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The Best Curtains

Last updated on February 4, 2022

We looked at the top 9 Curtains and dug through the reviews from 14 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Curtains.

Best Curtains

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 Best Overall

ECLIPSE Light-Blocking Energy Efficient Curtains

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Light-Blocking Energy Efficient Curtains

You can't go wrong with these curtains, which are available in more than 22 different colors. The contemporary-style curtains are constructed from a durable polyester that is thick enough to block 99.9% of sunlight. They are easy to set up and add a layer of insulation to make your home more energy efficient.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly OptionKeep your decorating costs low with this affordable curtains set.

 Lots of Colors

WONTEX Triple Weave Fabric Soundproof Curtains


Triple Weave Fabric Soundproof Curtains

Classic is the best way to describe these elegant blackout curtains. They are constructed from 100% polyester and feature silver grommets that resist rust. You can purchase the curtains in a total of 24 different colors, including royal blue, gray, beige and burgundy.

Overall Take

Simple, Yet StunningWith a front, middle and back layer, these blackout curtains are able to reduce your heating and cooling costs, saving you money year after year.

" When you install this curtain in the room, up to 99% light will be effectively blocked."
"Not fire retardant"
 Blackout Pick

NICETOWN Wrinkle-Free Triple Weave Curtains


Wrinkle-Free Triple Weave Curtains

Available in 20 color options, these two-panel curtains each measure 42 inches wide by 63 inches long. The curtains block out between 85% and 99% of UV rays, depending on the color you choose. They also reduce noise and keep the cold and hot air outside to help insulate your living space.

Overall Take

Sound-Dampening DesignBlock out light, along with outside sound and temperatures, with these blackout curtains.

 We Also Like

H.VERSAILTEX UV Protecting Woven Curtains


UV Protecting Woven Curtains

Manage your energy bill with these thermal curtains, which keep out cold and hot air from your room. They also block out 85 percent of sunlight and UV rays. These curtains are classy and sophisticated.

Overall Take

Keep Temperatures BalancedThese thermal curtains block cold drafts and hot air.

Buying Guide

Not everyone sleeps when it’s dark outside. Some people prefer to go to bed late and sleep until noon or later, while others like to take midday naps. Then there are the 2 million Americans who work the night shift. Unfortunately, catching some daytime shuteye can be challenging unless you live in a windowless home.

Room-darkening shades can be exactly what a daytime sleeper needs. There is a variety of options, from pull-down shades to blinds. Curtains, though, can go over your existing blinds, allowing you to draw them back when you want a little light in the room, then drop them when you’re ready for complete darkness.

Another great thing about room-darkening curtains is that they go beyond merely blocking light. Many are built with insulating properties, keeping both sound and temperature out. That can not only help you get that daytime sleep, but also cut down on your utility bills.

Most curtains come in panels, often with at least two per set. You can buy one-panel sets, though, so make sure you check how many are included when you buy. If you have a narrower window, one panel may do the trick, but having two lets you tie them back to either side when you don’t want to darken the room.

Speaking of tying your curtains back, you should also make sure your curtain comes with a way to pin them back. Some ties have Velcro that let you secure them back, and those ties will match the curtain you’re buying. It’s tough to exactly match the cloth, so you’ll likely want to have those when you make the purchase.

The length of the curtain also comes into play. Measure both the width and length of your window but prioritize length. If you want a curtain that stops at the bottom ledge of your window, you’ll need to find one that comes in that length. Luckily, many curtains come in a variety of size options.

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Our experts reviewed the top 9 Curtains and also dug through the reviews from 14 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Curtains.

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What to Look For

  • Most room-darkening curtains will advertise a range of the percentage of light they’ll block, depending on the color you choose. Darker colors block out more light, so if daytime sleep is your top priority, opt for a darker color even if it doesn’t match your décor.
  • Room-darkening curtains come in various materials. Some are soft and silky, and that can make a difference in how they look. You’ll also find some room-darkening curtains with a weave pattern that provide the insulation you need without the curtain requiring a liner.
  • Occasionally, you’ll want to clean your curtains, so having a set that’s machine washable can be extremely useful. Just toss them in the washer on cold. You may want to hang them to dry. Your shower curtain rod can be a great place for drying out your curtains.
  • Sleep isn’t the only reason to invest in room-darkening curtains. They also come in handy for media rooms. Simply close the curtains and you have the dark room you need to watch a movie during the daytime.
  • A great side benefit of room-darkening curtains is that they keep UV light from entering the room. This will protect your furniture and other belongings from the sun’s harmful rays, which can fade fabrics and textiles over time.
  • If you have curtains you already like in your room, you can buy blackout liners that you combine with your existing curtains to get the darkening effect you want. You’ll either hang a second rod for the liner or you’ll put them on the rod with your existing curtains.
  • The pocket for the rod is important in a blackout curtain, as well. Most should be built to fit standard curtain rods but look for at least a 3-inch pocket. If you have a larger rod, you may need to shop around to find one that fits.

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Although it makes sense that pre-electricity humans slept at night and woke with the sunrise, that may not have always been the case. There has been evidence to indicate that at one time, mankind slept in two distinct phases. Known as bimodal sleep, this practice involved two sleep periods of a few hours each, separated by a period of wakefulness for a couple of hours.

In fact, evidence shows that bimodal sleep was normal practice in pre-Industrial Europe. In a book called “At Day’s Close: Night in Times Past,” the author-historian wrote that households went to bed a couple of hours after dusk and slept for a few hours. They’d wake for one or two hours, during which time they relaxed, thought about their dreams, had sex, read or sewed, among other activities. They would then go back to bed and sleep until dawn.

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