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The Best Disposable Popsicle Bags

Last updated on January 25, 2022
Best Disposable Popsicle Bags

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Our Picks For The Top Disposable Popsicle Bags

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 Top Pick

FROZIP BPA & Phthalates Free Disposable Popsicle Bags, 125-Count

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BPA & Phthalates Free Disposable Popsicle Bags, 125-Count

These 125 disposable popsicle bags can be resealed and reused for a fun treat anytime. It comes with a funnel to make it easy to fill each bag, and the bags themselves are free of both bisphenol A and phthalates. They can lay flat in the freezer for easy storage.

Overall Take

Pack in LunchesReplace expensive yogurt tubes with these reusable bags that you can clean and fill with whatever treat you like.

 Runner Up

Ozera Side Reinforced & Zip Sealed Disposable Popsicle Bags, 150-Count


Side Reinforced & Zip Sealed Disposable Popsicle Bags, 150-Count

Made of high-quality material, these popsicle bags can hold 3 to 4 ounces of liquid for a fun snack. You'll get 150 bags in each package. The set includes a funnel to make it easy to fill each bag.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionThese ice pop bags can be used for a variety of purposes, from popsicles to makeup to adult beverages and even baby food.

 We Also Like

Miaowoof Easy Read Fill Line Disposable Popsicle Bags, 120-Count


Easy Read Fill Line Disposable Popsicle Bags, 120-Count

Each package includes 125 disposable bags, two sleeves and a funnel to make it easy to pour liquids inside. The bags are made from 100% BPA- and phthalate-free plastic to provide a nontoxic option for your family's snacking needs. Each bag holds up to 3.8 ounces of liquid.

Overall Take

For Younger KidsIncluded sleeves help little family members hold the ice pop even when the packaging is extra cold.

 Strong Contender

FEBSNOW Silicone Tear Away Disposable Popsicle Bags, 160-Count


Silicone Tear Away Disposable Popsicle Bags, 160-Count

You'll get 160 zipper-seal popsicle bags in this set, giving you plenty of packs for daily lunches and snacks. The included silicone funnel helps you fill all the bags quickly. Each bag holds up to 10 ounces of liquid to let you make larger popsicles than usual.

Overall Take

Jumbo PickThese 10-ounce bags not only zip closed, but you can heat seal them using an iron.

Buying Guide

Popsicles are a great snack, especially if you have one or more children at home. Although you can obviously buy popsicles, it’s a little more fun to make your own. Over time, it can also save you money.

All you need to make popsicles is a freezer-friendly mold. You can buy reusable molds, but if you’re packing up yogurt in your child’s lunchbox or grabbing a popsicle on the way out the door, a disposable popsicle bag can be more convenient. You can use these popsicle bags to hold yogurt, fruit or vegetable puree or juice and either freeze them or keep them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to eat.

Kids aren’t the only ones who can enjoy a tasty popsicle, of course. You can use these bags to store yogurt or fruity treats for yourself. Simply grab one whenever you’re in the mood for a snack. Some adults even use disposable popsicle bags to make adult popsicles, adding alcohol into the mix. You can even seal up the bag using the same flat iron you use on your hair.

When filling a disposable popsicle bag, it’s important to leave about 1/2 inch of space at the top of the bag to prevent spills when opening. You can make your snacks on the weekend and store them in the fridge or freezer to grab throughout the week.

As you can imagine, filling disposable popsicle bags can be challenging. The mouth is small, so whatever you’re pouring the liquid out of will no doubt be bigger. Many disposable popsicle bag sets come with a small funnel to ease this process. You’ll still need a way to stand the bags up, though, as you’re filling. You might find filling your bags is a two-person job. Loop in your younger household members to hold each bag while you fill for a fun family project.

What to Look For

  • In addition to popsicle bags, you’ll need a good blender that can make smoothies. Once blended, fresh popsicles will take at least two hours to firm up in the freezer.
  • Most popsicle bags come in bulk sets, with more than 100 included. This can come in handy if you regularly host multiple children at your house. But it also gives you the luxury of making a large number of treats at once and chilling or freezing them for when you’re ready.
  • If you prefer creamier popsicles, consider making a yogurt-based popsicle. For the slush type of popsicle, though, a liquid base that you freeze is all you need. The latter type of popsicle is not as easy to slide into your child’s lunch as the yogurt-based one is, though.
  • Popsicle bags aren’t limited to snacks. You can use them to store moisturizers and makeup while you’re traveling. Some parents use these bags to take baby food on the go.
  • Frozen popsicles can become tough to hold when they’re straight out of the freezer. Some come with sleeves, but this can warm the popsicle up, potentially making it melt faster.
  • If you’re concerned about chemicals in the plastic you buy, you can find disposable popsicle bags that are free of harmful chemicals.
  • Popsicle bags come in a range of sizes. Check how much liquid each will hold before you buy.
  • You’ll still need to add a little water when you’re making freezer popsicles. With juicier fruit, though, you can reduce the amount of water you use for a bolder taste.
  • When you freeze your popsicle, the water that’s introduced will lessen the sweetness of your ingredients a little. For that reason, you might want to add a little extra sweetener.

More to Explore

If you’re interested in making your own stick-free popsicles, you’re likely modeling your treat on a longtime favorite called Fla-Vor-Ice. These bagged treats come in liquid form. You simply pop them in the freezer and enjoy once they’ve firmed up.

Although Fla-Vor-Ice didn’t enter the market until 1969, it actually originated in 1926. Chicago entrepreneur Charles T. Wegner, Jr. was interested in creating a treat like Jell-O. His creation was a product called Jel Sert, which was a combination of the words “jelly” and “dessert.” Later, Wegner’s brand introduced Flavor Aid, which was a competitor to Kool-Aid. That product eventually led to the introduction of Fla-Vor-Ice, which was like Flavor Aid but could be frozen.

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