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The Best Door Lever Safety Lock

Last updated on April 27, 2022

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Tuut Damage-Free 3M Adhesive Door Lever Safety Lock, 2-Pack

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Damage-Free 3M Adhesive Door Lever Safety Lock, 2-Pack

Make your home’s locks kid-safe with these safety devices that install using surface-friendly adhesives. These devices are compatible with standard lever-style handles. To unlock the safety device, you’ll simply press the buttons.

Overall Take

For Busy FamiliesEasy installation and operation makes this lock ideal for the busiest families.

 Runner Up

Safeasy One-Hand Operation Door Lever Safety Lock, 4-Pack


One-Hand Operation Door Lever Safety Lock, 4-Pack

High-quality ABS plastic makes this lever lock both versatile and durable. The device is easy to install. Simply remove the non-damaging adhesive cover and stick to your door, with no tools required. This lock works with all lever-style handles that have the 180-degreee rotatable design.

Overall Take

For Growing FamiliesThe durable build of this device will last for many years, making it perfect for families with multiple growing children.

 We Also Like

Inaya Minimalist Universal Door Lever Safety Lock, 2-Pack


Minimalist Universal Door Lever Safety Lock, 2-Pack

You’ll get two childproof door handles in this set, each with a low-profile design that won’t detract from your décor. The design works with a wide variety of standard lever-style door handles and works on both rough and smooth surfaces. They comes with 3M adhesive that allows you to install them without tools.

Overall Take

Two For OneSecure multiple doors with this set of two safety locks that work with a wide range of lever-style handles.

 Strong Contender

Wappa Baby Childproof ABS Plastic Door Lever Safety Lock, 3-Pack

Wappa Baby

Childproof ABS Plastic Door Lever Safety Lock, 3-Pack

Although this lock is easy to open with one hand, it builds in extra safety that keeps little hands from figuring out how to release it. The durable ABS plastic will keep this lock working through many uses. The adhesive backing makes it easy to install without marking up your surfaces when you need to remove it.

Overall Take

For Bigger HomesThis three-pack of safety locks builds in extra security, requiring adults to press two buttons to release.

Buying Guide

Some of the biggest dangers that face your kids are in your own home. In fact, each year, approximately 2,000 children under the age of 14 are killed by accidental injuries suffered at home.

The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to make your house safer. Installing smoke alarms and regularly replacing the batteries is a great first step, but gates and guards can go a long way toward reducing other hazards for little ones. You can get outlet covers and plates for your home’s electrical outlets and baby gates to keep younger children from venturing into dangerous areas like stairways.

As curious toddlers grow, though, you can find that the many doors in your home become easier for those little hands to open. Whether you store cleaning chemicals or pots and pans in your lower cabinets, you probably don’t want to give your child access to them. There are plenty of locks on the market that aim to keep cabinets inaccessible to your youngest family members, along with window guards to prevent access to decks and balconies.

Some of the most important areas to safeguard are your home’s doorways. Your entry doors could be easily unlocked by growing youngsters, and it’s impossible to keep an eye on your child every second of the day. Your interior doors can also become a problem, with children locking themselves inside rooms and, perhaps worse, locking you out. A spare key is vital, but you can also invest in a safety device that will limit those locks to only adult family members.

Many safety locks are designed to apply using 3M-brand adhesive that reliably sticks without leaving behind residue. That means when you’re ready to remove the lock, you can simply pull it off without worrying about damage to your doors or walls. It also means that installation is easy, not even requiring you to have tools on hand.

What to Look For

  • Door handles in the lever style might look similar, but they don’t feature a universal design. Before you buy a safety lock, check to make sure it’s compatible with the type of handles your doors have.
  • Safety locks come in a variety of formats, with some more obvious than others. Keep in mind the surrounding décor and find a lock that will blend. If you have white doors, you might like the many white safety locks available that won’t stand out.
  • Kids are very observant of what adults do, so be careful releasing the security lock when they’re around. Many feature hidden buttons that are tough for little fingers to maneuver, but, as your children grow, you might notice they’re more easily able to deactivate the lock.
  • Some safety locks have a decoy button that makes younger children think they know how to open the door. This can be a way to make your little one think the lock is something only grown-ups can deactivate.
  • Plastic is the most popular design of these safety locks. Look for one made of high-quality ABS plastic to ensure you’ll get a lock that will stand the test of time.
  • If your door has a rougher surface, you might have a tough time getting the adhesive to stick. Some safety locks are designed to work with both smooth and rough surfaces.
  • You might want to remove the safety lock sometimes, such as when your children are away from home for weeks. Some locks make deactivation a matter of simply pressing a lever that will leave it disabled until you’re ready to use it again.
  • For extra protection on your main entry doors, a deadbolt installed out of reach of your oldest child will likely be necessary, especially if the door leads to an area with a swimming pool.

More to Explore

The 3M company has revolutionized home improvement with its products that stick without causing damage. The well-known Command Strips use a foam tape with a stretchable backing that sticks to the wall. To remove, you pull the stretchable backing, releasing the foam tape and the item it was holding. It’s great for hanging things like framed artwork.

But the adhesives aren’t perfect. Not all surfaces are safe with Command Strips. They work best on clean, smooth surfaces that have been wiped with rubbing alcohol and left to thoroughly dry before the adhesive is attached. You’ll also need to pay close attention to the weight limit, press the item onto the wall firmly and follow the removal instructions to the letter.

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