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The Best Electric Razor For Women

Last updated on October 17, 2022

We looked at the top 8 Electric Razors For Women and dug through the reviews from 22 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Electric Razors For Women.

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Our Picks For The Top Electric Razors For Women

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Key Takeaway
 Runner Up

Meeteasy Rechargeable Rotary Electric Razor For Women

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Rechargeable Rotary Electric Razor For Women

It's all about control with this shaver. The sleek design and side ridges make it easier to maintain your grip, even in soapy water. It also comes with a supply of different heads you can switch out to trim or do detail work.

Overall Take

Easy to GripThis ergonomic razor provides a smooth shave.

" Easy-to-hold thanks to an ergonomic design. Four interchangeable razor heads trim hair quickly. Has a flip trimmer you can safely use on the facial area."
"Long charging time."
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RenFox 2-In-1 Wet & Dry Electric Razor For Women


2-In-1 Wet & Dry Electric Razor For Women

The battery on this versatile razor can get up to a full charge in less than a couple hours. That alone makes it an essential suitcase item when you're planning a trip, but the consistently close shave it gives is a plus. The blades are also hypoallergenic on all of the numerous attachments.

Overall Take

Great Travel RazorCharge up this essential travel shaver in a hurry.

" Pretty design. Attachments for face and body make it a multi-use tool. Stainless steel blades are hypoallergenic. Waterproof. Uses a universal charger."
"Only available in one color."
 Strong Contender

Brori Hypoallergenic Cordless Electric Razor For Women


Hypoallergenic Cordless Electric Razor For Women

Thanks to the LED light mounted near the blades, you'll be able to catch even the tiniest hairs. Along with that perk, this razor also has a high waterproof rating and a durable battery. The design makes it a joy to hold even for rookie shavers.

Overall Take

Lights Up LegsAn LED light lets you see your skin.

"Requires charge before using."
 Also Great

Philips SatinShave Single Foil Electric Razor For Women


SatinShave Single Foil Electric Razor For Women

The one-button operation makes this a great choice for shavers of any age. That includes young girls as well as the elderly. Safety is a hallmark of the design, from the hypoallergenic foil on the blades to the sturdy grip.

Overall Take

Simple To UseGet a quick and easy shave thanks to a minimalist design.

" An inexpensive and pain-free razor that is soft and gentle on sensitive skin."
"Requires batteries. Loud."

Buying Guide

Although routines vary, women generally don’t shave as often as men. That doesn’t mean that a close shave is any less important when it happens, though. When it comes to time to make those legs, armpits and other sensitive areas nice and smooth, there are a lot of reasons to go with an electric razor over a plain old manual razor.

For one thing, electric razors are safer on the skin, and they keep getting safer with each new generation. No, there’s nothing that shaves quite as close on the first pass as a good hand-held razor, but the best electrics can take care of stubborn growth much more easily — and most can even do so in the shower.

Women’s electric shavers can come in a lot of shapes designed to tackle a lot of different areas, but they break down into two basic types: foil and rotary.

Rotary shavers keep their blades away from the skin behind a fine mesh screen. They’re usually arranged in circular heads that spin around, trying to catch and remove hairs in a wide surface area. This makes for a quicker shave and a fairly comfortable one, once you get used to the circular motion. Most rotary shavers are also easy to clean, since the screen lets the tiny hairs fall out as they’re cut.

If you want a closer shave, though, you’ll generally want to go with a foil shaver. The engineering here is a little simpler than with a rotary model. The blades oscillate on one single axis which might be straight or curved. This type also keeps the blades separated from the skin, but the barrier is a foil screen that tends to be finer by a fraction of a millimeter — and when you’re going for smooth legs, these fractions count. The best foil shavers have a screen that’s flexible as well as durable, allowing those blades to glide in close without ever scratching the skin.

The choice between the two types depends on your shaving habits, but there’s one feature you’ll probably want no matter what: waterproofing. Half the point of having an electric shaver is the ability to multitask your morning routine. if it can’t be used in the shower, you’re probably not likely to use it much at all. Obviously, that means your shaver will have to be cordless, but don’t assume that all cordless shavers are can hold up long term under the jets. Seek out shavers that are waterproof as opposed to water resistant, and look for an IPX rating of at least four if it’s listed.

If you’re getting a shaver you primarily plan to use for travel, pay attention to the battery life. Ideally, the charger should be a stand you can easily slip the shaver back onto after you’re done using it, much like an electric toothbrush.

Those with sensitive skin might want to look for lubricated shavers or ones with hypoallergenic foil guards. Finally, make sure it’s easy to clean — especially if you plan on using your shaver on a daily basis.

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Our experts reviewed the top 8 Electric Razors For Women and also dug through the reviews from 22 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Electric Razors For Women.

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What to Look For

It can take awhile to get used to electric shaving if you’ve only used manual razors, so start slow and gentle. It’s worth noting that foil and rotary shavers lend themselves to very different shaving styles. As the name implies, rotary shavers are meant to be rubbed around the skin in a circular motion, covering the same area a few times until all the hair is cut. Foil shavers simply roll over the skin like a lawnmower, as many times as is needed. Either way, be thorough — and don’t forget to clean the heads periodically.

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Never underestimate the motivation of humans who simply need to get rid of their hair. Jacob Schick — yes, you probably recognize that last name — applied for a patent on his first electric razor in 1928, long before many people had electric lights in their bathrooms — much less electrical outlets!

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