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The Best Circle Mirror

Last updated on April 23, 2021
Best Circle Mirror

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HBCY Creations 20-Inch Black Circle Wall Mirror

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HBCY Creations

20-Inch Black Circle Wall Mirror

Measuring 20 inches in diameter, this circle mirror can work in a variety of indoor spaces, from bathrooms to entryways and beyond. The black iron frame is handcrafted, and the mirror itself is silver-backed to provide a consistent, realistic reflection. You'll get back hangers with hardware, including wall anchors and screws, giving you the option...

Overall Take

Rustic FrameThis circular mirror has a black iron frame to bring a rustic look to any bathroom.

 Runner Up

Umbra Brass Hubba 34-Inch Round Mirror


Brass Hubba 34-Inch Round Mirror

With a 34-inch diameter and a decorative brass frame, this round mirror will give you plenty of visibility while you’re getting ready. It comes with all the hardware you need to hang the mirror. The larger size is also better than smaller mirrors at reflecting natural light.

Overall Take

Extra-Large SizeMeasuring 34 inches in diameter, this circle mirror is ideal for bedrooms or bathrooms.

 We Also Like

Better Bevel 24-Inch White Rubber Framed Circle Mirror

Better Bevel

24-Inch White Rubber Framed Circle Mirror

The quarter-inch thickness of the glass on this mirror helps reduce distortion for an authentic reflection every time. It comes with premium silver backing to help keep the mirror intact for years, even in moist environments. It comes with a hanging system that not only ensures the mirror maintains a low profile against the wall, but also makes ins...

Overall Take

For High-Traffic AreasThe rubber frame around this circular mirror gives it a protective shield in areas with extra foot traffic.

 We Also Like

Zri Bamboo Circle Frame & Artificial Leather Strap Hanging Mirror

Zri Bamboo

Circle Frame & Artificial Leather Strap Hanging Mirror

Measuring 15 inches, this round mirror features an adjustable artificial leather strap and bamboo frame to make a unique addition to your décor. The frame is black, so it will blend well with your other furnishings. It comes with a wooden nail head hook to get you started with mounting it.

Overall Take

Customizable OptionThe adjustable strap and small, round design, gives you a look you can customize to fit your own unique space.

Buying Guide

For years, mirrors have been square or rectangular in shape. But round mirrors can soften a room, serving as a unique addition to a room’s décor. By being round, they become more of a decorative accent than merely a reflective surface.

As with any mirror, it’s important to take a look at the weight of the mirrors as you shop. You’ll be hanging up a round mirror, so you won’t want one that’s so heavy, it damages the wall. A thinner profile is better, too, so the mirror hugs the wall rather than jutting out into the room.

But as you start looking at various round mirror options, you’ll likely start to notice that the frame makes a big difference. You’ll find frames that are rose gold, metal, wood, rubber and many other variations. The frame can act as a bumper between any objects that bump into the mirror, but it also adds to its overall visual appeal.

Another consideration is the quality of the reflection. Mirrors consist of two components: a piece of glass and a silver backing with paint as protection. Silver backing provides a high-quality, lasting reflection, which is why you’ll see many mirror manufacturers list “silver backing” on their product descriptions.

What to Look For

  • Round mirrors vary in size. Before you start shopping, measure the diameter of the area you want to fill with a mirror and compare that to the diameter of each mirror. Experts advise choosing a mirror about two-thirds the size of the furniture it’s hanging above.
  • Pay close attention to how the mirrors are hung. Many come with hanging hardware already attached to the back, as well as screws inside the box. If you’re installing on drywall, you’ll likely be fine with the included supplies, but you may need special hardware for hanging on surfaces like concrete.
  • If you plan to hang your mirror in a bathroom, certain types of glass work better at resisting prolonged exposure to humidity.
  • A rubber frame is likely better if you’re hanging your mirror in an area where someone could bump into it. The rubber acts as a partial shield.
  • Before buying a mirror, consider the room where you’ll hang it. If it’s hanging in the entryway, you’ll likely be giving yourself a quick once-over before leaving the house each day, so it’s important to have one with an accurate reflection. In a bathroom, function is usually more important than appearance, but you can find high-quality mirrors that enhance any décor.

More to Explore

Chances are, humans were taking a look at their own reflections in bodies of water long before mirrors were invented. But the first manmade mirror is thought to have been invented in 2900 B.C. in ancient Egypt. They were made from polished bronze that was shaped into flat, round discs. A cast bronze mirror has been found that is thought to date back to 2000 B.C.E. in China. In the era between 4 B.C. and A.D. 65, a few larger mirrors emerged in Greece, giving people the ability to see themselves from head to toe, but most mirrors were only about 12 inches in diameter.

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