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The Best Disposable Table Covers

Last updated on February 9, 2023
Best Disposable Table Covers

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Our Picks For The Top Disposable Table Covers

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ZIMPLEWARE Tear-Resistant Disposable Table Covers, 6-Pack

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Tear-Resistant Disposable Table Covers, 6-Pack

This set of six disposable table covers comes in both solid colors and checkered patterns. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and fit standard rectangular-shaped tables. Although designed to be tossed after each use, the covers are durable enough to be wiped down and reused several times.

Overall Take

Versatile PickThese disposable table covers can also be used to line a cat litter box or to create a floor mat for children's arts and crafts projects.

 Runner Up

HSGUS Wrinkle-Resistant Disposable Table Covers, 14-Pack


Wrinkle-Resistant Disposable Table Covers, 14-Pack

Available in 34 different colors, this set of disposable table covers is sure to come in a shade that matches your party theme. Each of the covers measure 54 inches by 108 inches and are made to resist spills. Since the covers are also wrinkle-resistant, you can count on them remaining smooth and attractive.

Overall Take

Stock Upf you enjoy hosting parties or outdoor barbecues, grab this 14 pack of disposable table covers.

 We Also Like

Grandipity Special Events Gingham Disposable Table Covers, 12-Pack


Special Events Gingham Disposable Table Covers, 12-Pack

This 54-by-108-inch tablecloth will work with any table sized up to 8 feet long. If you have a smaller table, simply cut it to fit. Although the tablecloth is designed to be disposable, it's fade- and tear-resistant, so you won't have to worry about it ripping.

Overall Take

Classic Gingham PrintThe classic red-and-white gingham print of this disposable table cover makes it a great addition to any outdoor meal.

 Strong Contender

Royal Washable Waterproof Disposable Table Covers, 3-Pack


Washable Waterproof Disposable Table Covers, 3-Pack

You get not one, but three disposable table covers when you opt for this set. Each of the tablecloths measure 54 by 108 inches, however, you can trim them to fit smaller tables. With over 20 colors to choose from, you're sure to find a set that matches your party theme.

Overall Take

Economical OptionWhen sticking to a party budget, this affordable set of disposable table covers is the way to go.

Buying Guide

Outdoor picnics can be a great way to enjoy pleasant weather. You just need some condiments, a selection of great food and maybe even a grill to cook up some hot dogs and hamburgers.

But while you’re planning that picnic, you’ll need to consider where you’ll set up all that food. Will you have a table or use a blanket spread on the ground? If it’s a table, a great disposable table cover can be the perfect addition to your picnic basket.

But outdoor picnics aren’t the only use for table covers. A disposable tablecloth is great for livening up an indoor party or family dinner. Since it’s disposable, you don’t even have to worry about cleanup after you’re finished. Simply crumple the tablecloth and toss it in the waste bin.

When looking for a tablecloth, make sure you first need to measure the table. Tablecloths come in varying sizes, and many of the paper ones can even be cut to fit your table. You’ll also have the choice of paper or vinyl, as well as a variety of colors.

Disposable tablecloths also come in multipack sets. If you’re planning an event with multiple tables, you can buy three or more matching tablecloths to set things up quickly. These tablecloths might not be as protective, though, so make sure you’re using tables that you can easily clean if a spilled item leaks through the paper.

What to Look For

  • Disposable tablecloths come in a variety of sizes, so you’ll need to measure before you order. Many are 54 by 108 inches, which work well with a standard picnic table.
  • PEVA tablecloths are disposable, but they can also be wiped down and reused for a more sustainable solution. These thicker tablecloths have the added benefit of protecting your table against spills.
  • If you’re interested in safeguarding your table with a tablecloth, you can purchase table pads that rest beneath the tablecloth, out of sight, keeping your table’s surface safe against spills.
  • As valuable as vinyl tablecloths are for wiping off and reusing, keep in mind that you can’t cut them to size for using with smaller-size tables as you can with paper.
  • Paper tablecloths can be flimsy, but you can easily find some that resist tearing and even repel water. This will at least ensure your tablecloth lasts throughout your event.
  • If you go with a vinyl tablecloth, look for one made from PEVA, which is a material that won’t emit bad odors when you remove it from the wrapping to use it.
  • You can find a wide variety of prints and colors in disposable tablecloths, so if you’re trying to set a theme, chances are, you can find tablecloths that match. You might want to check patterns and colors before purchasing the rest of your party accessories if you’re buying for a special occasion.

More to Explore

Although no one knows for sure when tablecloths began, they were first mentioned in written form in 1st-century Europe. Historians believe tablecloths were used in Roman times, when diners hesitated to cover up their tables and instead created individual tablecloths that were more like the placemats seen today. This protected the table from messes during dining while still letting the furniture show.

By the 15th century, tablecloths became a sort of status symbol. All households used them, even if they were made out of burlap sacks. But as you moved up the economic chain, your household’s tablecloths tended to get fancier, with fine linen white tablecloths being the ideal.

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