Hair Spray Bottle

Last updated on January 6, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Empty Hair Spray Bottles

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BeautifyBeauties All Direction Usage Empty Hair Spray Bottle

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All Direction Usage Empty Hair Spray Bottle

This empty hair spray bottle has an ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue. It can be used for water, hair products, cleaning products and more. The bottle releases a consistent and even spray.

Overall Take

Ergonomic DesignThis empty hair spray bottle reduces hand fatigue.

 Runner Up

SINOAY Fine Mist Empty Hair Spray Bottle


Fine Mist Empty Hair Spray Bottle

This empty hair spray bottle has a stable sprayer that releases a consistent mist. The bottle holds five ounces of liquid and is easy to refill. It is multi-purpose and can also be used for cleaning or watering plants.

Overall Take

Stable SprayerThis empty hair spray bottle releases a consistent fine mist.

 We Also Like

NIACONN Continuous Mist Empty Hair Spray Bottle


Continuous Mist Empty Hair Spray Bottle

This empty hair spray bottle is easy to use and has an arthritis friendly design. It won’t leak even when upside down. The bottle holds 300 milliliters of liquid.

Overall Take

Easy to UseThis empty hair spray bottle has an arthritis friendly design.

 Strong Contender

FLAIROSOL BPA-Free Plastic Empty Hair Spray Bottle


BPA-Free Plastic Empty Hair Spray Bottle

This empty hair spray bottle has an iconic design. It is versatile and can and spray hard-to-reach areas. The bottle is made with patented technology.

Overall Take

Iconic ChoiceThis empty hair spray bottle sets the standard in spray technology.

Buying Guide

Getting your hair to look just right can be challenging at the best of times. Often, our hair does its own thing and can’t be tamed into a hairstyle we want. Hair can be thick, curly, dry, brittle, oily, thin and many other things, and often a combination of more than one type of hair. As a result, getting the type of products that work for your hair can be difficult. This is where the empty hair spray bottle comes in. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a hair spray bottle that comes empty. Inside you can fill it with whatever product or combination of products that works for your hair to get the right look.

Why bother with an empty hair spray bottle when you can buy full hair spray bottles in the store? There are multiple reasons. One of the main reasons why people flock to using empty hair spray bottles is because they like to make their own hair product concoctions and fill the bottle up themselves. Sometimes, people mix multiple hair products into one or dilute a hair product with water. Another reason why empty hair spray bottles are a good choice is because they can help cut down the cost of some hair products. If you can buy a hair product you love in bulk in a large package, you can make it more easily usable by pouring a small amount of the product into the empty hair spray bottle.

What to Look For

  • Do you have to put a hair product into an empty hair spray bottle? While that’s certainly an option, you can also just fill the bottle up with plain water. This is especially helpful for those who have dry, curly or frizzy hair which requires a constant stream of moisture to look and feel healthy. Having a small spray bottle filled with water in your bag or at work can make it easier to tame your dry tresses.
  • Sometimes the hair products available in the stores don’t have the right features to benefit hair. This is why some people like to combine different conditioners, sprays, creams, mousses, supplements and water together to make a spray that is as unique as their hair.
  • A spray bottle is designed to evenly dissipate the product on the hair, making your hair easier to style. Instead of spreading the product out with your hands, which can result in clumps of hair with too much or too little product, the hair spray bottle ensures that every strand of hair gets an even amount of product.
  • Empty hair spray bottles are washable and reusable, making them more eco friendly – which is a plus point for many shoppers. The bottles can be refilled time and time again with the same or with different products. They are also a good option if you want to try a little bit of a hair product that your friend has – just pour a few ounces into your hair spray bottle to give the product a go.
  • If you’re done using the spray bottle for hair products, you can also use it for other items such as household cleaners. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t revert to using the bottle for hair products once you’ve put other chemicals inside the bottle, as the scent can be hard to get out.

More to Explore

While you don’t need to clean hair spray bottles that come pre-filled, you do need to clean the empty hair spray bottles you fill yourself – especially if you plan on reusing them. This is because they can harbour bacteria, mold and mildew, which is not something people want in their hair. Wash the bottle out every time you refill it, even if you’re refilling it with the same product. Some empty hair spray bottles may come with cleaning instructions, while others can typically be washed out with warm water and a mild dish soap.

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