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The Best Dolls For 2-Year-Old Girls

Last updated on March 7, 2024
Best Dolls For 2 Year Old Girls

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Our Picks For The Top Dolls For 2-Year-Old Girls

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Snuggle Stuffs Plush Sensory Doll For 2-Year-Old-Girls

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Snuggle Stuffs

Plush Sensory Doll For 2-Year-Old-Girls

Not only does this doll for 2-year-old girls encourage imaginative play, but it also helps toddlers with their fine motor skills. Kids can practice zippering, tying, snapping and buckling portions of the doll's clothing. As they master each of the skills, they'll begin to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Overall Take

Hands-On LearningThis adorable doll for 2-year-old girls is super soft and cuddly.

 Strong Contender

Adora Grapefruit Vinyl Doll For 2-Year-Old Girls


Grapefruit Vinyl Doll For 2-Year-Old Girls

Soft and cuddly are the best words to describe this doll for 2-year-old girls. The 11-inch baby comes with a blue top, pink pants and a matching pink cap with a cute leaf sprouting out the top. A bottle is also included to encourage pretend play.

Overall Take

100% Machine WashableIf you're searching for an adorable doll for 2-year-old girls that is also budget-friendly, this toy is an excellent choice.

 Runner Up

Playskool Zip-Up & Buckle Doll For 2-Year-Old-Girls


Zip-Up & Buckle Doll For 2-Year-Old-Girls

Help your little one achieve more independence with this educational doll for 2-year-old girls. The plush doll features five different dressing activities for kids, such as zipping her jacket or buckling her shoes. There's even a carry-along clip to attach the doll to a backpack or diaper bag.

Overall Take

Colorful OutfitThere's no need to worry about spills or spit up, as this doll for 2-year-old girls is machine washable.

 We Also Like

Melissa & Doug Jenna Cuddly Doll For 2-Year-Old Girls

Melissa & Doug

Jenna Cuddly Doll For 2-Year-Old Girls

This doll for 2-year-old girls measures 12 inches in length and has a soft body. The doll's adorable pink outfit and cap are removable, which means your child will be able to use other outfits on the baby. Kids can even make the doll suck on her thumb or the included pacifier.

Overall Take

Doll Sucks Her ThumbWhen this doll for 2-year-old girls is rocked to sleep, her eyes begin to close.

Buying Guide

Many 2-year-old girls love playing with dolls. They get to copy mom and dad and show off their caregiving skills, in addition to developing in other areas, like fine motor, gross motor skills and verbal communication.

A critical aspect of choosing a doll for a 2-year-old girl is the size. Opt for one that is between 11 and 15 inches, which will be the right size for your child to carry comfortably. Dolls that are bigger than this may prove difficult for a 2-year-old to hold.

Be sure to consider what kinds of accessories the doll comes with. This is one of the most fun parts of playing with dolls. Consider what your child enjoys and pick accessories to match their interests. For example, if your 2-year-old is interested in putting her dolls to sleep, you can find a doll that comes with a little crib and a set of jammies. For the child who is interested in playing pediatrician, get a doll that has medical accessories like a stethoscope. You can also find dolls that come with feeding accessories, like bottles, plates, cups and spoons, for the child who likes to make sure their dolls are well fed.

Consider whether your child would like a doll that looks like them or if they would like something different. You can find dolls for 2-year-olds that have different skin tones, hair textures and eye colors to match your family.

What to Look For

  • Playing with a doll can help your 2-year-old girl learn important skills and behaviors. For example, if your child doesn’t want to go to sleep at bedtime, you can have them put their doll into pajamas and tuck them in with a story and a song. This may encourage your child to participate in their own bedtime because their doll is already in bed. Similarly, if your child doesn’t want to eat lunch, you can have them feed their doll first to get them in the mood for eating their own meal.
  • Dolls present the opportunity for dramatization, which many 2-year-olds love. You can encourage them by helping them figure out what their doll is doing. For example, ask them whether their doll is at a party or if she is playing in the sand box. These types of questions can prompt new ideas for their pretend play.
  • Listening skills can also be improved by playing with dolls. See whether your 2-year-old can follow certain instructions for their doll, such as changing the doll’s clothes or giving the doll a bottle.

More to Explore

You can help your 2-year-old increase their vocabulary by using the doll in your games. For example, if you want to teach your child the words for clothing items, you can point them out on the doll. Similarly, you can also help them learn body part names by pointing them out on the doll first. The doll can also help your child grow their vocabulary in other ways, such as dealing with emotions. Ask your child how their doll is feeling after certain events, such as after they wake up, eat lunch or play with a friend.

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