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The Best Compact Umbrella

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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Yoobure Fiberglass Frame Windproof Compact Umbrella

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Fiberglass Frame Windproof Compact Umbrella

Keep this compact umbrella in your car, backpack or travel bag so you're ready whenever the weather turns sour. Although the umbrella is lightweight, it's still strong enough to withstand big wind gusts. It also features a UPF 50+ coating to keep you protected from the sun's harmful rays.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this compact umbrella comes in a choice of 15 colors, including lemon yellow, navy blue and red.

 Runner Up

PFFY Easy Store Waterproof Compact Umbrellas, 2-Pack


Easy Store Waterproof Compact Umbrellas, 2-Pack

You'll get not one, but two compact umbrellas when you opt for this set. The umbrellas are expertly crafted and feature 10 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs for added strength and durability. You can pack the umbrellas in just about any size bag or hang them from your wrist using the built-in wrist strap.

Overall Take

Fits in a PurseThe automatic open and close feature makes this compact umbrella ideal for individuals with arthritis, joint pain or muscle weakness.

 We Also Like

Repel Umbrella Compact Windproof Double Vented Teflon Umbrella

Repel Umbrella

Windproof Double Vented Teflon Compact Umbrella

This compact umbrella builds in 9 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs and a vented double canopy to keep it from turning inside-out in severe wind conditions. It's only 11.5 inches long, so it easily folds up to store in a purse or bag. A Teflon coating ensures the water beads and repels, rather than soaking into the cloth and creating a wet mess once...

Overall Take

Hearty ChoiceA double canopy and extra rib gives this umbrella extra durability during extreme wind conditions.

 Strong Contender

LANBRELLA Easy Carry Inverted Compact Umbrella


Easy Carry Inverted Compact Umbrella

Tough is the best word to describe this compact umbrella, as it's constructed using alloy steel and aluminum. It also features eight reinforced fiberglass ribs and a 210T waterproof canopy. Users will appreciate how lightweight and compact the umbrella is, which makes it easy to pack in a bookbag, briefcase or carry-on bag.

Overall Take

Upgraded DesignYou'll find this compact umbrella comes in a choice of 27 different colors, including navy blue, light gray, red, dark green and pink.

Buying Guide

If you’ve ever been away from home when rain unexpectedly came rolling in, you know the value of a compact umbrella. Compact umbrellas are designed to slide into a purse, bag or the glove compartment of your car, at the ready whenever you need them.

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There’s just one issue with compact umbrellas, though. Until recently, they’ve struggled to provide the same durability and coverage that their much larger counterparts offer. You may find, for instance, that some smaller umbrellas blow inside out as soon as the wind kicks up, leaving you with no coverage whatsoever from the rain above you.

MOREThe Best Umbrella

Coverage area is also an issue. A smaller umbrella has historically had a smaller canopy to match, which means that they aren’t adequate to cover you from head to toe in those stronger downpours. But in recent years, manufacturers have found ways to create an umbrella that folds down to a travel-friendly size while maximizing the canopy when it’s opened. If this is important to you, pay close attention to the measurements while folded and extended.

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As for durability, umbrella manufacturers have made great strides here, as well. In recent years, you’ll find many larger umbrellas have built in extra ribs and multilayer canopies to resist the effects of wind. These enhanced features have made their way to portable umbrellas, as well, which means you no longer have to sacrifice quality for convenience.

You’ll also find water resistance built into many of today’s most popular umbrella brands. This is done through the use of products like Teflon, which force water to bead on the surface rather than soaking into the fabric. What does that mean for you? With a portable umbrella, it means you’ll be able to fold it up and carry it into a building without worrying about creating a puddle everywhere you go. If you choose to tuck it into a bag, it also eliminates the need to worry about soaking everything else in the bag.

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What to Look For

  • The size of the umbrella when folded is essential. Try to keep this as small as possible without sacrificing the features you need.
  • Some umbrellas come with a cover that makes it easy to slide your umbrella inside for extra protection. Although this can keep you from creating a mess in the short term, it’s important to remove your umbrella from this casing once you’ve finished using it for the day. Allow it to air dry to avoid mold or mildew from building up.
  • Many of today’s umbrellas build in a quick-release button. This means you can open it by merely pressing a button. Compared to the older manual version of sliding an umbrella open, this is much more convenient, especially when you’re trying to open it quickly as you’re leaving a building.
  • Umbrellas are made up of ribs that help it hold its shape even when in harsher wind conditions. Look for one with strong ribs. Many umbrellas contain only seven or eight ribs. The more ribs you’re getting, the more support your umbrella will have.
  • The material of the umbrella comes into play in your umbrella’s performance, as well. Look for one that has Teflon coating to ensure the water doesn’t soak in, causing a soggy mess that takes all day to dry.
  • The handle is also important. One that’s comfortable to hold and features nonslip coating will help ensure it stays in your hand while you’re in tough weather conditions.
  • Despite promises, you may find some portable umbrellas have an open button that doesn’t work quite as it should, or the material is thinner than you expected. Pay close attention to the specs to make sure you’re getting what you think you are.

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