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The Best Computer Glasses

Last updated on May 3, 2022
Best Computer Glasses

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BOSSWIN Ergonomic Lightweight Computer Glasses, 5-Pack

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Ergonomic Lightweight Computer Glasses, 5-Pack

There's nothing more important than protecting your eyes while you work and these computer glasses help you do just that. Each set includes five pairs of glasses that are both durable and lightweight. They are designed to block harmful blue light, while also looking quite stylish.

Overall Take

Economical OptionYou'll pay the least per pair of computer glasses when you go with this multipack.

 Runner Up

K KENZHOU 8-Layer High Definition Computer Glasses, 2-Pack


8-Layer High Definition Computer Glasses, 2-Pack

Lightweight frames in a no-nonsense, appealing style are the hallmark of these computer glasses. Intelligently designed to cut 90% of blue light without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics, these glasses come in pairs and with a complimentary cleaning cloth.

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Spring Hinge ComfortIf you're looking for simple, professional look and comfort that protects your eyes, these glasses are a smart pick.

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Livho Reduce Eyestrain Glare Reducing Computer Glasses, 2-Pack


Reduce Eyestrain Glare Reducing Computer Glasses, 2-Pack

With this two-pack of computer glasses, you'll receive both a black and a clear pair of glasses. Both are made using stainless steel hinges for durability and ergonomically-designed nose pads for comfort. The glasses do a great job of protecting your eyes and preventing eye strain when looking at any type of screen.

Overall Take

Great for GamersThese computer glasses are made using a superior amber tint that won't distort the view of the picture on your screen.

 Strong Contender

MEETSUN Restful Sleep Ultra Light Computer Glasses, 2-Pack


Restful Sleep Ultra Light Computer Glasses, 2-Pack

These non-prescription computer glasses come in fashionably patterned pairs. Clear, durable lenses offer protection from blue and UV wavelengths without changing color perception. They provide both health benefits and the perfect finishing touch to your ensemble.

Overall Take

Patterned and StylishBringing a stylish pop to your look, these blue light blocking glasses are much more than a fashionable accessory.

Buying Guide

Computer glasses, gaming glasses and blue-light-blocking glasses in general offer protection from the harm and fatigue caused by modern computer, tablet, phone and TV screens. These screens emit a large amount of blue light, which is adjacent to the harmful ultraviolet (or UV) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Blue light is visible, high-energy electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun and from modern screen devices. This light can cause harm to your retinas, disturb your sleep cycle and cause eye strain and headaches. A number of optometrists have started recommending blue-light-blocking glasses to patients who spend a large amount of time at computers or on phones or tablets.

Computer glasses are available with non-prescription lenses, as well as with several standard prescription strengths. Frames are available in a variety of styles and materials, so look for comfort features, such as a sloped or padded area for the nose, as well as durability and aesthetics. Choose frames that suit your personal style and, if relevant, your professional environment.

What to Look For

  • If you need prescription lenses, keep in mind that computer glasses are akin to reading glasses more than distance glasses.
  • Most screens that produce blue light will be relatively close to your face, so make sure you select your prescription strength and type accordingly. Consult your optometrist if the source of blue light you are targeting is farther away, such as a TV across a living room.
  • Some computer glasses are tinted amber to block blue light even better. However, if accurate color perception is important for your screen time (such as if you work as a digital artist or designer), you might prefer to get low color distortion glasses.
  • When choosing frames, consider your face shape and skin tone. It’s important to pick patterns and colors you find appealing and that fit your lifestyle, but different frame shapes and styles work best with different face shapes.
  • Several glasses retailers will let you virtually try on glasses online, so experiment with what looks good on you.

More to Explore

Some amount of blue light is actually healthy and helps regulate sleep cycles.

The biggest source of blue light is the sun, and getting enough blue light during the day and then not experiencing blue light at night helps the body keep its circadian rhythm via correct levels of the hormone melatonin.

This is why people with Seasonal Affective Disorder use special lamps to help with sleep and mood when they don’t get enough sun. An effective strategy is to wear blue-light-blocking glasses in the evening and night hours to get the most sleep benefits.

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