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The Best Command Strips

Last updated on October 9, 2023

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Command Damage Free 16 Pound Picture Hanging Strips, 28 Piece

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Damage Free 16 Pound Picture Hanging Strips, 28 Piece

Coming with 14 pairs, this pack of strips is designed for sizable picture frames that measure up to 24 inches by 36 inches. They are white and can handle up to 16 pounds.

Overall Take

Handles Sizable FramesConsider these sturdy strips if you need to hang picture frames that are large and heavy.

 Runner Up

Command Damage Free 12 Pound Picture Hanging Strips, 32 Piece


Damage Free 12 Pound Picture Hanging Strips, 32 Piece

Available in both black and white colors, these strips come in a pack with 16 pairs. They can accomodate a frame that measures 18 inches by 24 inches and weighs up to 12 pounds.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsIf you need to hang a medium-sized frame and prefer multiple color options, consider these strips.

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Command Damage Free Picture Hanging Strips Variety Pack, 32 Piece


Damage Free Picture Hanging Strips Variety Pack, 32 Piece

This handy pack of white strips gives you eight pairs for medium frames and 10 pairs for small frames. The small ones support 5-inch by 7-inch frames weighing up to 2 pounds, while the medium ones can handle 11-inch by 17-inch frames up to 6 pounds.

Overall Take

Multiple SizesYou'll find these strips convenient for hanging a mix of small and medium picture frames.

 Strong Contender

Command Damage Free Indoor Mini Light Clip Strips


Damage Free Indoor Mini Light Clip Strips

Useful for putting up decorative lights, this set comes with 54 strips along with 45 clips. The clips and strips are very small and only support 4.8 ounces each. Both are clear to be less noticeable.

Overall Take

For Decorative PurposesThis pack includes both clips and strips for hanging small lights to decorate your area.

Buying Guide

Command strips are durable adhesive strips that are a popular choice for hanging items without worrying about drilling holes or leaving permanent damage on the surface. Depending on the type you buy, you could use them alone or with the hooks and other accessories that Command offers. Along with being very easy to use, these strips are unique for the pull tab which makes them easy to remove later.

There are different types of Command strips that not only look slightly different and come in different sizes, but are also designed for certain purposes. So, it’s crucial to know what you plan to use the strips for so that you buy the appropriate kind.

Often used with Command hooks, clips and caddies, the basic strips come in both indoor and outdoor varieties. The outdoor strips feature a special adhesive that resists damage from the sun and water and can also handle more extreme temperatures. Typically available in mini to large sizes, these strips are usually white, but the pull tab for some types is clear. There’s an adhesive on both sides, and they’re designed for one-time use. 

Command also makes picture hanging strips that are specially textured, lock together in pairs and can handle the heavier weights typical with picture frames. Designed for one-time use, they come in black and white colors and have an adhesive on one side and a special texture on the other. You can get them in small to extra-large sizes with different frame sizes and weights specified. The largest strips can handle weights of up to 20 pounds.

Lastly, you’ll find adjustable strips that are designed to hang up posters and documents. These are convenient since they allow you to reposition your item up to three times over the initial 20-minute period. They have limited uses, however, since the weight limit is one pound with these strips.

What to Look For

  • Command strips will stick to common smooth surfaces such as tile, metal, painted walls and laminates. However, they won’t work on brick, wallpaper, fabric or textured walls. They also won’t stick to a wet or humid surface. Check the temperature range your particular strips can handle as well to avoid adhesion issues.
  • Before applying a Command strip, make sure the surface is dry and consider using rubbing alcohol on the area. If you’ve recently painted the surface, Command also says to wait at least a week before you stick a Command strip there.
  • When applying the Command strip, make sure you press down on the strip firmly for the time specified on the packaging. Your product may also suggest a wait time before you attach anything to the other side of the strip.
  • Command strips come in several quantities, and some products come in multipacks where you can get a combination of sizes for convenience.
  • Make sure you get enough strips. While a single strip is all you need to hang a Command hook, the picture hanging strips would need to be paired up on each side of the frame.
  • If you’re buying Command strips to use with a hook or another Command product, make sure you buy the size specified for your product, such as small strips for a small hook. When using them alone, consider the weight and size of the item you’re hanging and check the strips’ specifications. For example, if you need to hang an 18-inch by 18-inch picture that weighs 11 pounds, you’d need medium-sized picture hanging strips. 
  • To avoid safety issues and damage to your item, don’t use Command strips to hang items over places where people will sit, such as a bed, and don’t use basic Command strips to hang heavy items like picture frames. 
  • When you’re ready to remove the Command strip, you’ll want to pull the tab down slowly so that the strip will stretch and come off the surface without damage. If the strip ends up breaking before fully coming off, you could try using dental floss and a hair dryer to try to get the adhesive to become soft enough to remove by hand more easily.

More to Explore

The idea of the damage-free adhesive strip associated with Command’s products dates back to the late 1980s and the German scientist Karl Kreckel. The scientists at 3M would work on the product through the mid-1990s, and the first Command strips, hooks and clips would debut in 1996. Since then, the company has expanded its product line to debut new caddies and hooks starting in 2000, its picture hanging strips five years later, and more recently, the adjustable strips.

Command’s strips and hooks have become known for their versatility and creative uses. For example, some people use them to organize cords on their desks, hang small decorative lights, attach items to kitchen cabinets and even make rugs slip less often on hard floors.

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