The Best Deals This Month: What To Buy In January


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Saving money is not just happenstance. In order to save, you need to plan ahead and do your research. Luckily, here at Don’t Waste Your Money, we do the research for you, so you can shop smart without wasting time and energy.

Now, if you made a New Year’s resolution to save money this year (as millions of Americans did), you might be wondering where to start. Packing lunch and skipping on Starbucks is a good start, but saving money isn’t just about cutting back and going with less. It’s about shopping smart and spending money at the right time of year.

For instance, there are several items on discount in January that are marked lower at this time of year than any other. So check the list and see if there is anything you need, because now is the best time to buy!

1. TVs

Televisions are discounted this time of year. With the Super Bowl looming, retailers are expecting people to be hosting viewing parties. In other words, it is time to update the old clunker on your entertainment stand! If you need a new TV, January is a smart time to buy. Check out what’s on sale at BestBuy, where you can get a great deal thanks to their price matching policy.

2. Bedding

White sales are in full-swing! The term “white sales” is a bit old-school (it was invented back in 1878, after all). In layman’s terms, you can get a great price on bedding and bed linens this month. If you need a new comforter to replace the one your cat spilled wine on over the holidays (okay, maybe it was you), now is the time to buy. Visit Bed, Bath & Beyond for a number of great bedding sales.

3. Fitness Gear

Fitness gear is marked down this time of year because retailers know you are making resolutions to lose weight and get in shape. Make the most of the sales by stocking up on everything from free weights to exercise clothes to DVDs. Summer comes sooner than you think! Visit athletic outfitters like Dick’s Sporting Goods for savings.

4. Watches

Wristwatches tend to be priced lower than normal this time of year. Brands from Movado to Casio to TAG Heuer are marked down this month, so check out these deals if you are longing for a new timepiece. Check out Macy’s for an assortment of marked-down timekeepers.

5. Holiday Decor

Christmas and holiday decorations are priced way, way down right now, which should come as no surprise! I know you might not be in the mood to stock up on ornaments and stockings, but if you shop smart right now, you will have more money next December to spend on gifts!

6. Entertainment

Planning a vacation anytime soon? January is a smart time buy Broadway Tickets, as well as a smart time to buy tickets to National Parks.

7. Furniture.

Furniture is a smart buy this time of year. Unless you are talking mattresses! May is the best time to buy one of those babies, although, as mentioned above: Now is the time to buy bedding.

8. Clothing

Do you need some new clothes or outerwear for the coming chilly months? If so, now is the time to stock up.

9. Scales

Bathroom scales can sometimes leave you feeling depressed, but you know what isn’t depressing? Saving money! Now is the time to buy a scale to help track your weight loss progress.

10. Office Furniture

Office furniture is discounted this month, so if you have been meaning to replace your rickety old desk chair or if you need a new desk calendar, stock up on these goods right now.

11. Motorcyles

In the market for a motorcycle? If you want to tap into your inner Daryl Dixon, January is the time to buy, as motorcycles are marked down this time of year.

12. Video Games

Video games are often discounted in January after the holiday rush, so grab a few new games to go with the console Santa brought you!

Wondering what to save on during other months of the year? Check out this month-by-month guide to the best time to buy everything.

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