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The Best Craft Supplies

Last updated on October 4, 2023

Crafting Must-Haves: Check out these top picks for crafters now on sale at Amazon.

Best Craft Supplies

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Our Picks For The Top Craft Supplies

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 Top Pick

Blue Squid Easy Store Creative Craft Supplies, 2000+-Piece

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Blue Squid

Easy Store Creative Craft Supplies, 2000+-Piece

Parents or teachers just starting out will want to pick up this set of craft supplies. It features an astounding 2,000 pieces! You'll get everything from features to popsicle sticks to glitter glue, which means kids will really have a chance to explore their creativity.

Overall Take

Everything You NeedThis craft supplies set includes a storage bag to keep all of the pieces neat and organized.

 Best Ribbon

Ribbli Gingham Yarn-Dyed Plaid Ribbon, 3.8-Inch x 20-Yards


Gingham Yarn-Dyed Plaid Ribbon, 3.8-Inch x 20-Yards

With this plaid ribbon set, you'll get two rolls of ribbon in two different styles. The ribbon is quite versatile and can be used for everything from hair bows to decorating gifts to adding borders on a scrapbooking page. Both rolls of ribbon are made from 100% polyester and available in a wide range of colors.

Overall Take

Most VersatileThis plaid ribbon measures 3/8 inch and provides 20 yards of material to work with.

 Runner Up

Caydo Random Colors Pipe Cleaners Craft Supplies, 360-Piece


Random Colors Pipe Cleaners Craft Supplies, 360-Piece

You'll get 200 pipe cleaners in random colors with this craft supplies set. Their bend-ability makes them great for rolling up into small characters and objects. They're also soft, which will help keep little fingers comfortable for hours of crafting.

Overall Take

Great for ProjectsThe bright colors and flexibility make this set the best option for fun craft projects.

 Strong Contender

Workman Publishing Paint By Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals

Workman Publishing

Paint By Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals

Kids can "paint" with stickers using this unique craft book. All they have to do is find the correct sticker, peel it off and place it in the right spot to end up with a cool picture.

Overall Take

Satisfying ActivityThis craft supplies kit lets kids paint without getting messy.

Buying Guide

Making arts and crafts is an activity that spans ages. Loved by preschool children and octogenarians alike, everyone can find enjoyment in creating something imaginative and beautiful. There are many benefits to arts and crafts, such as developing fine motor skills and improving dexterity in children. This can also be an advantage for older adults.

Creating art also encourages self expression and enables people to share their emotions through artistic mediums. It is also a way to control output and can help boost self esteem when someone sees the quality of work they have created.

There are so many types of arts and crafts that it is difficult to narrow down what kind of craft supplies you will need. It all depends on what you want to do as well as what your skill level is. For young children that are just learning how to hold a pencil or crayon, it’s best to start out with large pieces of paper that have simple drawings on them that they can color or trace. Crayons are a great medium for little hands to hold and learn to work across the page without fear of them making a mess.

As kids get older, you can add in colored pencils, sketching pencils, sketch books, paints and collage paper. Give kids the opportunity to explore different mediums to see what they like working with best. Kids will want to go from medium to medium to play around with the different textures, colors, sizes and more.

Crafts for adults can include any type of supplies, such as paints, colored pencils or markers, mosaic tiles, feathers, clay — the list goes on. When you’re starting out with a new craft supply, try it out in small amounts until you get the hang of how to use it and create with it. This reduces waste and increases confidence in your abilities.

What to Look For

  • If you have avid crafters in your home, your craft supplies will quickly multiply. To avoid having markers, pens, papers and paints scattered everywhere, it’s important to organize them so they are neat, tidy and easy to access. You can organize craft supplies by medium in transparent containers or baggies, such as putting all pencils together and all markers together. Another way to organize craft supplies is by activity. For example, keep the paints with the paint brushes and paper so you have everything together in one place.
  • If you don’t have a dedicated space for crafting, consider keeping your craft supplies on a rolling cart. This way, you can move the cart to wherever you are working, such as the dining room table or the living room floor.
  • Keep in mind that many craft supplies don’t last indefinitely. For example, paints will dry up if not used often. Before purchasing craft supplies, consider how often you will use them. You don’t want to end up with a large quantity of paint that just gets dry if you don’t use it often. Maybe rely on mixing to get certain colors, rather than buying full bottles of them.
  • There can be a cost advantage to purchasing some craft supplies in bulk, especially things that don’t have an expiration date. Things like pompoms and feathers, for example, won’t go bad even if they are sitting in your craft drawer for years.
  • If you find you have too many scraps during your crafting sessions, consider keeping a scrap basket nearby. This is a spot you can put in small bits and bobs of paper and other supplies. Don’t throw them out right away — when you’re starting your next craft project, check the scrap bin for any small items you can use this time around.

More to Explore

For young children, it can sometimes be overwhelming to have too many arts and crafts options at once. It can lead to decision fatigue as kids can’t decide what they want to use. If you find this happening, consider only having a couple of crafting supplies accessible at one time and switch them around every few days so you can change up the mediums. This makes it easier for the kids to choose what they want to work with and also keeps things exciting and fresh.

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