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The Best Dinosaur Chair

Last updated on April 4, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Dinosaur Chairs

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Lukeight Canvas Storage Bean Bag Dinosaur Chair

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Canvas Storage Bean Bag Dinosaur Chair

This 100 percent canvas bean bag serves the dual purpose of storage and seating. Stuff all your kid’s plush toys inside and zip it up. It holds up to 95 small stuffed animals and provides seating for children between the ages of 2 and 5.

Overall Take

Perfect for PlayroomsKeep your kid’s playroom well organized with this bean bag that holds soft toys while also giving your child a place to sit.

 Runner Up

Creative QT Stuff ‘n Sit Organizer Bag Dinosaur Chair

Creative QT

Stuff 'n Sit Organizer Bag Dinosaur Chair

Make your own bean bag with this Stuff ‘n Sit bean bag, which lets you stuff soft toys, pillows and blankets inside. The dimensions are 33 inches in diameter when full and has a capacity to hold dozens of stuffed animals. The material is 100 percent cotton, making it easy to clean.

Overall Take

Easy CleanupThis 100 percent cotton bean bag can be tossed in the washing machine to clean, making care a breeze.

 We Also Like

Soft Landing Backrest Cushion Dinosaur Chair

Soft Landing

Backrest Cushion Dinosaur Chair

The polyester material in this backrest gives you a soft, comfortable place for relaxing. The fun dragon design will put a smile on any kid’s face. The pillow measures 14” L x 26” W x 16” H and is recommended for children ages 18 months and older.

Overall Take

Super Comfy OptionCreate a relaxing space anywhere with this nesting nook that serves as a comfy backrest.

 Strong Contender

Toy To Enjoy Mesh Cup Holder Foldable Dinosaur Chair

Toy To Enjoy

Mesh Cup Holder Foldable Dinosaur Chair

This foldable children’s chair has a Tyrannosaurus design to be both fun and functional. It includes a mesh cup holder ideal for sippy cups or bottles of water. The legs have fabric flaps on the arms and legs that keep little legs safe.

Overall Take

Portable OptionSet up seating anywhere with this fun foldable Tyrannosaurus chair, which can be used at home or taken on the go with you.

Buying Guide

Children tend to develop an intense interest in one subject and fixate on it, seeking to learn as much as possible. This is a good thing. One study found that these intense interests help them learn perseverance and grow their attention span. Learning more about new topics can also enhance a child’s complex thinking and processing skills.

If that interest is in dinosaurs, there’s an additional benefit. Learning more about dinosaurs ignites curiosity about history and provides a perfect opportunity to start kids on their educational journey. But, most importantly, dinosaurs are fun, and you can find dinosaur-themed items everywhere.

Those items include furniture. A dinosaur chair for your child’s bedroom can bring both whimsy and functionality to that space. But there are multiple options when it comes to children’s furniture, and some serve multiple functions.

One of the most popular types of children’s chairs is the storage bean bag. These bean bags serve the dual purpose of storing soft items like plush toys, blankets and pillows. Those items create a comfortable seat while also keeping things tucked away. Some parents find storage bean bags encourage their little ones to keep their rooms clutter-free since zipping items up inside a favorite chair is so much fun.

Another type of dinosaur seat is one that creates a cozy reading area for your child. Some are simply oversized back pillows that can be used when sitting on the floor or the bed to create comfortable seating anywhere. These feature dinosaur patterns that almost seem to embrace the child. Others are full seats similar to adult armchairs, but in a softer version that sits lower to the ground.

Then there are chairs you can take on the road with you. If you have fold-up chairs that you use when hanging out at the family reunion or your child’s ballgame, consider buying a kid version in a dinosaur pattern so that your child will have somewhere fun to sit.

What to Look For

  • The material a chair is made of is an important part of how it functions. Canvas is a durable material that can often be wiped clean, but your kids might not see it as comfortable. Cotton is softer against the skin, but not quite as durable as well as being tougher to keep clean.
  • Some chairs have covers you can remove to toss into the washing machine. This can be a huge convenience, especially if it’s a chair that will be used often. Also, darker colors are less likely to show dirt as easily, so you might find it well worth it to skip those with a white or light pastel-colored background.
  • Look at the recommended age range for each type of seat. Some might be geared more toward toddlers, while others will accommodate children as they grow into their tween and teen years.
  • Look at the dimensions of the chair and measure the area where you intend to keep it to make sure you’re getting the size you expect.
  • For younger children, consider items that could be hazardous, including zippers that might scratch delicate skin. If a chair can be easily unzipped and the stuffing inside exposed, keep that in mind as a potential hazard. If you won’t be nearby to keep an eye on the child while using the chair, you might want to consider a better option.
  • Cupholders can come in handy, especially for fold-up chairs you’ll be taking on the go with you. Make sure the chair you choose has a cupholder that can hold the type of cups your child uses.
  • If your child likes to read, look for a chair with a pocket on the side for storing favorite books.

More to Explore

It might not seem like it, but man didn’t have evidence of dinosaurs until a couple of centuries ago. In 1824, geologist William Buckland told the world he’d discovered fossil remains of a large animal he named the Megalosaurus.

But humans still weren’t aware of the existence of a group of large animals that once roamed the Earth. That came in 1841, when a paleontologist named Richard Owen connected a group of fossils that had been recently discovered to one large group. He named them Dinosauria, which translates to “terrible lizards.” For thousands of years, fossils were being discovered, but scientists weren’t sure of their origins until 1800s experts made those connections.

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